The Patch February Update

(Guest post via Friends of William Clarke Park/The Patch email update)

Friends of William Clarke Park

Patch Maintenance Day

Sunday 26th February 1.00 -4.00pm

Come and join in some practical maintenance tasks to prepare the Patch for the year ahead. This was originally scheduled for 5th Feb but had to be postponed due to the snow. The forecast for this Sunday is looking dry and fairly mild, so should definately go ahead.

Join our Wildlife Group  clearing the pond, planting wild flower seeds, tidying shrub beds and repairing bird boxes and installing a ‘sparrow terrace’ – ALL WELCOME

Other maintenance work – We will also be moving a few railway sleepers and fixing them into position around the tarmac area, next to the new fence.
Also a chance for a general tidy up.  Some work will take place in the morning from 10am in case you fancy helping out earlier (look out for John & Rich).

‘PLACE THE BOX’ – at 1pm
… a consultation on where best to locate our proposed 20 x 8ft storage container our tools and events kit including a walk around suggested sites.
There are several options:
a) by the pond near the Elm Grove School fence
b) next to the Picton Street entrance
c) in the lower glade area next to Old Viaduct Court
Wherever the container goes we want to make it as discreet as possible, decorated with paint and plants.

We hope you can join us for all or part of the afternoon.


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