On The Buses (part 8867…)

**update – there is a page about the proposals on the bus company website.**

Following conversation, consultation and agitation, Brighton & Hove Buses have re-amended our local service and propose a series of tweaks which will take place in September. For info, see below download as a PDF HERE

This subject remains a hot topic in our ‘hot topics’ section – and thoughts would be well placed HERE)

Bus Review JuneNew Bus Map June 2014



4 thoughts on “On The Buses (part 8867…)

  1. I am a pensioner living in Elm Grove. If the 18 is curtailed how do I get to the Station? There are people in the area who do not live around Queens Park.


    1. I understand Mr Mike Best, the bus company Operations Director, is already aware that with these changes there will be no direct link from Elm Grove to the station (except during the rush hours), and he is considering extending the 22 bus to serve the station all day.

      Any further comments to: info@buses.co.uk f.a.o. Mike Best, or FREEPOST DR2832 to 43 Conway St. BN3 2ZZ.


      1. I would to expand on the points in Peter Coppard’s comment.

        A. I am not a commuter, but I do use the Station a great deal but not during rush hours. There currently is no direct bus to Elm Grove from the station throughout the day now that the 21 has been re routed. On occasions when I have wanted a bus from the Station during the rush hour to take me direct to Elm Grove I have never been able go find one- I have never seen the number 2O advertised on the electronic board at the station. Also, tHe number 20 stops running quite early and travellers are left with long waits for a 22 or 21 – which arrive at about same time- in London Road in the evenings. As a single woman I feel exposed waiting 30 mins for a bus in the London Road late at night.

        b. The consultation process, and name of the bus changes project are Queens Park centric. As a Hanover resident who uses buses from Elm Grove for access to the city and Station, I feel like I was excluded from the consultation and that the bus changes have been made to serve Queens Park residents. Even the new timetables can only be found in the bus shelter at the Pepper Pot. Where do we Elm Grove residents find these new timetables in Elm grove?
        Deanna O’Keeffe


      2. thanks Deanna, I think these are really valid points. I have sent Mike Best the link to this page but I will also copy and paste all comments into an email to ensure he sees them. best wishes, Annie


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