Friends of the Level Meeting and Update

Guest post thanks to Matt Cook of Friends of the Level
Dear all,
The Friends of the Level would like to invite you to a General Meeting on Tuesday 25th Septemember at the Phoenix community centre from 7:00pm. All are welcome.
The Level is a vibrant community space used by a wide range of people of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Whether it is used for playing football, cricket or Frisbee, practising circus skills, dog walking, skating or just relaxing, meeting friends and having a picnic, The Level remains a vital and well-used community park, much loved by the residents of Brighton for centuries.
In light of the news of the £2.2 million of Heritage Lottery Fund money that is about to be spent on the redevelopment of The Level, and the iminent closure of the Level, the Friends of The Level are holding a general meeting to discus the implications of the new park and what people from local community can do to take part in its future.
The Friends of The Level are an open community group that serves as a platform for residents, community groups and park users to come together to discuss and promote activities and events that help create a positive and enriching park, and to help preserve the environmental, historical and cultural heritage of The Level for future generations.
On the Agenda
  • An update on the Parks Projects redevelopment plans.
  • Schedule for the Level redevelopment and information on the children’s playground.
  • Update on skate park funding
  • Treasury report
  • Upcoming events
  • A discussion on what types of activities/events that people would like to see on The Level
  • An open discussion from those people attending the meeting on what the FOTL might aspire to and its future role in the community.
Please feel free to circulate this invitation to any you feel would be interested in attending or finding out more about what the Friends of the Level are planning in 2012.
Best wishes
Mat Cook
Chair – Friends of the Level

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