Hanover Street Focus

Following requests from Hanover residents via the Local Action Team, we are planning to hold a couple of events to improve the look of Hanover Streets. Most individual residents keep their flats and houses looking good. But – despite the best efforts of the council street cleansing team – the streets can let the area down. Graffiti; grass growing between paving slabs; stickers and cable ties on lamp posts; benches looking uninviting and unclean. So this is what we suggest: a low-cost makeover.

Step One: a group of residents meet up at the Hanover Community Association on Thursday March 1st at 2pm to 3pm and carry out street audits – simple things that could be done to improve each street such as new flowers in the planter in Ewart Street and a coat or two of wood preserver on the bench at the end of Beaumont Terrace.

Step Two: we contact the various services: Cityclean, the graffiti officer, highways enforcement etc and we get them all to concentrate their resources for a day on Hanover. And if residents want to help out on that day we shall provide litter-pickers and brooms and anything else we can muster which would be of use.  If anyone is interested, we could help you find ways to raise money to plant trees, create window boxes and add some street art. And you never know – the publicity which will come of this may convince some of the people who let the area down, to begin to respect their neighbours and their streets a little more.

Do let us know if you are interested in coming along on March 1st for an hour. Help make Hanover a better place to live.   

Tony Baker  – tony.baker@brighton-hove.gov.uk  01273 293926

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