Meeting minutes September 2012

Minutes of the Hanover and Elm Grove LAT meeting of 17th September 2012

Present: Cllr Bill Randall, Claudia Lester, Damien Marmura from Cityclean, Simon Bannister, Connie Wille, Brian Ravenett, Julia Pilgrim, PCSO Katie Bourne, PCSO Fran Parsons, Anna Hunter, Carol Dears, Gaye Hughes and Tony Baker

Apologies: Cllr Liz Wakefield, Cllr Matt Follett, PCSO Dawn Kitson, Neil Hawke, Angela Sains and Mark Woolford.

  1. Minutes and matters arising: Brian asked about the land at Beaufort Terrace and Cobden Rd. Simon said that Southern Water had been supportive of the idea of residents growing food on spare land but would require a certificate of lawfulness which costs £130. Bill agreed to see if there were any funds to pay for this. Julia agreed to contact the Hanover Centre to see if a benefit event might pay for it. Brian also raised the issue of the telephone mast to be erected in Beaufort Terrace. Bill said they had planning permission for it. Bill will see if he can find out how high the mast will be. The minutes were agreed.
  2. Communal bin consultation: Damien reported that he and Claudia had walked the whole patch and chosen the best sites for the bins, which will least affect nearby residents. Where they could they have chosen blank walls. Damien said the bins will be emptied three times per week. At present, recycling black boxes will remain but it might be possible to offer to turn some of the refuse bins into recycling bins in future and this has shown to be an effective way to improve recycling rates. Damien passed round a draft consultation leaflet and a number of amendments were suggested: a) The map should be larger. Damien said he hoped each leaflet would include a map of the street to which each recipient lived. Residents can also call 292929 for a verbal description of where the bins are to be placed.  b) the leaflet should consistently state that the bins will be emptied three times per week rather than sometimes using the wording “more than once per week”. c) Damien may try to include some wording such as “residents have suggested that the bins might be decorated” but Bill warned not to raise expectations; d) the meeting agreed the HEGLAT banner could be added to the leaflet, but it was noted that this might be misleading because the scheme is not being extended to Elm Grove; e) change Southover Rd to Southover Street; f) check the bin locations: some are missing and others may be wrong; g) Delete the frequently asked question “Do I have a say…”. h) There were no suggested amendments to the questionnaire.  The meeting agreed that it was imperfect consultation because few people would want the bins immediately outside their house, so to give people a right to refuse a bin outside their home would virtually rule out any scheme at all. The best thing the council could do was to seek to satisfy anyone particularly aggrieved but at the end of the day if the majority of people voted for communal bins in their street then they would be installed. The issue of illegal parking was raised because this could prevent the bin lorries from emptying the bins. Bill is taking up the issue of yellow lines on street corners.
  1. Police report: Katie and Fran had to leave the meeting before this agenda item came up so Claudia read out the report. It showed some crimes, such as burglaries and theft, are on the increase, to 19 thefts and 9 burglaries in the past two months. However, Bill noted that generally crime in Hanover is very low. Julia noted that a police officer had been rude to her as she reported a domestic dispute.
  1. Priorities: Firstly, the government is making it easier to add extensions to properties by removing the need for planning permission and Bill said that this might be a bad thing if it leads to more properties in the area being turned into HMO’s. Secondly, it was requested that the Police be involved in obstructive and illegal parking and suggested that they put warning letters on poorly parked cars pointing out that they might be fined. Thirdly, Bill will try to see if yellow lines can be placed on all corners in the area.
  1. Any other business: a) Simon reported back from the HASL event in Grove Street and the Hanover Centre on Sunday 16th September which was on the theme of play streets. The road was closed but cars were not forced to go. Bill said what a good event it had been. This led to a lengthy debate about the previous resident scheme consultation. Simon asked people to take part in the consultation on parking by visiting the consultation portal on the Council’s website. b) Simon promoted the social media surgeries to be held at the Hanover Centre on Thursday afternoons, to be advertised soon. c) Brian raised the issue of graffiti, such as around the Pepperpot, and in some local streets. The meeting confirmed that graffiti should be reported to Cityclean on 292929. d) Brian raised the issue of cycles chained to lamp posts and blocking pavements. This is not illegal unless they are causing an obstruction. If they are causing an obstruction then they can be reported to Cityclean on 292929. e) Studentification was discussed: Bill thought that the problems of noise were probably less bad than before. Julia said that it was up and down. She was concerned about the affect that new student housing in London Road and at the barracks on Lewes Road would have on Hanover. Bill noted that the income into the City from the universities and the jobs they create was enormous.
  1. Date of the next meeting: Monday 19th November, 7pm sharp, at the Hanover pub.

To catch up with issues discussed at the HEGLAT please visit the blog site:


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