Empowering the Children at St Luke’s

Play Safe On the Street

From 2009 to 2012 Emma at local charity Safety Net asked 2480 children across Brighton and Hove what made them feel unsafe and what they thought should be done about it. One of the things children felt worried about was how to keep themselves safe when out and about without an adult. They wanted to be aware of key risks and what they could do to keep themselves safe. This has led to Emma and Tamsin at Safety Net developing Personal Safety and Assertiveness Sessions that they deliver within primary schools.

Emma and Tamsin visited St Luke’s Primary school during May 2013 and delivered a Personal Safety and Assertiveness session to children in Year 6.  Feedback from the session identified a range of concerns held by our children, including drug use and misuse, bullying and stranger danger.

The children took part in activities to embed simple safety techniques that they can implement in a variety of settings. Overall, following their time with Safety Net, the children reported higher positive perceptions of their knowledge, skills and confidence in their abilities to identify threats to their safety and how to remain safe at school and within the community.

The report by Safety Net which details this event can be downloaded HERE

For further information about this work, contact Emma Lacey [Emma.Lacey@safety-net.org.uk]


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