Sticker : Unstuck

Many thanks to all who came out for the Hanover Street Focus action day on Friday. Residents joined council staff litter picking, weeding and removing old posters, stickers and cable ties.

Of all of the tasks undertaken, stickers can be real bind. Easy to put on, hard to get off, they quickly degrade leaving lamp posts, and other items looking shabby and street signs illegible. Before the day we fretted a bit about the best way to tackle this, and were told that the magic ingredient was WD40 (or similar), so – armed with a tin of squirty stuff, a scraper and a scouring cloth we set forth down Southover. It is still a bit of a chore, and is hard to get perfect results, but this method is fairly easy and quick.

Here is a step by step Sticker Unsticker photo guide:

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