Meeting Minutes 13th February 2018

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT Meeting
13th February 2018 at 7pm

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]
Present (as recorded on attendance list):
Simon Bannister (Interim Chair); David Hearn (Secretary); Brian Ravenett; Brian Jones; Nick Adams; Cllr. David Gibson; Cllr. Emma Daniel; Tim Read (BHCC)

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list is not recorded.

1. Welcome:
The Chair invited all attendees to the meeting and asked attendees to introduce themselves.


Apologies were received from Cllr Dick Page:

2. Minutes and matters arising:

(a) Community Composting – new facilities can now be found at pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Southover Street across to the Level. The facilities have attracted some initial vandalism and the Council is monitoring the situation.
(b) Ward member budgets – The Chair reported that Cllr Gibson and Cllr Daniel budgets are currently underspent and there is still an opportunity for small projects within HEG to be supported.
(c) Police Report – The Chair informed the meeting that no formal response had been provided by the Police to relay at the meeting.
(d) Cuckooing- Cllr Gibson reported that significant progress had been made to address the issues raised at the last LAT concerning May Road. A review of the work streams used by agencies involved at May Road and at other areas across the City has led to a series of recommended actions being adopted by the Council and it is hoped the lessons learned can help identify and speed up problem solving in future.
(e) Cycle Storage – Cllr. Gibson reported that despite no current policy, the Council had suggested a way forward to handle a request from residents interested in providing a ‘bike hangar’. It is hoped that progress can now be made.

3. Neighbourhood Plan for Hanover & Elm Grove

The Chair provided a background to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan to date and the work of the sub group. This has culminated in a series of six themes emerging from pilot consultations with resident groups and through a series of estate based and web site surveys. The draft plan would require further consultation to develop each of the themes and to this end a community event was being planned to be held on Sunday 4th March at the Hanover Community Centre.

A further meeting of the sub group would be held on Wednesday 21st February at 7pm at the Small Meeting Room in the Hanover Centre.

Those present at the meeting reviewed the current plan and the following comments were received:

Theme One: Refuse, recycling & street cleansing

• Brian Jones requested that the theme clearly referenced the need for all services to comply with best practice guidance and in accordance with all legislation. In particular he raised the issue of fire safety for those residents living in close proximity to communal bins and requested that the Council review its approach in the light of the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower and the recommendations for the siting of communal waste containers outlined in European Guidance: Safety distances between waste containers and buildings. CFPA-E Guidance No.7.2011. Copies of the guidance were distributed at the meeting.

Action: Cllr. Gibson resolved to contact the Chair of ETS Committee to discuss the recommendations laid out in the European Guidance and to determine the Council’s response.

• Add Rubbish Friends/Volunteer Groups to list of Potential Partners
• Ensure that the theme as far as possible reflects the importance of compliance with best practice in the delivery of services; that residents are involved in the design of the proposed solutions and that measures are in place to track overall satisfaction with the resulting services.
• The Chair invited Brian Jones to join the facilitating panel at the Community event in March.

Theme Two: Crime and Community Safety

• To Proposed Themes – add ‘Build Community Resilience’
• To Suggested Actions – ‘positive support for young people’ – add ‘exploring the benefits to be had from the use of restorative practice.’

• Add to Suggested Actions – ‘Foster community cohesion through the development of a range of community lead projects and initiatives.

Due to time constraints comments on the remaining themes were not discussed.

4. Graffiti Update – Tim Read

The Chair introduced Tim Read from the City’s Community Safety team. Tim outlined a number of ways that the City is using to address anti-social behaviour including the use of ‘restorative practice.’ Restorative practice brings victims and offenders together to share and solve issues and evidence suggests it provides a more sustainable way of resolving conflicts, understanding viewpoints and developing sustainable solutions. Tim suggested it might be a useful tool for addressing the current level of graffiti in and around the City.

A Communities Fund of up to £10,000 was available to help tackle local issues including improving well-being; cohesion and fairness. The submission date for bids was fast approaching and Tim suggested that HEG may wish to put forward some projects for consideration and he would be able to prepare the bid on HEGLAT’s behalf.

Comments received included:

• There was a noticeable increase in the level of graffiti in the ward and across the city.
• If was almost impossible to catch perpetrators in the act.
• If incidences of graffiti could be addressed quickly by painting over this proved to be a way of de-incentivising others.
• Unaddressed graffiti contributes to ‘broken window theory’ and the perception of areas falling into neglect.
• There are a number of local groups and organisations like HCA and HASL and possible other volunteers network to help clean up affected areas.
• There are small amounts of monies available for the purchase of paint from fines received by the Council from fly tipping.

Action: The meeting resolved to support a Communities Fund bid for a project that focused on raising awareness of graffiti amongst young people and supporting local organisations with the tools and equipment needed to clean up affected areas. Where restorative practices could play a part in solving current issues, then the project should include appropriate mechanisms and resources to encouraged this.

5. AOB

(a) Phoenix Recycling Bins – Cllr Gibson reported that since the last meeting, representative of City Clean, Hyde Housing and the Phoenix Estate Residents have met and a plan of action has been put in place.
(b) Communal bins: Washington Street – Brian Jones reported that following a number of earlier meetings with City Clean and local Councillors, a range of improvements agreed at the meetings have failed to materialise. Fly tipping and noise continued to be a problem for residents living close to communal bins. A further review of the use of communal bins is required.
(c) Good Gym Company – Cllr Gibson reported that the Good Gym Company are helping out with a number of local initiatives including recently planting bulbs on the Pankhurst Estate. With graffiti problems persistent in the ward, residents wishing to have areas cleared should contact CLL Gibson who can add particular locations to the list.
(d) Rubbish Friends – Brian Jones informed the meeting that 6-7 volunteers had organised the first Rubbish Friends event to take place on 10th March. The aim was to pick up street litter and where approached educate residents how to dispose of household waste responsibly. He hoped that the initiative would gain traction with further events organised in due course.
(e) Large White Van for Sale: Wichelo Place – one resident reported a permanently parked vehicle on the street for sale. Whilst no illegal activity was implied, the resident has requested that the owner please move the van from time to time so that it is not permanently parked outside one household.
(f) Estate Agent boards – the Chair reported that he has been notified of permanent Estate Agent boards once again appearing on properties. The boards are bright yellow. Advertising by Estate Agents is controlled by the Council under Regulation 7 Direction .

A list of streets covered by the regulation can be found here.

Residents concerned about unlawful advertising should contact the Council’s Planning Investigation team

(g) Planning Update HMO cases – Cllr. Gibson informed the meeting that 4 planning applications to retrospectively expand HMO properties in the area had recently been refused. Although it has taken some time, the message being sent by the Council is that obtaining a HMO license in certain parts of the City is becoming increasingly difficult.
(h) Elm Grove – Parking Suspension. The Chair to look into the proposed timetable for
the reintroduction of the controlled parking scheme along Elm Grove which
appears to have been permanently suspended.
(i) Water Board access (Beaufort Street) – one resident noted that random car parking had impacted on the ability of water board employees and other service engineers from accessing water and power infrastructure in and around Beaufort Terrace. The Chair replied that as the Council was not landowner of that area then any enforcement matters would need to be actioned by the water board themselves. He was certain that if employees were struggling to park and gain access to the area, they are likely to have raise the matter with their employer.

Meeting finished 8.50pm.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 17th April 2018