Meeting Minutes November 2012

Minutes of the Hanover and Elm Grove LAT meeting of 19th November 2012

Present: Cllr Bill Randall (Chaired the meeting), Cllr Matt Follett, Patricia Smith, Andrew Smith, Claudia Lester, Simon Bannister, Connie Wille, Brian Ravenett, PCSO Dawn Kitson, Christopher Tucker (University of Sussex), Andrew Keefe (University of Brighton) Christina Pepper, John Spoight, Bev Barstow, Martin Lee, Hannah Osmond, Angela Sains, Julie Darnbrough, Philip Darnbrough, Mary Bose, Helen Stanton, Jonathan Ridley (Anti Social Behaviour Team), Mark Lane, Philip Hoile, Charlie Besley, Jane Ceasby, Penny Parker, Neil Hawke and Tony Baker

Apologies: Cllr Liz Wakefield, Ann Montgomery, Mark Strong, Anna Hunter and Julia Pilgrim.

  1. Minutes and matters arising:  Bill said that Harvest should be approached to see if they could help with the issue of food growing on Southern Water land at Beaufort Terrace. He did not know how high the proposed telephone mast at that location is to be. It was noted that the graffiti at the Pepperpot was reducing because of fast action. Bill reported that crime on the Pankhurst estate had reduced dramatically since the community association had established and they had recently received an award from the police in recognition of this.
  1. Communal bin consultation: Bill assured the meeting that the consultation was just that and a decision on the introduction of communal bins would not be taken until the consultation was concluded. Claudia noted that she had been told by officers that there always had to be at least two bins in each location for safety reasons, but she had contacted the Health and Safety Executive and they denied this. She noted that she and Damien Marmura from Cityclean had walked each street and tried to find locations which were the least intrusive. There was a concern expressed about why the bins were located at street corners. It was explained that this was the best location for collection, especially given the dense parking in the middle of streets. Chris reported that communal bins had greatly improved Washington Street; the only difficulties were fly-tipping but this does not stay for long. Bill noted that Cityclean will collect fly tipped material if you report it. Claudia explained that the pilots had not achieved the target of 3 collections per week and also the collection staff were not yet very experienced in locking the bins back in place. Bill was asked why the leaflet did not state that 42 parking spaces would be lost and he said the original publicity had stated this and the current leaflet did refer to losses. The issue of the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in neighbouring streets was raised and its affect on Hanover and Elm Grove and Bill explained that residents in that area had voted for a CPZ in the original vote, which included Hanover, so it was right to allow them a second vote for just their area and again they had voted for a CPZ. Another concern was that there was no appeals process, other than to a councillor and Bill agreed to look into this. A further concern was that the communal bin drop-in meetings were 3pm to 6.30 which made it difficult for some people to attend them, so Bill offered to see if a drop-in could be held at another time. If so, this will be advertised by email to the people on the contact list and on the blog site:  Another question was about Southover Street and Claudia explained that Southover St is too steep for bins. The question was asked why the current system of binvelopes was not properly enforced and Bill noted that Cityclean had tried hard to enforce this but central government now discouraged people being fined for such matters. Claudia noted how difficult enforcement is when it cannot be proved who put out a black bag or fly-tipped. One resident said that some students did not know they were supposed to put their binvelope away and Bill outlined the lengths to which the Universities and Cityclean went to inform everyone of what was required. There was concern about moving to communal recycling: it was reported that this was a pilot at present and lessons had to be learnt. So far it seemed that if you made recycling easier then there would be less need for as many communal bins. Another concern was that there had been little resident involvement in this issue before the formal consultation began. Councillor Follett explained that that was untrue as the LAT had been involved in discussions about this topic for a very long time and had been involved in all aspects including designing the consultation and the bin placement. Other concerns were banks of four bins; concerns about disabled people having to take their rubbish further and the fact that each home only received one questionnaire.
  1. Police report: PCSO Dawn Kitson handed out community messaging leaflets and asked residents to complete them. This was a new way in which residents could register to receive general information about the crime in their area. She agreed with Bill that generally crime was relatively low level in Hanover, though she noted that the number of burglaries was rising in nearby Kemp Town.
  1. Community Trigger Jonathan Ridley explained the work of the anti social behaviour team and how to contact them: 292929 or 292735.

Jonathan described the Community Trigger as a transparent complaints procedure – a way that residents can make sure that serious anti social behaviour is being dealt with by the Council. If they have concerns that an issue of anti social behaviour might not be being dealt with, they can ring one of the above numbers or email  The discussion then went on to party houses and Bill described the approach he is investigating with regard to treating them like businesses rather than ordinary housing. Residents reported various party house addresses in the neighbourhood. Jonathan asked them to report any new addresses to him if they come across them. The Noise Team was discussed and it was requested that they be asked to operate later as one resident finds parties start after the noise team have gone off duty at 3am. Jonathan noted that if it is noise from people in the street, rather than from a building, call the police.

  1. Any other business: Tony described the LAT Chairs meetings and explained that these could be very helpful and requested that a deputy came forward if Liz Wakefield could not attend. Two people offered to attend and the meeting accepted them: Claudia Lester and Bev Barstow. Tony asked if he should invite a speaker about human trafficking to the next HEGLAT meeting as they could explain how we could all be on the look out for this crime and the meeting agreed. Tony also agreed to check when the next AGM should be held. Residents asked about Cllr Follett’s note on Elm Grove parking and it was noted that an improvement plan will go to formal consultation soon. Parking in Hanover was again raised and it was suggested that Cllr Ian Davey be invited to the next meeting.
  1. Date of the next meeting: Monday 21st January, 7pm sharp, at the Hanover pub.

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