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**update – there is a page about the proposals on the bus company website.**

Following conversation, consultation and agitation, Brighton & Hove Buses have re-amended our local service and propose a series of tweaks which will take place in September. For info, see below download as a PDF HERE

This subject remains a hot topic in our ‘hot topics’ section – and thoughts would be well placed HERE)

Bus Review JuneNew Bus Map June 2014



All Change on The Buses – Public Meeting

Bus qWould you like to see better buses in Queens Park?
Are you concerned about the proposed changes to the 81?



Mike Best (Operations Director, Brighton & Hove Buses)
Andrew Boag (Chair, Brighton & Hove Buswatch)
Richard Johnson (Bus team, Brighton & Hove City Council)
Chair Mark Strong (Vice-chair, Queens Park LAT)
There’ll be ample time for audience questions, comments and suggestions

Meeting arranged by the Queens Park Local Action Team if you can display a poster to help publicise this meeting, download one here:  Buses in Queens Park A4


Bus RouteBrighton & Hove Buses are planning to make major changes to bus services to and from Queens Park in April 2014. This has come about very quickly, partly in response to problems with reliability of the 81 in recent months.
While the local community appreciates the bus company wants to improve services, we’re concerned about the speed at which changes have been proposed and the lack of consultation with local bus users. We’ve called this public meeting to allow the changes to be discussed, concerns to be raised, and hopefully to agree on improvements.

The bus company are still developing the details of the changes, responding to local community groups and bus users who have raised a number of issues. The latest proposals are for the 81 route to be replaced by two completely new routes 18 and 20, plus major revisions to the 21 route.

The core of the new services is the 20 Queens Park Shuttle. This would run very often along a one-way anti-clockwise loop from the Clock Tower (Dyke Road) via North Street and St James’s Street. It would then be the same as the 81 through Queens Park to the Level, but then continue via London Road and Brighton Station back to Dyke Road at the Clock Tower. No buses will end at the Open Market, one stop short of the London Road shops (currently all 81s finish here) – they will all serve the Co-op stop.

The new 20 will improve the reliability of services to Queens Park. There will be more buses between Queens Park and the City Centre plus a regular all-day link with Brighton Station. But the one-way route won’t provide a direct link to North Street or Hove. It will also use a separate stop from the main services at Churchill Square. The Brighton Station stop will be at Frederick Place not the station itself.

To address concerns of local bus users the bus company will maintain a direct link between Queens Park, Edward Street and Western Road by another new service 18 (running every 30 minutes during the day. East of the Old Steine it will be similar to the 20A shown above, running in a one-way clockwise loop via London Rd. However, the 18 would also run two-way along Western Road as far as Waitrose.

The eastern part of the revised 21 route would run half-hourly between the Marina and the Old Steine via Manor Hill, Queens Park Road, Elm Grove and London Road. The western section would run between North Street, Hove and Goldstone Valley along the same route as the current 81.

Brighton & Hove Buses have been sending out a survey to local residents and passengers. You can complete it online at http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/queensparkbus. You can also email comments directly to the bus company at queenspark@buses.co.uk. Please also copy your email to msstrong@gmail.com.

All Change On The Buses

Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company are planning some changes to buses serving the Queens Park and Hanover. Here is a summary of the proposals, as detailed in the latest Brighton Area Buswatch newsletter:

“Over the past few months we have been working closely with Brighton & Hove Buses to plan improvements to bus services in 2014. We have concentrated on two main groups of services, Coaster route 12 between Brighton & Eastbourne and the 81 group of routes to Queens Park. These services have suffered from reliability problems in recent times and from public criticism.

Queens Park services are completely revamped, with the 81/81A/81B/81C replaced by a new daily network. The main service will be a one way circular 20, the ‘Queens Park Shuttle’. This will run every 10 minutes from Queens Park to Elm Grove, London Road Shops, Brighton Station and Churchill Square, returning via North Street and St James’s Street. In the evenings there will be a 15 minute service until just after midnight, doubling the current evening frequency. There will also be new early morning journeys for commuters and a better Sunday service. At Churchill Square buses will stop outside Pizza Hut in Dyke Road, avoiding the congested stops in Western Road. During the day there will usually be a Shuttle bus waiting in Dyke Road for passengers to board.

