The Space Place

Ever felt that you just don’t have enough room? Living in this area – especially the ‘Hanover’ bit – we expect you probably have… and this is why a new project at the Hanover Centre might be right up your street.

With an emphasis on cake, crafts and creation, the Hanover Centre ground floor is transformed each Thusday afternoon into the Space Place – a venue for all of those projects which need a little extra room, could do with a helping hand or are just better done in company.

As well as the sorts of things mentioned on the flyer above, after Easter we will be joining in and running some Social Media Surgeries – bringing in techie support for for residents and local community groups wanting to get the best out of the web – and as the weather warms up the the SpacePlacers are planning to make use of the community centre garden as well as the hall.

Lovely friendly gathering and really good use of the community hall to help, inspire, create and innovate. Do drop in.

2 thoughts on “The Space Place

  1. Fantastic idea / initiative in the Hanover Centre. Definitively an idea worth checking out 🙂

    and the promised non-technical social media workshops would be really useful for community groups too 🙂



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