On The Streets Where We Live

Thanks to everone who has responded to our ‘Street Focus’ initiative. It will be taking place tommorow,Thursday 1st March – meet in the Hanover Centre garden at 2pm to carry out local Street Focus audits. (What is this all about? look HERE for details)

The theme for the afternoon will be what is wrong and what could be better. We will be using two audit forms to try and capture opinion. Forms can be dowloaded as Pdf via the link at the bottom.

1. Problems on your street

Part one is about existing problems and issues. The form includes a list of things to look out for which be of concern. If any of the things listed can be found in your street, tick the box.

The form also includes space for more detail and your view on what might need to happen to resolve things. These do not need to be filled in for each issue, but can be used where relevant.


2. Opportunities for improvement

Where P1 is a about things in your street that are not working, P2 can include any idea you have for making it better, which might include doing something to improve an existing feature, or it might be about adding something completely new…. time to get your blue skies out of the box & run them up the flagpole!

What next?

Tony & Simon at the council Improvement Team will look at the results and try to turn them into actions. The first thing will be a Street Focus Action Day, where residents will be invited to join council staff to work on some of those things which can be directly tackled. This might include covering graffiti; removing stickers, cable ties, flyposted stuff ; cleaning benches, improving street planting… anything which comes up from the audits which we can approach in this way.

The other part will be to do with aspirations and ideas which will take a bit more time/money. As these ideas are gathered they will be presented to the LAT meeting and passed on to the various services for comment and action.

This is a different way of doing things which we are trying out here, and we are doing it this way because we think that residents know best what the issues in their streets are, and because we believe that the community would like to be involved on a practical level in improving the neighbourhood. This is not a polished product and we are not certain of the outcomes, how much we will be able to achieve or how far we will be able to go to meet your expectations for the place you live, but we very much hope that you will join us in trying to find out.

Simon & Tony – BHCC Improvement Team

Street Focus Audit Sheets v1


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