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NAP Flier March 18

Last autumn, the Local Action Team was invited by the council to help put together a Neighbourhood Action Plan for the area. The point of this is to involve residents more closely in neighbourhood issues, and to improve collaboration between the community and local services to bring about improvements. Having a Neighbourhood Action Plan which has been designed by residents will help us to make sure that the council and others understand our area and our priorities, and that our community is best placed to take part in work to bring about positive changes.

Since that time an informal working group has met regularly, which has included individual residents as well as representatives from community groups, tenants and residents associations, universities, council and community development staff and others. Using public questionnaires and surveys, the group has come up with some ideas and themes for the plan – something to talk about – and now we need to include you in the conversation.

The first of our public events will take place at the Hanover Centre on Sunday March 4th, 1pm-4pm, where we will have ideas from the draft plan for you to comment on, fun activities to take part in, and the chance to become more involved in producing the final plan and making sure that the things you think are important get considered.

For more information, and to look at the themes already developed see the Neighbourhood Action Plan pages on this site

Look forward to seeing you on the 4th!


The Social and Environmental Sustainability of Clothes

Interested in sustainability and clothing issues? We have been asked to help promote this event by Mike from Finsbury Rd who attends the LAT. Looks interesting – anyone wanting to go or know more, contact Mike by email at

I’m running a one-off event for which I need committed environmental people to contribute to research with colleagues at the Open University on sustainability.

This will involve attending a focus group/workshop at the Hanover Centre, Southover Street on Thursday 3rd July (8 – 9.30pm), looking at people’s views on sustainable and ethical clothing and there will also be some chance for discussion, a bit of a snack and I hope we’ll have some props, displays too and a bit of fun. You don’t need to know anything about clothes!

The aim of the focus group is to understand how we can encourage consumers and also retailers to change practice. For this we want to get views of individuals who are: already committed to related sustainability/eco issues and explore some questions together. It is part of a short piece of exploratory work – being undertaken in Brighton because of the Green concentration – and it will help inform a major research project planned to influence DEFRA and policy.

The poster below summarises the main theme. It would be great if you were able to take part in the focus group – please let me know as I need to have an idea of numbers for snack, handout and seating purposes.

Please let me know

Best wishes


Mike Clothes

A bit about Mike
Mike is a freelance researcher, living in Brighton, who specialises in community projects, co-operatives and social justice causes.

He is a Visiting Research Fellow in the Co-operatives Research Unit at the Open University since 1998 where he has researched social enterprise organisations. Mike is also a research associate at the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR), where he has been involved since 2004 on projects concerned with community development, advocacy, state/third sector representation mechanisms, community participation, impact and measurement, and the role of community asset ownership. Before this, Mike worked in the sector for nearly 20 years at the Development Trusts Association, Community Matters and Save the Children. He holds a PhD from the Open University and an MA in Social Policy from the University of Sussex. He has spoken at academic and practitioner events in Germany, Mexico, Poland, Sweden and Japan. Mike is a member of the Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN, UK), Social Policy Association (UK), European Social Enterprise Research Network (EMES, Belgium) and ISTR (Baltimore) He has published work on social enterprises, civil society and advocacy and remains active as a volunteer and activist in local community action.

Vote Hanover, Vote Paul!

A guest post from Paul Norman (@PaulinBrighton ) from Hanover 10:10 who is well on the way to raising TEN GRAND for the Hanover Centre for roof insulation – though he needs your help! Please read, be inspired and follow the link at the end to vote for Paul and help improve your community centre.


Raising interest in a more sustainable lifestyle that drives down carbon means you have to focus…. but how? What are the priorities? What are the problems in practice? With these issues in mind Hanover10:10 have developed a project with our well-used Hanover Community Centre building. This former Victorian school currently has little insulation, and none in the roof!   

We have developed the Hanover Centre Carbon RACE (Reduction, Awareness & Community Engagement) to lead an eco-retrofit of the building. We have had huge support from the local community, with residents attending volunteer insulation events, and have involved University of Brighton students in this community-focused, educational, and practical project to insulate, make adaptations, consider energy generation, and show how these are transferable to the local housing. 

The student technical projects have mapped out the works, priorities (and challenges!) that we face and now we need to work out how to pay for it. Luckily our project was selected last December as one of 10 nationally for an EDF competition to reward sustainability initiatives. We had to report, blog and communicate our work. Now the public decides! Voting opened during the Olympics on 6th August and we are now in a clear 2nd place. But, we need to be 1st to get the £10,000 no strings attached prize, and so immediately funding our “shovel-ready” works at the Centre.

Please Vote for £10,000 for Hanover Centre enviro-refit


Social Media at the Hanover Hub

Back by popular demand, two more Social Media Surgery events at the ‘Hub on the Hill’ Place Space sessions at the Hanover Centre.

The previous events held in May attracted a great and diverse bunch of individuals and groups who wanted to get more out of the web, and was supported by a top notch array of volunteer ‘surgeons’ helping others with knowledge, skillls and advice.

Next Thursday (July 12th) and the one after (July 19th) as well as being our Social Media Surgery events, will be the last Space Place sessions for the summer. If you have not been thus far, do drop in – the informal sessions   include crafting skillshare, home made cakes and light lunches at the cafe, free wifi and laptop, a second hand bookstall and local history resources.

The Social Media Surgery saessions start at 12 noon, but the Place Space is open from 10.30 for all its other things. Hope you can come.

Let Hanover Blossom

The idea for Let Hanover Blossom came from residents who would like to see the streets of Hanover looking more colourful and cared for. After talking with the Hanover Action VEG Group gardeners who are doing so much to transform the garden at the Community Centre, we have been collecting unwanted pallets and will show you how to put a backing on them, how to fill them with compost and plant them up with flowers and/or things to grow and eat.

On Tuesday 29th May there will be a ‘drop in’ session at the Community Centre Garden between 2pm and 7pm where you will be able to find out more and get help to make your own vertical planter. We will also be looking at how to plant up and care for window boxes. This will coincide with the regular weekly VEG Group gardening session, and will be good chance to find out what they are up to as well. Thanks to Hanover Action for Sustainable Living for their assistance in this. Blooming Splendid.

(P.S – Here is a pdf of the poster – if you were able to print it and put it in your window, we would be really grateful)

The Space Place

Ever felt that you just don’t have enough room? Living in this area – especially the ‘Hanover’ bit – we expect you probably have… and this is why a new project at the Hanover Centre might be right up your street.

With an emphasis on cake, crafts and creation, the Hanover Centre ground floor is transformed each Thusday afternoon into the Space Place – a venue for all of those projects which need a little extra room, could do with a helping hand or are just better done in company.

As well as the sorts of things mentioned on the flyer above, after Easter we will be joining in and running some Social Media Surgeries – bringing in techie support for for residents and local community groups wanting to get the best out of the web – and as the weather warms up the the SpacePlacers are planning to make use of the community centre garden as well as the hall.

Lovely friendly gathering and really good use of the community hall to help, inspire, create and innovate. Do drop in.