On The Buses: A Review!

Not Blakey & Co – B&H Bus Co! The council provides subsidy for a number of bus services around the city, including the 81a/c and 37b which serve Hanover and the contracts for all of these services are due to expire in September next year. We have been contacted by the council for views on the subsidised services and an extract from their letter as well as the full report is below.

Improvements to local bus services were seen as an important issue at the last Transport Group meeting, and this could be our chance to make a difference….. Have a look at the info below, and please be encouraged to make a submission. Views are required by August 31st – if we are able to develop a transport group submission, it will be posted at this site for comments later in August.


Brighton & Hove City Council plans and funds a number of bus services. We pay for some complete routes and a number of evening, Sunday and school services. As these services are not profitable, they would not run without financial support from the council.

The Transport Act 1985 gives local authorities the powers to seek tenders, and then to issue contracts, for bus services which are considered ‘socially necessary,’ but which are not commercially viable. Contracts for existing supported services were issued in September 2008, and are due to expire in September 2012. Before going out to tender for replacement services we are very keen to take into account the views of local communities throughout the city.

Please would you take time to let me have your views, or the views of your organisation, on any or all of the existing council funded bus services. These are some of the things you may like to think about:

  • Do the services run at suitable times ?
  • Do they run to useful destinations ?
  • Do the services offer value for money ?
  • Are there any areas of Brighton & Hove which are not currently on bus routes, and where a bus route would be beneficial ?
  • In terms of employment and educational opportunities, and of encouraging bus travel, are any new “direct” bus routes needed ?

If you would like to discuss any of these points, or if you have any questions, please do contact Richard Johnson on (01273) 292480, or by e mail richard.johnson@brighton-hove.gov.uk

The full review document can be downloaded at the link below

Bus Services Review – July 2011

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