Elm Grove Pavement Parking Update

On Tuesday afternoon, the councils Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee met and the issue of illegal pavement parking on Elm grove was discussed. Following a detailed debate the reached this decision:


Contact Officer: Owen McElroy Tel: 29-0368

Ward Affected: Hanover & Elm Grove

1. That Committee notes the outcome of the public consultation on a scheme for environmental improvements in Elm Grove and that it is not proposed to proceed with the scheme in view of the majority of residents who responded being opposed to the scheme.

2. That Committee authorises officers to organise a joint initiative with

Sussex Police to co-ordinate enforcement of parking contraventions,obstructions and other nuisances on the public highway in Elm Grove later this year.

This means that in due course council and police officers will commence and continue enforcement action to deter illegal parking along Elm grove (that is parking on the carriageway or pavement where a double yellow, zigzag or other relevant parking restriction is in place).

A resolution from the LAT which requested that the proposed enforcement should be delayed to enable a community response to be developed was presented, but a majority of councillors felt that this could not be applied – partly because of the councils obligation to fairly enforce the law, and partly following concern around the risks to vulnerable pedestrians using the pavement and the likelihood of accident and injury. it was also noted that the constraints in the area made it unlikely that any new scheme would differ very much from the scheme arrived at with the previous local working group, and which was rejected at consultation earlier in the year.

The committee chair Cllr West commented that although enforcement action would go ahead, this would not stop ward councillors and the community from looking at the issues and developing responses which may address some of the outstanding issues which would remain around parking and vehicle use in the area. As the planned enforcement would only affect those areas with double yellow or similar restrictions, substantial parts of Elm Grove would continue to tolerate pavement parking, and this may be something which could be addressed

Thanks to Jonathan Tilley for this video of the debate.

3 thoughts on “Elm Grove Pavement Parking Update

  1. Interested residents may wish to know about the Pavement Parking Bill 2014-15: http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2014-15/pavementparking.html

    Supported by Caroline Lucas – naturally – if passed into law it would make all urban pavement parking a civil offence and effectively reduce by at least 50% the parking space in Hanover etc.

    I don’t know on what basis Ms Lucas is supporting this bill, other than the obvious one. It seems to me that the majority of voters in this part of her constituency at least would not support it and might be very interested to know what she is doing in their name.


    1. They’ll all be voted out next year. The main problem is you can’t get Labour to tell us what they’d do (tried and got nowhere). Labour, and probably the Tories, let the Greens do the dirty work and won’t change things back when they get in. The same happens in national government too. All you do is vote for who will shaft you next.

      It’s all done to drive you into the arms of the NCP and metered parking. The claim it makes no money is a lie. They may spend it all on bus passes but they’d have to do that anyway. Maybe they shouldn’t build the i360 and use that money for the locals instead.

      Goodbye local shops, hello Asda and Amazon – well done Greens.


  2. So glad I spent years going to parking working groups in the middle of winter, so glad I took part in local democracy. We discuss, offer alternatives, miss our families and then the council gives us two fingers and does what it wants.

    Looking forward to local shops, the chemists, cafes, etc closing down due to the loss of parking. Well done Greens. This was nothing to do with safety (Brighton buses kill more people than pavement parking have ever even injured) and all to do with ideology.

    When they first brought this up years ago they said 3 people had been injured by pavement parking. The working group asked them for the evidence and they eventually admitted it had none.

    Never voting Green again. Never bothering to get involved in local politics – it’s all a sham.


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