Elm Grove Parking Update

Thanks to Cllr Follett for this update.

Following discussions over process and funding and other issues I’m happy to say that we can now move forward towards a quality of life improvement scheme in Elm Grove that will hopefully improve matters around pavement parking and other problems, ( although of course there can be no such thing as perfect scheme ! ), and will make a visual and lived difference in the quality of life of those living around and those using Elm Grove. I’m advised that we have carried out a high level of informal consultation via the Elm Grove parking group and beyond, and that we can now move on to formal consultation as resources become available and we can fit Elm Grove into the Council’s work programme.

I’m also advised that taking forward such a scheme does of course have significant financial implications and, if formal consultation results were in favour of a scheme, would most likely mean taking place over an extra financial year in order to pay for it. In an ideal world we’d consult and then have all the money we need, but given current finances I’d prefer a scheme to take longer than to not take place at all.

Also given that we can now move on to the formal consultation stage, we can now consider the Elm Grove parking group concluded and can return the ‘borrowed’ transport sub group of Hanover and Elm Grove LAT to looking at wider issues of transport in the area more generally, which is also a positive.

Thanks to all those who contributed to all the discussions that lead us to where we are now, it took a while but has been worth it.

Cllr Matt Follett


5 thoughts on “Elm Grove Parking Update

  1. Im not sure the “high level of informal consultation…” was exhausted in any positive or negative way. I remember the whole parking ban flew in like a north wind on the back of alleged accidents on the pavement, when in fact, there had been none. There is no need to reduce parking capacity and any improvements should be looking at increasing the volume of parking so that every inch in the city is used effectively. It would be a good call if members of the community who are not council employees or counsellors could be involved in any formal processes.


  2. The council is preparing a consultation document for an environment improvement scheme based on the discussions, issues and priorities raised at the working group meetings. This scheme will look at ways to regulate and better manage parking along Elm grove as a part of a proposal to improve the whole environment of the street.
    When the consultation documents are ready, they will be distributed to residents for comment.
    Don’t know the timescales of any of this at present, but will make sure info is placed on here & shared with the LAT as soon as it becomes available.


    1. How democratic and representative is this Transport Group? The majority of residents and businesses do not want parking enforcement. It is essential that the Group is representative and any subsequent consultation process is properly and democratically discussed with residents on and around Elm Grove so that their feelings are legitimately taken into account. If it is indeed going to be a real and genuine consultation residents must have the chance to feed into this process from the outset otherwise it will be seen as a manipulative move to push through a measure that the majority do not want!


    2. Matt Follet. What was the conclusion that you mentioned above? Not much point coming out with a statement that a conclusion has been reached without telling people what it is. That is, unless you don’t want to publicise it. As Wilf mentions above along with other comments here, there has been and continues to be, a complete lack of transparency. Does the word “integrity” mean anything to anyone anymore?


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