Community Health Hub at Heglat


Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) is looking to develop the Brighton General Hospital site on Elm Grove into a purpose built Community Health Hub for patients from across Brighton and Hove, and Sussex.

Because of the importance of this proposal for us, in terms of local health provision as well as other impacts upon our community and our local infrastructure, representatives from the Trust will be attending our next meeting on May 30th to tell people more about the proposals and to hear local views.

The full agenda for the event is as follows:

  1. Welcome & introductions
  2. Actions & updates from last meeting
  3. Brighton General Health Hub consultation
  4. Update on Council Funding for Restorative Practice work plan
  5. LAT Action Plan – Priorities Crime and Community Safety
  6. Date of next meeting and discussion items
  7. AOB

We hope you will be able to attend. 7pm at the Hanover Public House community room on Queens Park Road.

For more information about the Brighton General proposals and consultation, see here:

The minutes from our last LAT meeting can be found HERE


Elm Grove Pavement Parking Update

On Tuesday afternoon, the councils Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee met and the issue of illegal pavement parking on Elm grove was discussed. Following a detailed debate the reached this decision:


Contact Officer: Owen McElroy Tel: 29-0368

Ward Affected: Hanover & Elm Grove

1. That Committee notes the outcome of the public consultation on a scheme for environmental improvements in Elm Grove and that it is not proposed to proceed with the scheme in view of the majority of residents who responded being opposed to the scheme.

2. That Committee authorises officers to organise a joint initiative with

Sussex Police to co-ordinate enforcement of parking contraventions,obstructions and other nuisances on the public highway in Elm Grove later this year.

This means that in due course council and police officers will commence and continue enforcement action to deter illegal parking along Elm grove (that is parking on the carriageway or pavement where a double yellow, zigzag or other relevant parking restriction is in place).

A resolution from the LAT which requested that the proposed enforcement should be delayed to enable a community response to be developed was presented, but a majority of councillors felt that this could not be applied – partly because of the councils obligation to fairly enforce the law, and partly following concern around the risks to vulnerable pedestrians using the pavement and the likelihood of accident and injury. it was also noted that the constraints in the area made it unlikely that any new scheme would differ very much from the scheme arrived at with the previous local working group, and which was rejected at consultation earlier in the year.

The committee chair Cllr West commented that although enforcement action would go ahead, this would not stop ward councillors and the community from looking at the issues and developing responses which may address some of the outstanding issues which would remain around parking and vehicle use in the area. As the planned enforcement would only affect those areas with double yellow or similar restrictions, substantial parts of Elm Grove would continue to tolerate pavement parking, and this may be something which could be addressed

Thanks to Jonathan Tilley for this video of the debate.

Elm Grove Parking Consultation

Consultation 1One of the local ward councillors, Matt Follett, has been working with local residents to look at improving the access, safety and the environmental issues caused by parking in Elm Grove.
Although no official permission or regulation has been passed to allow cars to park offroad on the pavement or hardened verge of Elm Grove, this has been common practice for many years. However, as car ownership increases, the volume of vehicles parked on the pavement in these roads has also increased.


The issues include:
• cars driving along the pavement
• cars causing obstructions by parking next to pedestrian dropped kerbs and bus stops
• cars parking right up to the junctions on the pavement, reducing visibility for cars pulling out or turning into side roads

The lack of enforcement on cars parked behind the double yellow lines  makes it difficult to enforce other breaches in Elm Grove and the adjacent streets at the moment.
We have been working with local residents to try to address these issues. We have carried out vehicle and pedestrian counts, and discussed driver behaviour as part of our working group, which included residents from Elm Grove and adjacent roads.
We believe a scheme making general environmental improvements to Elm Grove could help relieve the issues around pavementparking, and would like your views.

The proposals include installing designated free parking areas alongside other improvements to make Elm Grove a more people-friendly environment, such as providing benches or re-instating grass verges.
If the results of this consultation are positive, we’ll then need to identify funding to carry out the work over the next couple of years.
Our intention will be to enforce against parking adjacent to double yellow lines either on the road or on the pavement. If there is not public support for the improvements, we will give residents and local businesses plenty of notice before beginning any parking enforcement. This would only take place where there are existing double yellow lines and bus stop clearways,
and would include cars parked on the hardened verge/pavement or carriageway. No new lining will be introduced.

Questionaires have been sent out to addresses inthe area, and an online questionaire can be completed on the council website at the consultation portal. Additional copies of the questionaire can be downloaded using the links at the foot of this page. If you require more information before filling in the questionnaire, please email or telephone 01273 293693

There will be a further formal traffic order consultation stage if the scheme is taken forward. This will allow you to comment further.

4461 Elm Grove Parking Consultation – r7

4461 Elm Grove Parking Questionnaire – r2

Elm Grove Parking Update

Thanks to Cllr Follett for this update.

Following discussions over process and funding and other issues I’m happy to say that we can now move forward towards a quality of life improvement scheme in Elm Grove that will hopefully improve matters around pavement parking and other problems, ( although of course there can be no such thing as perfect scheme ! ), and will make a visual and lived difference in the quality of life of those living around and those using Elm Grove. I’m advised that we have carried out a high level of informal consultation via the Elm Grove parking group and beyond, and that we can now move on to formal consultation as resources become available and we can fit Elm Grove into the Council’s work programme.

