Meeting Minutes July 2012

Minutes of the Hanover and Elm Grove LAT meeting of 23 July 2012

Present: Cllr Matt Follett (Chair), Gillian Marston and Damien Marmura from Cityclean, Simon Hickmott from Transport Planning, Christopher Tucker from Sussex University, Simon Bannister, Claudia Lester, John Woolerton, Connie Wille, Brian Ravenett, Martin Lee and Tony Baker

Apologies: Cllr Liz Wakefield, Kevin Mannall, Anna Hunter, Julia Pilgrim, Christina Pepper and Kayleigh Beckman

  1. Minutes and matters arising: The minutes were agreed. Liz was not present so the action point could not be progressed.
  2. Communal bin consultation: Damien and Gillian explained that in their view the pilot in Washington and Coleman Streets had been a success and when they go out to consultation in the autumn it would be good if the information to the public could include quotations from LAT members. Residents did not oppose the general plan but there was some concern about the placement of the bins. Gillian and Damien said that this was the hardest thing they had to do but they had drawn up a map of sites and would leave this for people to look at. Damien said that the majority of the bin sites were not in front of people’s homes. There was also concern expressed by residents about dumping next to the bins. Damien said that the bins should be emptied three times per week and that members of the public could always ring the council (292929) and the rubbish will be removed. He said that this was partly dumping from people who did not live in the two trial streets and that if every street had communal bins the problem would have less impact. They asked if they could work with a volunteer resident to work on the publicity information and will then come back to the meeting in September. Action: Claudia Lester agreed to work with Cityclean on the publicity. Cityclean were asked if recyclable material was recycled or if it was just sent to landfill. Gillian replied that the council does recycle everything it can and has a high quality recycling plant and it was also pointed out that it was more cost effective to recycle than to landfill because of the penalties this incurs.
  1. Personalised Travel Planning: Simon Hickmott described his work to persuade people to choose to make less car journeys in order to reduce pollution and carbon emissions in the City.  This includes incentives to support people who move to less harmful transport decisions. He asked if anyone knew of any possible garage sites that could be used to help people store bicycles and a few suggestions came forward. More suggestions would be welcome. He would like to know if there are any local groups who might be interested in working with him to reduce carbon emissions. Questions included ones about air pollution and Simon said the worst offenders are diesel vehicles. Claudia put forward the proposal that more motorcycle parking areas should be provided and these should have bars to lock the motorcycles to and side protection so that cars cannot knock over the motorbikes. Simon confirmed that motorbikes are generally less polluting than cars. For more information please visit the blog site, see link at the bottom of these minutes. Simon Bannister noted that Hanover Action for Sustainable Living are having an event about transport on 16th September. Residents suggested that events like this be advertised in the Hanover Directory as well as on-line.
  1. Police report: this was not possible as Dawn had been called away for a serious crime.
  1. Priorities: There were no new priorities identified.
  1. Any other business: Action- Brian asked that Councillors follow up the Beaufort Terrace and Cobden Road area issue from the previous meeting and the Beaufort Terrace telephone mast from an earlier meeting.
  1. Date of the next meeting: 17th September, 6.45pm for a 7pm start at the Hanover.



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