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5 thoughts on “Bus news

  1. They have made the bus service even worse now for people living at the bottom end of Queens Park Rd, who want to connect to Elm Grove. It is now once every 20 minutes curtesy of the 23 bus stop – and this is central Brighton? Why on earth couldn’t they have looped the 18 up Elm Grove and round the back of Brighton Hospital, thereby keeping the Elm Grove connection (and improving the hospital connection). Despite the trumpeting from Brighton & Hove Buses that they want to improve services in the Queens Park Area, they seem far more interested in improving the services to Hove, and have effectively hung us out to dry. It seems to me…facing 2 different buses running at 20 minute intervals, to get to my work in Woodingdean, that the new vision statement of Brighton & Hove Buses is ‘Get of your a** and walk’. Not happy


  2. Or to the elderly people in down Terrace, who now have to walk (a distance) to get to London road.

    Personally I would have made each alternative 18 go up and down Down Terrace..

    I would seriously say to BH Buses, that they need to look at each route, to much overlap and congestion, this is why Buses are so unreliable.. You need buses arriving in North Street Stops to be staggered in timings, not as they are now, all arriving in a batch…


  3. Oh wonderful…not. Still no consideration given for people wanting to get up or down Elm Grove above Queens Park Junction other than the already overcrowded no 22. Also, how about those same people wanting to visit the Marina, Asda in particular. It’s a jolly long walk with heavy shopping up Elm Grove. Not surprising really though, when Martin Harris hasn’t got the manners to reply to passenger emails. Bring back Roger French, a true gentleman.


  4. At least we have a 15-minute bus no 18 from the Pepper Pot to Edward/ North Street again. And a 15-minute no 2i to the London Road; direct route still to the station (on Elm Grove this is now the no 22), without that silly route up Trafalgar Street; and a single bus stop for any bus to a particular destinatiion (e.g. at Churchill Square – where the 81 used to stop).

    But will the 18 start being reliable, and on the information signs ? !


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