Noise Annoys

This cartoon was produced by William Hogarth in 1741, and neatly illustrates some of the problems around street noise which then, as now, can be a real source of neighbourhood conflict. The picture shows a host of noise makers in the street and their impact on the ‘Enraged Musician’ – but the musician doesn’t want ‘no noise’ he just wants less competition and the chance to inflict his own violin noise on his neighbours…

Trying to manage neighbourhood noise is a challenging task and Brighton & Hove City Council has been working with the Noise Abatement Society, a Brighton based UK national charity to better understand and learn how residents in Brighton and Hove experience the outdoor acoustic environment – their local ‘soundscape’.

Working with the council, NAS are carrying out a  voluntary research project seeking collaborative solutions to solving noise issues in our community. The work is being led by the Community Safety Partnership in consultation with Local Action Team chairs group and the Noise Abatement Society; as well as local and visiting international experts from the fields of acoustics, health and science.

NAS would like to ask you for your help with this research project by filling in a short questionnaire. It concerns all aspects of the acoustic environment, positive as well as negative and will take around 20 – 30 minutes to complete. The findings will be shared with the local community, via the LATs, in spring 2012.  The link to the questionnaire is:

The information will be used to create a soundmap of Brighton and Hove which will help  to further identify the impact of noise disturbance on the community and trial and plan practical actions which will make a difference and improve the negative effects of noise in the city.  This will be done in full consultation with the LATs, residents and businesses.  Your cooperation is of great importance not only locally but also internationally, as this type of citywide approach has not been previously undertaken.

The outcomes from Brighton & Hove will be shared with researchers and cities around the world to help to inspire other communities to embark on similar projects that will help us all to find creative solutions to noise pollution: solutions that do not impede development but also protect the rights of residents to peaceful enjoyment of their homes and local environments.

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation with this project. The survey has been designed to be completed and analysed on line however if you require a printed version of the survey, have questions or need further information, please contact Lisa Lavia on (01273) 823850 or Matt Easteal on (01273) 292152 or


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