Let Hanover Blossom

The idea for Let Hanover Blossom came from residents who would like to see the streets of Hanover looking more colourful and cared for. After talking with the Hanover Action VEG Group gardeners who are doing so much to transform the garden at the Community Centre, we have been collecting unwanted pallets and will show you how to put a backing on them, how to fill them with compost and plant them up with flowers and/or things to grow and eat.

On Tuesday 29th May there will be a ‘drop in’ session at the Community Centre Garden between 2pm and 7pm where you will be able to find out more and get help to make your own vertical planter. We will also be looking at how to plant up and care for window boxes. This will coincide with the regular weekly VEG Group gardening session, and will be good chance to find out what they are up to as well. Thanks to Hanover Action for Sustainable Living for their assistance in this. Blooming Splendid.

(P.S – Here is a pdf of the poster – if you were able to print it and put it in your window, we would be really grateful)


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