LAT Meeting September 27th

Our next meeting will be September 27th, 7pm at the Hanover

The minutes from the last meeting can be found HERE


  1. Welcome and introductions 2 mins
  2. Updates from last meeting
    1. Community compost – 5 mins
    2. Recycling wheelie bins 10 mins
  3. Neighbourhood Plan for Hanover & Elm Grove – report back from working group meetings 30 mins
  4. Parking Update  10 mins
  5. Other business 5 mins
  6. Date of next meeting

Look forward to seeing you


One thought on “LAT Meeting September 27th

  1. Apologies I can’t get to HEGLAT Mtg this Wed.

    The new Community Compost on Albion Hill is working well – oversubscribed with10 people on waiting list and about another 15 registered as interested.
    The Food Partnership are very supportive and it would be great to see some other schemes opening locally. Requirements are 2 local people to manage, a suitable place (needs to be able to drain so not on pavement or tarmac) that is agreeable with local residents – Food Partnership produce letters explaining issues. Visit

    Ian – Belgrave St


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