I’m also advised that taking forward such a scheme does of course have significant financial implications and, if formal consultation results were in favour of a scheme, would most likely mean taking place over an extra financial year in order to pay for it. In an ideal world we’d consult and then have all the money we need, but given current finances I’d prefer a scheme to take longer than to not take place at all.

Also given that we can now move on to the formal consultation stage, we can now consider the Elm Grove parking group concluded and can return the ‘borrowed’ transport sub group of Hanover and Elm Grove LAT to looking at wider issues of transport in the area more generally, which is also a positive.

Thanks to all those who contributed to all the discussions that lead us to where we are now, it took a while but has been worth it.

Cllr Matt Follett

News From The Patch

Patch News Update supplied by the Friends of William Clarke Park

 WINTER 2011
from Friends of William Clarke Park
Activity & Wildlife Day

Sunday 5th February 1.00 – 4.00pm : Come and join in some practical tasks to prepare the Patch for the year ahead. Our Wildlife Group will be clearing the pond, planting wild flower seeds, tidying shrub beds and making bird boxes – ALL WELCOME We will also be moving the remaining railway sleepers and fixing them into position around the tarmac area, now that the new fence is complete. Also a chance for a general tidy up.  Some work will take place in the morning from 10am in case you fancy helping out earlier.  Plus a game of ‘PLACE THE BOX’ at 1pm … a cosultation on where best to locate our proposed 20x8ft storage container for our tools and events kit including a walk around suggest sites.                     There are several options:
a) by the pond near the Elm Grove School fence
b) next to the Picton Street entrance
c) in the lower glade area next to Old Viaduct Court
Wherever the container goes we want to make it as discreet as possible, decorated with paint and plants.
We hope you can join us for all or part of the afternoon.

New Fence : The Veolia Traust has funded a new fence to prevent balls going over into neighbouring Old Viaduct Court flats for older people on Hartington Road.  The barrier will ease tensions which have existed for many years resulting form people going into the grounds to retrieve wayward footballs. Veolia contributed £4,320 toward £4,520 cost. The fence is made from netting and is designed to be unobtrusive on the eye and quiet when struck by a ball.

Love Your Patch  – Fence opening event + games galore!

Tue 14 Feb Noon – 3pm

An opening event will take place on Valentine’s Day as part of a ‘Love Your Patch!’ games day supported by Groundwork and their Cadbury Spots v Stripes games programme. Rounds  of  volley ball. basket ball and football will test out the effectiveness of the partition

Transforming our Patch

Britvic has awarded £5,000 to support restoration of the grass across the Patch as part of a national programme called, appropriately enough, ‘Transform Your Patch’.  
The plan will involve rotorvating 1,000 square metres, importing dozens of tons of topsoil and then leveling and turfing.  
We hope to have the work completed in good time for the summer and especially for school  sports days in this Olympic year. Three schools use the patch – Elm Grove, St Martin’s and  Fairlight – with a total of 1,000 children. The quality of the grass has deteriorated over many years becoming patchy, rocky and uneven, posing a risk as well as a bit of an eyesore. We will announce further details soon and hope that volunteers as well as  will be able to help out.
The  Council’s City Parks team and the charity Groundwork will also suppoirt the work.
PatchFest 2012 + Spring in the Patch Planning Meeting Thursday 23rd February 7.30pm  at The Pub With No Name, Southover St (tbc)
Help us make our 8th PatchFest community festival (on Sat 7th July, 1-9pm) be as fantastic as ever.  We need to divi up a load of tasks and agree what ingredients we want mixed into this year’s event.
We also need to make plans for Spring in the Patch on Sunday 15th April (yes Marathon day – we know), 1-5pm
All welcome

Car Parking on Elm Grove – Update

The first meeting of the Elm Grove Parking working group took place on Wednesday October 12th. About 40 residents turned out for a lively and (sometimes) heated discussion chaired by Cllr Follett. As a first formal meeting it aimed to try and reach a consensus, taking account of the views of those most keen on better enforcement as well as those most concerned about potential loss of car parking, and acheived this quite well.

It was clear that all present could agree around some priorities (i.e. dangerous/obstructive parking and driving is not welcome) and agree initial actions, despite not agreeing at all at this stage on what the outcomes should be. At the end of the meeting it a second event was arranged for Tuesday November 8th, hopefully at Elm Grove School (to be confirmed), where the group can look at more detail, and with clearer information at the current enforcement regime as a precursor to considering potential changes.

Such is the interest in and complexity of this subject that a new section of this site has been dedicated to pavement parking at Elm Gove. (see tabs above) This includes a place to store the deliberations of the Working Group, a page for council reports and other formal information, and a page for and community generated information or helpful links.

Information posted so far includes; notes from the most recent meeting, more information on Elm Grove collision statistics and a resident initiated vehicle count for Elm Grove. Those on the Working Group email list will be contacted shortly regarding the next meeting. If you are not on this list and would like to be, please let us know by using the comments box below. (comments left here are not automatically published – if you would like to leave a message but not have it published please indicate this in the message text) or by emailing