Local Action Team Survey

The council has asked if we could circulate a survey which they have put together to look at Local Action teams across the City.
Local Action Teams are community forums where residents, local traders, ward councillors police, council officers and others get together to look at their area and work out what the local problems or issues are and how things can be improved. There are around 35 Local Action teams (LAT’s) in Brighton and Hove.Since most of the LAT’s were first established, the way that the council and police are organised has changed, and many LAT’s have developed their understanding of their role and the activities which they get involved with.The aim of this survey is to help us understand how LAT’s work at the moment; how they fit within the Brighton and Hove community safety agenda, what sort of support they would like from the council and the police, and which ways that they can help the council and police to promote and improve community safety and crime reduction.

Your assistance in completing it is much appreciated.

To complete the survey click HERE

Paper copies of the survey will be available at LAT meetings. For more information, contact simon.bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk 01273 293925


Safe In The City Update

Thanks to the council Community Safety Projects Team for this update:

Happy New Year to all & hoping you had a pleasant festive break.

2013 looks a busy year for Local Action Teams and the Community Safety Partnership – during the year we will be completing our new website www.safeinthecity.info , which will see the return of the document library and archive (currently unavailable) and will give a host of new features for LATs which groups will be able to manage directly as they wish. More news on this as the year progresses. If anyone would like copies of any of the information from the archive (previous minutes of LAT’s etc…) please contact us.

To go with the completion of the new website, we are having a review of some aspects of Local Action Teams, to try to make sure that we are giving the best support we can to promote and enable this key network of residents, traders, council, police and partners across the city.

LAT Chairs meetings: In December, LAT Chairs were invited to an audience with the Mayor, and discussion which took place prompted a rethink on how discussions at the LAT Chairs meetings take place. Suggestions included giving more time for LAT representatives to discuss issues relevant to them and to seek solutions from each other, and to be better at flagging up issues in advance so that the most relevant officers could be invited to the meetings to comment. The next LAT Chairs meeting will be on January 22nd, 10am at the Brighthelm Centre. We welcome representatives from as many LAT’s as we can – if you would like to attend or are unsure who is attending to represent your LAT, please contact us.

LAT Guidance: In 2009 the Community Safety Partnership produced a ‘Guidance for Local Action Teams’ document and a paper copy was provided for each LAT. Developments and changes within the council, the community Safety Partnership and the LAT network have meant that some aspects of this are now dated, and this document needs to be reviewed. This will be a task of the coming year, and we will be talking to LAT’s about how best to do this. A copy of the exsisting guidance document can be downloaded here : LAT Guidance Folder 2009

LAT Structure: To go with the renewed guidance and new website features, we also plan to revisit some of the functional aspects of Local Action Teams: how local priorities are reached; how LAT’s represent their communities and communicate their activities; how LAT’s manage their administration and governance, and we are hoping to put together some proposals to improve these aspects of LAT operation where possible.

The Local Action Team network in Brighton & Hove is an excellent inititive, bringing together residents from across the city in their communities, working to improve their neighbourhoods. We are look forward to working with the LAT network in the year ahead, and wish you all the best for a safe and happy 2013,

Any questions, please contact projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk or telephone Simon bannister on 01273 293925