Hanover and Elm grove LAT February 2014

Our next meeting will be on Monday April 7th – 7pm at the Hanover. To view minutes of the last meeting. click HERE

1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Minutes of last meeting & Matters Arising
3. Parking/Transport update & proposed trial survey-run
4. Sussex Uni. proposal for a Working Party Team to look into working together with communities affected by student population
5. Current state of play on HMOs in our area
6. Police Report
7. Discussion on priorities for HEGLAT
8. Proposed changes to #81 Bus route
9. Bonchurch Road Planning development update
10. Any Other Business
11. Date for next meeting

All Change on The Buses – Public Meeting

Bus qWould you like to see better buses in Queens Park?
Are you concerned about the proposed changes to the 81?



Mike Best (Operations Director, Brighton & Hove Buses)
Andrew Boag (Chair, Brighton & Hove Buswatch)
Richard Johnson (Bus team, Brighton & Hove City Council)
Chair Mark Strong (Vice-chair, Queens Park LAT)
There’ll be ample time for audience questions, comments and suggestions

Meeting arranged by the Queens Park Local Action Team if you can display a poster to help publicise this meeting, download one here:  Buses in Queens Park A4


Bus RouteBrighton & Hove Buses are planning to make major changes to bus services to and from Queens Park in April 2014. This has come about very quickly, partly in response to problems with reliability of the 81 in recent months.
While the local community appreciates the bus company wants to improve services, we’re concerned about the speed at which changes have been proposed and the lack of consultation with local bus users. We’ve called this public meeting to allow the changes to be discussed, concerns to be raised, and hopefully to agree on improvements.

The bus company are still developing the details of the changes, responding to local community groups and bus users who have raised a number of issues. The latest proposals are for the 81 route to be replaced by two completely new routes 18 and 20, plus major revisions to the 21 route.

The core of the new services is the 20 Queens Park Shuttle. This would run very often along a one-way anti-clockwise loop from the Clock Tower (Dyke Road) via North Street and St James’s Street. It would then be the same as the 81 through Queens Park to the Level, but then continue via London Road and Brighton Station back to Dyke Road at the Clock Tower. No buses will end at the Open Market, one stop short of the London Road shops (currently all 81s finish here) – they will all serve the Co-op stop.

The new 20 will improve the reliability of services to Queens Park. There will be more buses between Queens Park and the City Centre plus a regular all-day link with Brighton Station. But the one-way route won’t provide a direct link to North Street or Hove. It will also use a separate stop from the main services at Churchill Square. The Brighton Station stop will be at Frederick Place not the station itself.

To address concerns of local bus users the bus company will maintain a direct link between Queens Park, Edward Street and Western Road by another new service 18 (running every 30 minutes during the day. East of the Old Steine it will be similar to the 20A shown above, running in a one-way clockwise loop via London Rd. However, the 18 would also run two-way along Western Road as far as Waitrose.

The eastern part of the revised 21 route would run half-hourly between the Marina and the Old Steine via Manor Hill, Queens Park Road, Elm Grove and London Road. The western section would run between North Street, Hove and Goldstone Valley along the same route as the current 81.

Brighton & Hove Buses have been sending out a survey to local residents and passengers. You can complete it online at http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/queensparkbus. You can also email comments directly to the bus company at queenspark@buses.co.uk. Please also copy your email to msstrong@gmail.com.

Local Action Team Survey

The council has asked if we could circulate a survey which they have put together to look at Local Action teams across the City.
Local Action Teams are community forums where residents, local traders, ward councillors police, council officers and others get together to look at their area and work out what the local problems or issues are and how things can be improved. There are around 35 Local Action teams (LAT’s) in Brighton and Hove.Since most of the LAT’s were first established, the way that the council and police are organised has changed, and many LAT’s have developed their understanding of their role and the activities which they get involved with.The aim of this survey is to help us understand how LAT’s work at the moment; how they fit within the Brighton and Hove community safety agenda, what sort of support they would like from the council and the police, and which ways that they can help the council and police to promote and improve community safety and crime reduction.

Your assistance in completing it is much appreciated.

To complete the survey click HERE

Paper copies of the survey will be available at LAT meetings. For more information, contact simon.bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk 01273 293925

All Change On The Buses

Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company are planning some changes to buses serving the Queens Park and Hanover. Here is a summary of the proposals, as detailed in the latest Brighton Area Buswatch newsletter:

“Over the past few months we have been working closely with Brighton & Hove Buses to plan improvements to bus services in 2014. We have concentrated on two main groups of services, Coaster route 12 between Brighton & Eastbourne and the 81 group of routes to Queens Park. These services have suffered from reliability problems in recent times and from public criticism.