Route 21 will be completely revised to run between Goldstone Valley and Brighton Marina via Hove, Churchill Square, London Road, Queens Park, Manor Hill & Whitehawk. Some buses will run via Furze Hill as 21A. The main service will run every half hour with extra buses from Old Steine to either Brighton Marina or Queens Park Terrace. This provides a 15 minute frequency towards Elm Grove and Queens Park for most of the day.

While there will be some people who lose out from the new network we are confident most will benefit. There will be an all day service from Queens Park to Brighton Station and buses will no longer finish at Open Market, one stop short the shops. We hope the Queens Park Shuttle will attract more passengers, enabling further improvements in the future. Simplified, high frequency services running every 10 minutes have proved to be highly successful in Brighton and elsewhere.

If you would like to find out more about these changes, a public meeting has been arranged which will take place at St Luke’s Church on Monday February 10th at 7.30pm. This meeting has been independently arranged by members of the Queens Park LAT, following local concern and is open to interested residents and groups in the areas affected by this route change. More information about the meeting will be published here closer to the date.

On the Buses (2)

Part of the Lewes Road Transport Improvements Project includes funding for bus stop improvements within the surrounding areas. In the last year, this has seen a number of new shelters installed and the council Transport Projects Team are looking for other bus stops in the area  which are in need of improvements. They have already identified some and would appreciate it if Local Action teams in the area were able to comment on their suggestions and put forward any other locations for consideration.

Here is their first list – this is an early scoping excercise, and all sites would need further feasibility studies and consultation with nearby residents. The number of sites which will be tackled this financial year will depend on the cost of the works identified, and there will be an opportunity to carry out further improvements in 2013-14.

  • ·         Birdham Road, Moulsecoomb- Staplefield Drive stop
  • ·         Meadowview- Dawlish Close stop
  • ·         Hawkhurst Road, Coldean- Haig Avenue stop
  • ·         Rushlake Road, Coldean- Middleton Rise stop
  • ·         Roedale Road, Hollingdean- Hollingdean Street stop
  • ·         Stanmer Villas, Hollingdean- Hollingbury Crescent stop
  • ·         Queen’s Park Road- Albion Hill, The Hanover, Baxter Street and Queen’s  Park Junction stops
  • ·         Down Terrace- Freshfield Inn and Stonehurst Court stops

If you do have any comments or suggestions, please could you respond by Monday 9 July 2012, to Colin Harwood, Room 405, Hove Town Hall Norton RoadHove BN3 4AH Email: colin.harwood@brighton-hove.gov.uk  Tel: (01273) 290219

On The Buses: A Review!

Not Blakey & Co – B&H Bus Co! The council provides subsidy for a number of bus services around the city, including the 81a/c and 37b which serve Hanover and the contracts for all of these services are due to expire in September next year. We have been contacted by the council for views on the subsidised services and an extract from their letter as well as the full report is below.

Improvements to local bus services were seen as an important issue at the last Transport Group meeting, and this could be our chance to make a difference….. Have a look at the info below, and please be encouraged to make a submission. Views are required by August 31st – if we are able to develop a transport group submission, it will be posted at this site for comments later in August.


Brighton & Hove City Council plans and funds a number of bus services. We pay for some complete routes and a number of evening, Sunday and school services. As these services are not profitable, they would not run without financial support from the council.

The Transport Act 1985 gives local authorities the powers to seek tenders, and then to issue contracts, for bus services which are considered ‘socially necessary,’ but which are not commercially viable. Contracts for existing supported services were issued in September 2008, and are due to expire in September 2012. Before going out to tender for replacement services we are very keen to take into account the views of local communities throughout the city.

Please would you take time to let me have your views, or the views of your organisation, on any or all of the existing council funded bus services. These are some of the things you may like to think about:

  • Do the services run at suitable times ?
  • Do they run to useful destinations ?
  • Do the services offer value for money ?
  • Are there any areas of Brighton & Hove which are not currently on bus routes, and where a bus route would be beneficial ?
  • In terms of employment and educational opportunities, and of encouraging bus travel, are any new “direct” bus routes needed ?

If you would like to discuss any of these points, or if you have any questions, please do contact Richard Johnson on (01273) 292480, or by e mail richard.johnson@brighton-hove.gov.uk

The full review document can be downloaded at the link below

Bus Services Review – July 2011