A Rubbish Consultation

at the start of the year, the council began a trial of communal bins on Coleman Street and Washington Street. As an alternative to the weekly collection of black sacks, large bins were placed at the ends of the road which were to be emptied more often and which residents can put their refuse in whenever they choose, rather than needing to keep it at home or on the pavement for most of the week.

Residents on these streets who came to the LAT were generally pleased with the scheme, and reported a reduction in street litter and pavement obstructions, and following the success of the trial the council refuse and recycling service Cityclean have proposed that communal bins are extended more widely around this part of Hanover.

In developing the proposals, Damian Marmura from Cityclean has attended our LAT meetings, and residents were invited to walk the streets with him, looking in detail at the exact location of potential new bins. This work with the LAT is appreciated and we thank Damian for the extra effort taken to work with the community in developing this proposal.

What next

Each property in the area affected should receive a consultation pack through the door. If you didn’t receive one, or live outside of the affected area, copied can be downloaded from here or from the council website Hanover Communal Refuse page. There will also be a public exhibition and a chance to talk to Cityclean staff about any issues on 20th November 3-6pm at the Hanover Centre.

Following the consultation – if the scheme goes ahead – it will start from April 2013.


Hanover Takes to the Streets (1)

Not sure how long something needs to run for before it becomes a ‘tradition’, but perhaps Zocalo is starting to settle into that territory.

Simply put, it’s an evening at the close of summer for us to bring a sofa (chair.. whatever) onto the street and share a chat and a drink with neighbours. That’s it. Simple. See you there.

For more info see brightonzocalo.com

Social Media at the Hanover Hub

Back by popular demand, two more Social Media Surgery events at the ‘Hub on the Hill’ Place Space sessions at the Hanover Centre.

The previous events held in May attracted a great and diverse bunch of individuals and groups who wanted to get more out of the web, and was supported by a top notch array of volunteer ‘surgeons’ helping others with knowledge, skillls and advice.

Next Thursday (July 12th) and the one after (July 19th) as well as being our Social Media Surgery events, will be the last Space Place sessions for the summer. If you have not been thus far, do drop in – the informal sessions   include crafting skillshare, home made cakes and light lunches at the cafe, free wifi and laptop, a second hand bookstall and local history resources.

The Social Media Surgery saessions start at 12 noon, but the Place Space is open from 10.30 for all its other things. Hope you can come.

Sticker : Unstuck

Many thanks to all who came out for the Hanover Street Focus action day on Friday. Residents joined council staff litter picking, weeding and removing old posters, stickers and cable ties.

Of all of the tasks undertaken, stickers can be real bind. Easy to put on, hard to get off, they quickly degrade leaving lamp posts, and other items looking shabby and street signs illegible. Before the day we fretted a bit about the best way to tackle this, and were told that the magic ingredient was WD40 (or similar), so – armed with a tin of squirty stuff, a scraper and a scouring cloth we set forth down Southover. It is still a bit of a chore, and is hard to get perfect results, but this method is fairly easy and quick.

Here is a step by step Sticker Unsticker photo guide:

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Let Hanover Blossom

The idea for Let Hanover Blossom came from residents who would like to see the streets of Hanover looking more colourful and cared for. After talking with the Hanover Action VEG Group gardeners who are doing so much to transform the garden at the Community Centre, we have been collecting unwanted pallets and will show you how to put a backing on them, how to fill them with compost and plant them up with flowers and/or things to grow and eat.

On Tuesday 29th May there will be a ‘drop in’ session at the Community Centre Garden between 2pm and 7pm where you will be able to find out more and get help to make your own vertical planter. We will also be looking at how to plant up and care for window boxes. This will coincide with the regular weekly VEG Group gardening session, and will be good chance to find out what they are up to as well. Thanks to Hanover Action for Sustainable Living for their assistance in this. Blooming Splendid.

(P.S – Here is a pdf of the poster – if you were able to print it and put it in your window, we would be really grateful)

Hanover Street Focus

Back in March, a group of neighbours met with Tony from the council to carry out an audit of our streets: the plan was to inspect Hanover, to note down what was wrong and needed fixing, and also to think about what positive changes we could make to improve our area. (The image at the top of this post was taken from candychang.com – the website of an American artist which documents a series of inspirational neighbourhood projects – well worth a look.)

The survey forms have been examined and we have a fair list of what needed doing on that day – a summary of street-by-street issues is below. The next step is our Street Focus day, which will take place on Friday 18th May meet up at the Hanover Centre at 10am.

We are hoping that City Clean will do a deep clean of certain streets on that day and challenge residents who have left out rubbish bags. The graffiti team will remove graffiti across Hanover during that week. Residents can help with tasks such as removing stickers and cable ties from lamp posts, some sweeping up of rubbish etc. We will supply the equipment. You should wear strong shoes and bring gloves. Please meet in the garden at the Hanover Centre (if its not raining) to collect tools and to split into small groups to do various tasks. We have booked the First floor hall for refreshments and to leave bags etc.

This starts to tackle some of the negative aspects which need sorting out, but this project is also intended to look at positive ways we can make Hanover a better place. Following comments left on the audit sheets we are also looking at another area of activity.

Let Hanover Blossom – we are encouraging residents to have flowers on show in the streets. For some people there is enough room outside their homes for a planter – but please do not obstruct the already narrow pavements. Other people will have window boxes. We are less keen on hanging baskets because it is a drought year and hanging baskets use a lot of water. We will be advertising an event with the local food project (VEG) to get people started in planting flowers and show them how to plant up window boxes. We will also be showing people how to make a vertical planter from recycled wooden pallets.

Please put up the attached poster in your window and tell your neighbours about these events. There is a lot of support for improving the streets and if we do this, others will be more likely not to mess them up. If you want me to print you a colour poster, please leave a message for Tony  requesting one and your address ( telephone 293926) and he will drop one through your letterbox.

Here is the full summary of the March audits.

The Space Place

Ever felt that you just don’t have enough room? Living in this area – especially the ‘Hanover’ bit – we expect you probably have… and this is why a new project at the Hanover Centre might be right up your street.

With an emphasis on cake, crafts and creation, the Hanover Centre ground floor is transformed each Thusday afternoon into the Space Place – a venue for all of those projects which need a little extra room, could do with a helping hand or are just better done in company.

As well as the sorts of things mentioned on the flyer above, after Easter we will be joining in and running some Social Media Surgeries – bringing in techie support for for residents and local community groups wanting to get the best out of the web – and as the weather warms up the the SpacePlacers are planning to make use of the community centre garden as well as the hall.

Lovely friendly gathering and really good use of the community hall to help, inspire, create and innovate. Do drop in.