Hanover Action! (Sept 25th)

Hanover Action for Sustainable Living (HASL) is a group that the LAT really should have more to do with. The group started in 2009, after a few friends got together to arrange a community screening of The Age of Stupid at the Hanover Community Centre . Two years on and they are still going strong and have a neat package of projects all aimed at encouraging sustainable living in Hanover. Here is a short film made at their first birthday celebrations when local MP Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party was invited to speak.

Current HASL projects include:

VEG Group – This group of volunteer gardeners currently works the herb beds at the wild garden in Queens Park and the new growing space at the Hanover Centre garden

10:10 Group – Working on Carbon reduction programmes, promoting sustainable energy use and developing a carbon reduction plan for Hanover

Food for Change – looking at the benefits of locally produced food

The next HASL general meeting will be on Sunday September 25th at the Hanover Public House meeting room. This will include an overview of all of the groups activities as well as planning for their next public meeting on October 8th, when our ward councillor and Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council Bill Randall will be present to consider the topic ‘The Greens, Hanover and Sustainability’. The HASL general meetings are open to all, and if anyone from the LAT was able to attend on the 25th (8pm – 9.30 Hanover PH), so much the better.


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