What’s going on at the Pepperpot? – A Message From FoPP

Dear all,

The long awaited restoration of the Pepperpot Tower started earlier this year, however you may have noticed that not much has been happening in recent weeks.

Why is this? The good news is that in doing the restoration we found out that the Pepperpot includes ‘Rangers’ stone which was one of the first types of concrete ever used, rather like a lime concrete. This adds even more to the historical significance of the tower.

The bad news is that as a result of finding this out the council had to make sure that the planned works were appropriate and also would preserve and not damage the rangers stone. This, combined with discovering that some of the Pepperpot’s restoration work that needed to be done was more extensive than first expected, has meant that the project has been delayed and  the likely completion date is now October. 

As the funds that were set aside for the restoration works were limited this also sadly means that the tower won’t be fully restored when the scaffolding comes down but we certainly hope it will be a big improvement on how it looked before! The next stage for the group will be to seek outside funding so the tower can be fully restored to its former glory.

We also decided at our last meeting that, following the restoration of the Pepperpot, we would really like to seek a possible future use for the building. This means that, as well as seeking funding for the potential full restoration of the outside, there would need to be a fully costed plan for the inside of the folly.

We have achieved a lot so far, thanks to our volunteers and supporters but it’s important that we continue to build on this. We’ve written below skills would particularly help us to proceed to the next stage of our project.

We need people with skills in: Architecture, Fundraising and Book-keeping / accountancy. We would also like to aim to be more proactive with our fundraising and media profile so it would be great if anyone were willing to help with maintaining the website. If you have experience and / or skills in these areas (or know anyone who does) please let us know. Of course if you want to volunteer your time and skills in any other way we would be very grateful.

The Friends of the Pepperpot hold regular meetings – usually at Workshops for the Imagination on Islingword Street. Please check our Facebook pages for more information.

Thanks and Best wishes

Rachel Fryer
Chair of Friends of the Pepperpot

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