Road Safety Update

This update has been provided by Keith Baldock – BHCC Road Safety Officer. Thanks Keith!

Dear LAT members,

I do campaigns and education on road safety accross Brighton & Hove and would like to share with you somne information about our current work.

A free New Driver Awareness workshop is being held at Hove Town Hall  on Monday 26th November at 5:30pm.  An hour long it aims to help you minimise your risk on the roads.  There will be freebies and the chance of winning an IAM practical driving module.  For more infomration, visit our website or ring 292258.

Another important issue at this time of year is drink/drug driving.  We work with police/ESFRS colleagues and are distributing alternative transport cards.  They will be available at various venues from licensing team, BTP, health team etc, and a copy can be downloaded HERE

Pedestrians and cyclists are also key casualty priorities – especially from data the 17-35yr olds although we are concerned about the rest as well.  We have developed a Share the Roads, Share the Responsibility campaign which is evolving – with funding mainly from the LSTF – Lewes Rd project.  However the material is available for any areas interested and I would welcome help in promoting it.  It focuses mainly on distraction – as failed to look/see properly is by far the highest cause quoted on Stats 19 (police report) fro collisions.  And we can see near misses due to it on the roads all the time. 

We have radio ads, other visual media/banners etc for events and the next Lewes rd campaign is due to start end Nov for 3 weeks on a limited number of bus stops.

Should any of you be on facebook I am trialling a facebook page:  Share the Roads, Brighton & Hove – evaluation of previous campaign suggested this would be effective way of engaging. We have done work with the police on cyclists recently – and will do so again in key areas.  Let me know what you think – but be aware we have limited resources we focus on casualty reduction!

Many thanks for your support and I trust all is well with your LATs/groups – thank you for your efforts.

 Keith Baldock

Road Safety Officer

Brighton and Hove City Council

01273 292258


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