Queens Park services are completely revamped, with the 81/81A/81B/81C replaced by a new daily network. The main service will be a one way circular 20, the ‘Queens Park Shuttle’. This will run every 10 minutes from Queens Park to Elm Grove, London Road Shops, Brighton Station and Churchill Square, returning via North Street and St James’s Street. In the evenings there will be a 15 minute service until just after midnight, doubling the current evening frequency. There will also be new early morning journeys for commuters and a better Sunday service. At Churchill Square buses will stop outside Pizza Hut in Dyke Road, avoiding the congested stops in Western Road. During the day there will usually be a Shuttle bus waiting in Dyke Road for passengers to board.

Route 21 will be completely revised to run between Goldstone Valley and Brighton Marina via Hove, Churchill Square, London Road, Queens Park, Manor Hill & Whitehawk. Some buses will run via Furze Hill as 21A. The main service will run every half hour with extra buses from Old Steine to either Brighton Marina or Queens Park Terrace. This provides a 15 minute frequency towards Elm Grove and Queens Park for most of the day.

While there will be some people who lose out from the new network we are confident most will benefit. There will be an all day service from Queens Park to Brighton Station and buses will no longer finish at Open Market, one stop short the shops. We hope the Queens Park Shuttle will attract more passengers, enabling further improvements in the future. Simplified, high frequency services running every 10 minutes have proved to be highly successful in Brighton and elsewhere.

If you would like to find out more about these changes, a public meeting has been arranged which will take place at St Luke’s Church on Monday February 10th at 7.30pm. This meeting has been independently arranged by members of the Queens Park LAT, following local concern and is open to interested residents and groups in the areas affected by this route change. More information about the meeting will be published here closer to the date.

Next Meeting Feb 2014

Dear all,

With 2014 in full swing, I am writing to remind (or inform) you of the date for our next upcoming HEGLAT meeting.
We will convene as usual at the Hanover Pub, Queens Park Road at 7:00pm on Monday 3rd February.
The full agenda for this meeting and Minutes from the last meeting (December 2013) will follow shortly.
The main focus of the meeting will be a visit from Charles Dudley, Director of Residential, Sport and Trading Services at Sussex University, to explain fully their plans for the expansion of the university both on and off campus. This will include how the increased number of students will be housed and what effect they might have on the areas of Hanover and Elm Grove.
There will also be an update on how the Parking Working Group are getting on and how a limited trial run of the proposed parking and transport survey might be conducted.We look forward to seeing you there and ask that you please invite any neighbours or friends who may, for any reason, not be included in our current mailing list.

Please also Cllr. Emma Daniel – information e-mails and blogs (Dec.2013 – Jan.2014) – if you are not already on her own mailing list you may find these of interest.  Please do let me know if you would like to continue receiving these and I will endeavour to include them in future correspondence.

With regards,

Hannah Booth
(Local Resident and HEGLAT Secretary)

Hanover and Elm Grove LAT December Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday December 2nd 7pm at the Hanover PH on Queens Park Road. Minutes of our last meeting can be viewed HERE


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Minutes and Matters Arising
  3. Student Housing – in the light of the proposed university expansion schemes (representatives invited to speak)
  4. Parking – Working Group updates from both HEGLAT & Elm Grove working groups looking at recent enforcement
  5. Waste & Recycling – Bin collection updates
  6. Police Report and priorities
  7. Any other issues
  8. Date of next meeting

Elm Grove Pavement Parking Update

On Tuesday afternoon, the councils Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee met and the issue of illegal pavement parking on Elm grove was discussed. Following a detailed debate the reached this decision:


Contact Officer: Owen McElroy Tel: 29-0368

Ward Affected: Hanover & Elm Grove

1. That Committee notes the outcome of the public consultation on a scheme for environmental improvements in Elm Grove and that it is not proposed to proceed with the scheme in view of the majority of residents who responded being opposed to the scheme.

2. That Committee authorises officers to organise a joint initiative with

Sussex Police to co-ordinate enforcement of parking contraventions,obstructions and other nuisances on the public highway in Elm Grove later this year.

This means that in due course council and police officers will commence and continue enforcement action to deter illegal parking along Elm grove (that is parking on the carriageway or pavement where a double yellow, zigzag or other relevant parking restriction is in place).

A resolution from the LAT which requested that the proposed enforcement should be delayed to enable a community response to be developed was presented, but a majority of councillors felt that this could not be applied – partly because of the councils obligation to fairly enforce the law, and partly following concern around the risks to vulnerable pedestrians using the pavement and the likelihood of accident and injury. it was also noted that the constraints in the area made it unlikely that any new scheme would differ very much from the scheme arrived at with the previous local working group, and which was rejected at consultation earlier in the year.

The committee chair Cllr West commented that although enforcement action would go ahead, this would not stop ward councillors and the community from looking at the issues and developing responses which may address some of the outstanding issues which would remain around parking and vehicle use in the area. As the planned enforcement would only affect those areas with double yellow or similar restrictions, substantial parts of Elm Grove would continue to tolerate pavement parking, and this may be something which could be addressed

Thanks to Jonathan Tilley for this video of the debate.