The Hanover and Elm Grove LAT covers the whole of the Brighton ward of the same name. The group provides a forum for residents to meet with councillors, representatives from council departments, police and other local service providers and agencies. The aim of the group is to give a venue for residents to raise local concerns and problems directly with those individuals or services able to resolve them, and to work together to identify and put in place solutions.

The Hanover and Elm Grove LAT is a constituted voluntary group, and our constitution can be viewed HERE

Here is a map showing our area of interest

8 thoughts on “About HEGLAT

  1. I was wondering if anything could be done about caravans being parked on residential streets?We have three within a few hundred metres of each other now on our road.One of the vans hasn’t moved for 6 weeks.It is completely anti social especially when parking is scarce and the big camper vans take up more space than a car.If you are parked behind one it is hard to see round it when pulling out which is very dangerous. In addition to this, they block all the light out of a house.In other towns they have restrictions about what kind of vehicles can be parked on residential streets and high sided vehicles are banned.

    Many thanks


  2. Hi, I noticed your photo stream about the bins on Washington Street. It would be excellent if the photo stream can be opened up, so that residents can comment directly below the photos and upload their own photos. I don’t think the photo stream presents a very accurate picture of the situation. It looks to me as weekends seem to have been skipped – during which overspills is a bigger issue than during the week (due to street cleaners not being around and clearing the site). Overspill is lot more present during evenings and at night (before being cleared by the street cleaners the next morning). We have taken photos which document pretty horrendous overfilling and overspill at the site. For the reason of fairness it would be good to post these photos as well. What neither your photos nor our photos document is the foul odour coming from these bins, in particular on a warm sumer day.


    • hi Moritz
      I am sorry, I can’t find any settings anywhere about whether photos are enabled on blog posts or not , or I would agree with you and alter it! I’ll keep looking…and am open to advice and being called a dunce….Annie


  3. Hi,
    I contacted Owen McElroy about the parking infrastructure that was in place for the new student accomodation on London Road. This was the reply…”I can confirm there is no parking on site at this development other than disabled parking. It is likely that this will be a “car free” development meaning that residents will not be able to apply for residents permits. The council have no power, however, to prevent residents owning a car for use in the City, and they would be able to park these either in paid-for, on, or off street parking, or the nearest uncontrolled spaces. I therefore cannot guarantee that some additional vehicles could be parked in the Hanover area.”

    In other words any cars that the residents do bring will be dumped in Hanover. This, along with the new double yellow lines to be added for many metres around each street corner, will make parking in Hanover even harder than it is now. And it’s already impossible. The only solution is a CPZ.
    Is Heglat aware of the yellow lines and London Road parking situation?


    • Why can’t they stop students bringing cars with them to the City?In Oxford and Cambridge it is prohibited.With the excellent transports links to both universities (especially when the Lewes Road improvements are finished) I can’t see why a student would need a car. The difference to the congestion along the Lewes Road is marked between term time and holidays.Clearly the carrot doesn’t work.Maybe it is time that the Council and Universities all of whom work under green pretences were truly green and used some stick!


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