A month in the life of a Hanover bin

At the last LAT meeting the communal bins on Washington Street were discussed – although residents on the street felt that the introduction of the communal bins was overall welcome, there were some issues raised around overfilling and fly tipping, and the perception that people from other streets which don’t have a communal bin were making use of those on the two streets which have this service.

To get a more specific idea of the problems and issues, the photo diary below has been taken covering the set of bins highest up the hill on Washington Street. Photos were taken at random times of day – just when the photographer happened to be passing.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Some conclusions:

  • The service provided by City Clean is good, with the bins in good order on the majority of days.
  • During the study period, overfilled bins were emptied within one day and flytipped waste left around the bins removed mostly after one day and on one occasion removed after two days.
  • Although some bins were filled and rubbish left around them, this was not due to lack of capacity as space was generally available in other bins – on just one occasion were all bins full to overflowing
  • The bin most often overflowing was the one closest to the Southover Street junction. That this bin was often overfilled whilst others remained empty might indicate that residents from further up the hill just stuff refuse in or around the closest bin before making a getaway. This also might be caused by residents of Washington Street dropping off rubbish by car on their way out, and using this bin as it is easier to park next to.

Some suggestions:

  • If signage were to be deployed it may work best if it was placed ‘on behalf of the Local Action Team’ or ‘on behalf of the Washington Street Residents’ – rather than a standard council notice
  • Signage might include these messages?:
    • “This bins are for domestic waste disposal for residents of Washington Street only”
    • “Please respect the comfort of your neighbours who live closest to the bins and do not overfill these bins or leave waste on the pavement”
    • “If the bin you wish to use is full, check to see if there is room in any of the others, and – if not – please take your waste home and bring it out again when they have been emptied.”
    • “If this bin needs attention, contact BHCC – phone number/email/twitter”
  • Turning the end bin 180% so that it is slightly less easy to reach may encourage residents to use other bins and spread the load a bit more.

Thought or comments welcome.


3 thoughts on “A month in the life of a Hanover bin

  1. Hi, I have recently returned to my home at the Southover Street end of Washington Street after being away for 11 years. The bin diary compliled by Safe in The City in 2014 bears no relation to the reality I am experiencing – constant rubbish strewn across the street and pavements, daily fly tipping, anti-social bevahiour at all hours of day or night (i.e. people rummaging in bins, smashing large items in the middle of the night) and worse of all noisy daily City Clean collections currently at 6.20am to 6.45am every morning including Sundays and bank holidays with additional collections to deal with fly tipping. A disaster for those adjacent to the bins but I would strongly argue a distaster for the upkeep and safety of our neighbourhood as a whole.


  2. I live on Washington Street at the islingwood end. Every weekend I tidy the bins and move rubbish from outside the bins to the more empty ones. When they get near full, I also move one of.the two bins from the east side.to.the west side as it seems to.stop people leaving empty bags outside which are opened by the seagulls. People seem less inclined to.leave bags outside a single bin, then see that there is space on the other side.


  3. I live on Belgrave Street I must admit that I use the Washington Street communal bins very occasionally.

    However I do use the ones by the flats at the bottom of Albion Hill regularly.

    I think that Washington Street is a much better place to walk down since the Communal Bins have been installed.

    I do think that we could be more creative and have something less unsightly – what about some sort of retaining / planting ‘wall’ (with some bike parking…)

    I tried to past in a photo of the Communal Bins in Tower Hamlets but it would work – Ian


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