Meeting Minutes April 2014

Minutes of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT meeting of 7th April 2014

Present (as recorded on attendance list): Chris Taylor (Chair), David Hearn (temporary Secretary), Gill Perkins (Hanover Street) Brian Ravenett (Beaufort Terrace), Jan Wragg and Jill O’Rourke (Bentham Road), Mike Aiken (Finsbury Lodge); Andy Cresswell, Paul Watson and Martin Lee (Lincoln Street), John Holmes, Sally Morris, Patricia Smith, Andrew Smith (Hanover Terrace), Cllr. Emma Daniel (HEG), Ian Macintire (Belgrave Street), Vera Zakharov, Ian Scott (Whichelo Place), Simon Bannister (Scotland Street), Dick Page (Southover Street), Sue Hutton and Caroline Lynch (Coombe Road LAT)

Apologies: Hannah Booth (Secretary), Julia Pilgrim (Hanover Terrace), Alan Derby, Wilf Nicholls, Bev Barstow.

1. Minutes and matters arising: The minutes of the last meeting were approved with the Chair encouraging attendees to print off and bring along copies of the minutes with them to future meetings.

HEGLAT and future dates: Chair expressed thanks to David Gibson for his help in including HEGLAT information in copies of the Hanover Directory, and to Owen McIlroy and Austin Hunter for raising recent issues to do with parking.

Police Report: The Chair to confirm current information of PCSO’s for area as minutes refer to a Martha Shrimpton.

Elm Grove Petition: Despite strong opposition to proposals for changes to parking in Elm Grove (1600 petitioners) the Chair informed the meeting that BHCC Transport Committee approved the proposals at its last meeting.

2. Parking & Transport Survey: The Chair reported that finer details of the survey had been agreed and that a date had been set to pilot the survey. Six streets had been selected: Belgrave St., Bonchurch Rd., Lincoln St., Hanover St., and Pankhurst Ave., (one more). The date of the trial had been set for Sunday 11 May starting at 11am and finishing at 3pm with a feedback sessions at the Southover Pub, Southover Street. Despite a number of volunteers coming forward, it was felt that perhaps 2-3 volunteers for each street would be needed to ensure the pilot was effectively delivered. All volunteers would be contacted in due course to go through the survey and the proposed arrangements for the day.

The Chair confirmed that the survey was designed to solicit feedback on all aspects of transport affecting local residents. It was recognised that the issues facing each street would be different and hence agreeing the design and content had taken some time. Now that an outline survey had been agreed it was hoped that feedback from the pilot would be used to amend the design and content of the survey in due course. The Chair would welcome contributions from those with an interest in improving the survey at that time.

Finally the Chair informed attendees that a public consultation on proposals to introduce a CPZ in the Lewes Road Triangle around Park Crescent and the streets in the area was currently taking place and that it was likely that a decision to introduce controlled would  impact on the streets in Hanover and Elm Grove.

Attendees still looking to volunteer to help with the pilot survey on 11th May 11am-3pm, should contact the Chair at the earliest opportunity.

3. Feedback on University Expansion & Student Housing: The Chair reminded attendees of the recent presentation made by Charles Dudley, University of Sussex (UoS) outlining the university’s plans for expansion and the steps it was taking to manage its growth. The University was keen to engage with local LAT members to discuss their concerns and to form a working group to address the issues identifed. A previous group promoted by Cllr Wrighton had been useful but as this had now disbanded. A revised offer made by UoS to work together to help solve local issues was therefore welcomed.

Sue Hutton (Coombe Rd LAT) pointed out that the date to raise objections to the University’s plans was fast approaching and attendees may wish to scrutinise the proposals more closely by visiting the university’s web site. Despite the impact of large numbers of students in local areas her own research into findings ways in which to appeal against the plans was proving difficult.

The Chair accepted that the presence of large numbers of HMO’s in the area were having significant impact and unintended consequences on those living in the affected areas and that the opportunity to meet with the UoS formally to discuss these matters should be encouraged.

It was agreed that: The Chair would email Charles Dudley to seek clarification on the proposed numbers of new students planned for September 2014 and to report this to the next meeting.

The Chair to liaise with Sue Hutton and provide an email link to the UoS plans on their website.

