…and now for a bank that’s right up your street

At the last Local Action Team meeting, Damian Marmura from Cityclean was in attendence and we talked rubbish.

One topic touched on was the Hanover tendency to place unwanted items on the pavement in the hope that someone else might want them – a great local tradition, but sometimes misused or misunderstood leading to pavements littered with tat..

There is another way – enter Streetbank. Streetbank is a free and easy to use website which links neighbours who have got something to give, lend or share or who want something to borrow or have. Unlike other similar sites, items are listed by their distance to your home. Hanover already seems established here with over 50 local members.

The site is jolly and colourfull and easy to use, with a community noticeboard as well as ‘stuff’ listings. I have posted details of my giveaway but no punters so far… anyone else used it and want to comment?

It looks like a good thing, and might help to keep our streets clean, as well as giving a new way to meet neighbours. Here is what founder Sam has to say about it:

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