A Rubbish Consultation

at the start of the year, the council began a trial of communal bins on Coleman Street and Washington Street. As an alternative to the weekly collection of black sacks, large bins were placed at the ends of the road which were to be emptied more often and which residents can put their refuse in whenever they choose, rather than needing to keep it at home or on the pavement for most of the week.

Residents on these streets who came to the LAT were generally pleased with the scheme, and reported a reduction in street litter and pavement obstructions, and following the success of the trial the council refuse and recycling service Cityclean have proposed that communal bins are extended more widely around this part of Hanover.

In developing the proposals, Damian Marmura from Cityclean has attended our LAT meetings, and residents were invited to walk the streets with him, looking in detail at the exact location of potential new bins. This work with the LAT is appreciated and we thank Damian for the extra effort taken to work with the community in developing this proposal.

What next

Each property in the area affected should receive a consultation pack through the door. If you didn’t receive one, or live outside of the affected area, copied can be downloaded from here or from the council website Hanover Communal Refuse page. There will also be a public exhibition and a chance to talk to Cityclean staff about any issues on 20th November 3-6pm at the Hanover Centre.

Following the consultation – if the scheme goes ahead – it will start from April 2013.


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