Communal Bins – A view from Grove Street

Guest post thanks to Tom & Lisa who live on Grove Street

For a Cleaner Grove Street

Dear neighbour,
Having just received two leaflets about communal bins on Grove St, I feel like I should contribute our personal experiences of communal bins. Lisa and I used to live in the Seven Dials area and had a two communal bins right outside our house. We would like to highlight the benefits of communal bins as well as countering some of the objections that have been raised.

Cleaner streets. Grove St already has chronic problems with refuse. “Binvelopes” not only clutter the street (making it difficult for prams and wheelchairs to pass), but also fill with loose rubbish. They attract vermin and are unhygienic; ours is regularly rummaged though by a fox. Bin bags are often torn apart, leaving rubbish strewn across the pavement on collection days.
No environmental / anti-social impact. Having lived very near to a set of communal bins, we can confidently rebut fears about the environment and anti-social behaviour. In 3 years of living near communal bins, we never witnessed any urination, arson or any other disruptive behaviour. Nor did
we witness anybody disposing of harmful materials.
More regular collections. Communal bins are emptied several times a week. This means that rubbish is not left festering in your house, binvelope or wheelie-bin. This also means that the bins do not acquire a noticeable odour and do not cause insects to breed.
Mobility issues. It is true that some people will not be able to use the proposed bins. For this reason, the council already offers assisted collection. If this will affect you, please see or ring the council.
Fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is already a problem on Grove St. In the last six months we’ve seen mattresses and broken furniture left on the pavement outside houses for weeks before it is eventually removed. People will always fly-tip. When we lived in Seven Dials, people did occasionally
fly-tip by the communal bin, but this was always collected much more promptly than it seems to be here.

When we received the consultation documents, we were very pleased to hear that we were getting the opportunity to go back to communal bins. We know first-hand that the benefits outweigh the downsides and we would urge you all to respond positively to the consultation.

Communal bins will make our community cleaner and more accessible.
If you have any questions about our communal bin experiences, please get in touch.

Tom Wright & Lisa Murray
Grove St

(see this previous post for more info on the Communal Bins proposal. The minutes of the November LAT meeting which discussed this issue are available HERE)

One thought on “Communal Bins – A view from Grove Street

  1. I have lived in Grove Street for the past 15 years and since the introduction of bin-envelopes i have seen more rubbish strewn over the street than ever before as people leave them out all week long .This makes them susceptible to vermin and decay. It also impedes the pavement to the detriment of the impaired community.
    Both of these issues can be taken care of if the scheme proposed by the council is implemented and maintained well.
    The argument about the loss of car spaces is a bit of a joke as parking in our street has always been in high demand and as soon as you open your car door there is someone waiting to park in your space. So i see no real change there.
    People with mobility issues are taken care of and the rest of us can take our bins out when they are full as opposed to when its bin night.
    We are all for the scheme and applaud Tom and Lisa for sticking their heads above the parapet and taking some flak.

    A Neighbour


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