News From The Triangle

The Triangle Community Group think about the (more or less) triangular area bounded by Lewes Rd, Upper Lewes Rd and Union Rd/The Level. Our mainarea odf common interest is the Lewes Road, but they have also put together some really good initiatives around greening their streets and improving their neighbourhood. here is thier latest newsletter


Spring 2012

New Planters for Lewes Road! Join in our community planting – 11am Saturday 21 April

Meet outside the Park Crescent Health Centre at the end of Park Crescent/Lewes Road for refreshments. A few years ago, the Triangle Community Group did a survey of local people which showed that everyone would like more trees, plants and flowers to improve the quality of life in our area. We received funding from the Council and established planters in various locations along Lewes Road and since then, a few residents have maintained them, watered them in dry weather and put new plants in. The planters have recently been looking a bit the worse for wear, and as part of the Lewes Road improvements the Council offered to replace them with much better quality planters which would match the benches recently installed. The Council will provide new compost and a selection of plants – and now it is up to us to help plant them! The date we have agreed is 21 April, from 11am, and we would love lots of residents to come along and help with the planting. If you can also help to water the plants during the summer, and keep them tidy, then that would be brilliant! It is up to us to keep an eye on the new planters and make sure they bring a breath of fresh air and some colour to our area, so come along on the 21 April and have a fun session planting up our new planters. Bring the kids, every child will get a free children’s gardening set to keep!

Lewes Road Improvements

Everyone living in the Lewes Road area will have received a consultation document about the next stages of the improvement plan for Lewes Road. You can already see a difference – the pavements are tidier, we have new benches to sit on, and lots of out of date road signs have been removed. The traffic is flowing better since the removal of one of the pedestrian crossings, and it feels safer to cross the road. And lots more improvements are being planned, including changes to the Vogue Gyratory, and these will make things much better for drivers, cyclists, bus passengers and pedestrians.

Eating and Greeting

The Triangle Community Group represents and includes everyone who lives in the area including both sides of Lewes Road, and the streets between Lewes Road, Upper Lewes Road and Union Road. This means we try to hold meetings for and communicate with all residents, families, students, older people, children, and local businesses, churches, shops, and schools. Our latest project aims to bring fresh local food to Lewes Road, and the opportunity for students and residents to meet and eat together. Students from the University of Brighton have given their time to help get the project off the ground.

A pilot session was organised on 11 April, based in St Martin’s Church Hall, and supported by the Food Partnership. Ashurst Organics provided fresh organic vegetables, and these were washed, prepared and cooked into a lovely nourishing soup which was served up with bread and cups of tea for anyone who wanted to join in. Those who couldn’t stay to chat took some soup away in disposable containers. The result was a friendly and relaxing couple of hours, with people of all ages eating and chatting and getting to know each other: babies, students, local residents, people just dropping in. We hope to use this pilot session to get funding for more sessions and make this a regular opportunity for people to get together and get to know each other.

See our website for details of more sessions in the future, and keep an eye out for posters and leaflets advertising more similar events in the coming months. 

Triangle Meetings in 2012

The Triangle Community Group Committee meets regularly every few weeks, our more formal discussions are held in the Salvation Army, and sometimes we meet in the Bugle. Everyone is welcome to join in our discussions and raise concerns or bring ideas to the table.

Next meeting: 24 May 2012

People’s Day – 14 July

People’s Day is a community event presenting and promoting local communities and voluntary groups across Brighton and Hove, and celebrating the diversity reflected through all such active groups. Last year it was held in the centre of Brighton around the Jubilee Library/New Road area, but this year, it will also extend to the Level, and we hope to set up a display of photographs and other material showing how the streets in the Triangle area used to look – just a simple snapshot of life in Lewes Road, and how it has changed over the years.

If you have any photos you would like to lend us for this display, please contact me by e-mail: Any help or ideas would be very welcome.

Project funding opportunities

Funding for local projects is being made available through panels of local people in the St Peters and North Laine ward, and the Triangle Community Group is represented on two of these panels, along with other community groups and volunteer organisations working with the Trust for Developing Communities.

In this time of ‘cutbacks’ and ‘austerity’, there is not very much money available, but the panel system, does mean that we can get involved and play a part in encouraging the development of new ideas for community projects.

Details of funding panel opportunities will be on our web pages, so if you have a project in mind, or if you are involved in a local voluntary group which is developing or maintaining a service or activity for local people in the area then funding could be available to support it. The application system is quite simple and straightforward, not too complicated and time-consuming!

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