Elm Grove Parking Group ~ Reminder

The next Elm grove Parking Group will take place this evening (weds 7th) 7pm at Elm Grove School

The following agenda items have been suggested:

If you have any issues you would like to raise as ‘other business’ please let the chair know at the start of the meeting

4 thoughts on “Elm Grove Parking Group ~ Reminder

  1. I will be attending tonight and what I would like to know is how many of the people making the decision on the changes live in the unrestricted parking area on Queens Park Road and the surrounding streets which will be most affected by the parking change on Elm Grove, and of those people which ones currently own a car.

    If the answer is that nobody taking the decision will be affectred by the decision then this is surely very very unfair. So tonight I will be looking for people who genuinely believe in democracy and fairness. I am not expecting to find any.


    1. Andrew, do you think that only people who own a car are affected by decisions about parking?

      Also, none of the local residents attending these meetings will actually be making decisions about this issue. Only our elected councillors have the power to make decisions.


      1. HI Dani,

        I couldn’t make it as I had to work. I don’t own personally own a car or even have a driving licence, but my wife does, as do my lovely neighbours who are in their 70s. My 4 year old daughter clearly doesn’t have a car either but hopefully will go to either St Lukes or Elm Grove school so road safety is a major factor.

        But heres my point, if parking spaces are removed on Elm Grove then it will have a negative impact on the quality of life, rights and freedoms that I have enjoyed as a resident of Queens Park Road for the last six years. The same is true of my neighbours with cars in the unrestricted parking area in and around Queens Park Road, and the same is certainly true of people living in Elm Grove who have just about been able to park near their front door for the past few decades at least. All of those people will be negatively impacted, and the rights and freedoms they have enjoyed to date will be less the day they wake up in the new era. So all I was asking was whether anybody who will lose out will be involved in the decision making process.

        Are the cars for sale on the pavement for months on end, the marooned camper vans, the commercial vehicles with nowhere else to go for the night a big part of the problem? Yes of course they are. But the answer is to create more parking spaces not less.

        I ask you to consider one aspect of your daily life and convenience, for instance getting a weekly rubbish collection, and then think about whether you would think it was OK for me and others to decide that we could keep our weekly rubbish colleaction but yours could only be picked up once every four weeks to reduce the cost of fuel and the city’s carbon footprint. Now do you see what I mean about how unfair this whole thing is?


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