Meeting Minutes Jan 2011

Minutes of the Hanover and Elm Grove Local Action Team (LAT) held on Thursday 20th January 2011 at the Hanover, Queens Road.

CouncillorGeorgia Wrightonchaired the meeting. Also present wereDamien Marmurafrom Cityclean, Cally Sykes fromCityParks, PCSO Dawn Kitson, PCSO Karen Hopewell and Tony Baker from Environment Improvements plus 8 residents. Apologies: Anna Hunter, Mark Strong, CllrVicky Wakefield-Jarrettand Dani Ahrens.


1. Matters arising from the minutes of the 18th November meeting:

i) Tony reported that he had advertised the Transport sub group

ii) Georgiareported that the work to put pipes into Beaufort Terrace and Islingword Roadare due to start in the next few weeks and take a month. The meeting felt there were insufficient operatives on the job hence the slow progress. Brian Ravenett will liaise with Peter Kelly at Street Works re: progress.

 iii)Georgiareported that a walkabout withCity Clean, including Georgia, Julia Pilgrim and Tony Baker, to look at the binvelopes, had been successful.

iv)Georgiainformed the meeting  that she had reported the empty property onSouthover streetto Planning Enforcement.

Action: Georgia will get back in touch with Gerard McCormack as the area is littered mainly with cut-back ivy and possibly needs fencing.  Action: Tony to see if the owner will agree to allow the land to be used for a public use eg bike racks

v) Tony reported that Environment Improvements will be writing to colleges and university business lecturers to see if they can persuade some of their students to learn by volunteering to minute meetings. 

vii)Simon Bannister will pass on the request for billboard reinstatement at the Pepperpot.

viii)Georgiareported that resident and Councillor opposition against the off licence opposite theHanoverstaying open until 3am had been successful and the Licensing decision was that they had to close at 11.30pm.

2. Damien Marmura from Cityclean on binvelopes and recycling

Damien said that their initiative last year, when they emptied and folded binvelopes and put letters through every door to show people how to use binvelopes, had been unsuccessful. Some residents are still misusing binvelopes (leaving them out all the time with litter and rubbish in them, not in black bags) so Cityclean will be doing a blitz from 1st February where they will clean out every binvelope and then see the offending resident and explain what is required. They will keep returning until binvelopes are properly looked after. They can hand out fines of £75 and the courts can fine up to £1000 for obstructing the pavement. Their experience from Crescent Road is that if you visit nearly every day for a month then you will win in the end. In April they will do another deep clean including clearing all the cars from the streets and cleaning gulleys, graffiti etc. The discussion included issues such as the difficulties around changing collection days after bank holidays but generally residents were complimentary about how Cityclean had kept to their published changed dates. There was a discussion about other types of bins and it seemed to be generally accepted that binvelopes are the best for an areas with narrow streets likeHanover. Damien asked that residents rang Cityclean (292929) if their collections were not carried out on the correct days as they need to make sure this happens. They can ask Cityclean to grit their streets as well and /or ask for a grit bin in the street.  He said that Cityclean now have the email addresses of all students and can advise them about collection dates. They also have a dialogue with letting agencies so that landlords can insist that their tenants follow the rules. People can request netting to keep recycling inside the recycling boxes (lids are no longer supplied as nets have been found to be better). The meeting thanked Damien for attending the meeting and his work on improving these issues.

Action: Cityclean to return to the next LAT meeting to update on progress of the Binvelope campaign.

3. The Level redevelopment

Cally Sykes from Parks Project Team updated the meeting on the consultation around the redevelopment plans for The Level, which has included two public workshops and will culminate in the final public consultation in March. Following this there is now an amended design which shows the children’s playground in the southern most part of the park. Cally discussed the issue of where to put the skatepark and answered questions on how much room was needed for the annual funfair and other activities. There seemed to be support for the funfair to continue but residents thought it was there too long. Cally said the income from the licence does help to fund other events across the City.

Action: Cally agreed to attend the next LAT meeting as this will be during the final consultation period.

4. Transport Group update

Tony explained that the first meeting of the transport group had been poorly attended, as it clashed with other things for many of the people who wanted to attend. The meeting had been able to do little more than discuss the scope of the project which is to try to come up with a shared community plan forHanoverincluding issues such as car parking, cycle parking, yellow lines, buses etc. Tony said he was in the process of canvassing the views of those interested on the best date.

5. Students in the Community update

Georgiareported back on this sub group, which is largely concerned with thePhoenixstudent residences but also with night noise from individual student homes. She reported that there was some positive progress on matters such as licencing of HMO’s and the University ofBrighton’s commitment to put quieter students in the blocks which affect local residents the most. Also the possible use of restorative justice. One of the residents mentioned the recent case of hefty fines for students making excessive noise. One suggestion was that landlords should be encouraged to fit sound insulation which could be relatively inexpensive. 

Actions: Julia Pilgrim and other residents will attend the next student forum at the Phoenix Halls of Residence on 8th February. Georgia and Tony will present a ‘Students in the Community’ sub-group action plan and terms of reference to the next LAT.

6. Police update

PCSO Dawn Kitson reported on local crime figures which had gone down in December from November. The only increase in crime was a spate of burglaries in January, so residents should be careful about locking up and trying to make it seem that someone was at home. Residents mentioned that cars are still damaged and although some of this seems inevitable with such narrow streets, PCSO Karen Hopewell reminded residents that driving off having caused damage, without contacting the owners, or reporting the accident to the police, is an offence. The discussion went on to cycles obstructing the pavement and the need for cycle storage in the street, the need for more yellow lines etc. Tony agreed to find out what plans there are for combating parking on pavements on Elm Grove, as part of the work of the Transport sub-group.    


7. Any other business

The redevelopment of the open market was raised.

Action: Tony agreed to circulate an email about the upcoming meeting.


Date of next meeting:

Thursday 17th March 2011 at 6.45 for 7pm at The Hanover pub, Queens Park Road.


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