…to this experimental site for the Hanover & Elm Grove Local Action Team. What do you think?

The idea is to make a place where information about the LAT is held and can be easily found, and where a discussion can carry on between meeting and between sub groups, and can help reach out to local residents not currently contributing to LAT events.

This site is a combination of static pages which hold information (eg – past minutes) with a more dynamic ‘blog’ page.  It is hoped that the Blog aspect will be picked up by people in the community – service providers, councillors , residents and businesses – to use for posting items of interest to the LAT community. The Links at the left of the page will showcase the usefull and the local, and suggestions for other entries welcome. The Twitter Guest slot will link in to interesting local feeds – starting with the Environment Improvement Team @safeinthecity –  suggestions for future guest Twits welcome. 

Please let me know what you think. Is this useful? what else should be featured? would you like to contribute? could it look nicer or feel easier?

An early comment was ‘can we have pictures?’  Of course! The one at the top shows the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT entry to the Brighton Carninval of 1923 (those were the days…)  images more relevant in time and space and perhaps more truthful gladly recieved 🙂

Comments in the box below, or by email to simon.bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk

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