Attendees keen to be involved in the Working Group with UoS should make themselves known to the Chair and these details would be forwarded to UoS.

Cllr Emma Daniel and Sue Hutton to pursue further information related to the impact of the university on the city and its wider obligations in terms of in kind investment in local infrastructure, Council Tax and management of landlords and letting agents.

The offer received by Kevin Mannall at UoS to coordinate the process is noted.

4. State of Play HMO’s: The Chair reported that as it had not been possible to obtain an update of the current state of plays with the number of HMO’s in the area and a follow up report be scheduled for the next meeting.

Cllr Emma Daniel informed the meeting that a recent report prepared by Movement for Change on the condition of private sector accommodation had been received by the Council and that an action plan addressing the areas raised in the report had been approved.

The Chair summed up the discussion by suggesting that understanding the Council policy for and the impact of HMO’s on local communities, the contributions made by students on local Council tax receipts and the levy imposed on landlords would be useful. Further information is likely to emerge from the actions identified earlier in the report in respect of the UoS’s proposals.

The Chair to provide an update report at the next meeting

5. Police Report: In the absence of local representatives, the Chair informed the meeting of an email received from Wilf Nicholls of a break in around the allotments (The Patch) which included damage to locks and a house burglary. John and Sally reported the fast response and arrest by the local Police to an intruder spotted on the roof of a property adjacent to the disused London Unity on Islingword St.

A number of incidents of graffiti had been recently spotted by the London Unity and on Church Road. Logging a call with City Clean would ensure that the graffiti team would remove the material and Cllr Daniel’s informed the meeting that free graffiti paint over kits could be obtained by calling the Council.

6. Priorities for HEGLAT: The Chair asked the meeting if it had any particular issues that it would like to see the group focus on in future. Simon Bannister (HBCC) reminded the meeting that the LATS were set up by the Council to provide a forum for local people to come together to discuss local issues. As such they had no formal agenda. It was however important that information coming from the LATS remained relevant and could be acted upon by the Council and if necessary by the local Police.
The following items were noted:

• Events/ Actions that nurture greater community spirit & neighbourliness
Examples suggested of small street parties, Hanover Day and the Big Lunch (developed by the Eden Project) planned as a National Day in June
• Encourage Participation in Health – raised by Mike Aiken (Patient Participation Lead) keen to discuss the overlap between health and transport and author of recent article in the Hanover Directory.
• Simon Bannister suggested three areas remained important; refuse, recycling and burglary.

7. AOB: #81 Bus Route – Brian Ravenett and Dick Page updated the meeting with the latest information on changes to the #81. The introduction of the new route was planned for Monday 13th May. Leaflets were available but appeared in short supply. Cllr Daniel and Nancy Platts had meet with the CEO of B&H Bus Company and had been informed that a review of the service would take place within two months. This would take account of feedback from service users. Cllr Daniel encouraged those with experience of the new service to email her direct with any comments. Feedback could also be given to BUSWATCH the national organisation that oversees bus services.

To raise awareness of the changes it was also agreed that:

(1) steps be taken to include information on the new service and how to leave feedback should be included in the Hanover Directory

(2) details of the changes be posted on the HEGLAT website.

Refuse Services – some attendees explained that they were experiencing delays and inconsistencies with collection days for refuse and recycling services in the area. Despite some improvements it was noted that the standard of services particularly the frequency of recycling collections had declined again in recent weeks. Cllr Daniel provided some background to the current issues affecting the service although unfortunately she herself was not privy to all the detail.

The Chair is to invite representatives of City Clean and/or Peter West Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services to a future meeting to hear feedback and seek improvements.

Road markings – the Chair to contact the Council regarding poor white line markings at the junction of Ewart Street and Islingword Road.

8. Date of next meeting It was agreed to hold the meeting on Monday 2nd June 2014 at 7.00pm at the Hanover.

Contact details:

PCSO contact details:
Mark Woolford:
Sussex University Accommodation
Richard Roalfe:
Brighton University – Phoenix Halls – 01273 230949
Christopher Tucker
Sussex University Accommodation
Owen McElroy
Council Transport Planning
Austen Hunter
Council Parking Enforcement & Transport

To report anti social driving go to:

To keep in touch with issues discussed at the HEGLAT please visit the website:


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