December 2014 minutes

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Chris Taylor (Chair), Hannah Booth (Secretary).

Ivor Fried, Gill Perkins, Brian Ravenett, John Pomeroy, Rob Bishop, Peter Quine, Kevin

Mannall, Dick Page, Christina Pepper, Nick Adams, Pam Chapman, Steve Chapman, Adrian

Darby, Wilf Nicholls, David Hearn, David Gibson, Caroline Lynch (Brighton HMO Action

Group), Christopher Tucker (Sussex Uni.), Simon Bannister, Annie Heath, Bill Randall

(Councillor), Janine Redman & Martina Shrimpton (Hanover Ward PCSOs).

N.B. any attendees who did not ‘sign’ the attendance list will not be recorded.


Speakers – Caroline Lynch (Coombe Rd. LAT) regarding the Brighton HMO Action Group,

and Simon Bannister on Winter Resilience.

Apologies: Cllr. Emma Daniel, Mike Moon (City Clean) and Danny from Washington Street.

1. Minutes and matters arising:

Introductions made included Ivor Fried representing Emma Daniel for the meeting.

The PCSOs were warmly welcomed after a period of absence due to work commitments.

Previous minutes were discussed and approved with the following points raised in

recognition of actions:

Regarding to issues relating to students, a working group of HEGLAT members

had been proposed to help deal with student issues, attitudes and relations. No

volunteers have come forward as yet.

Mention was made of Cllr. Pete West having turned away the petition regarding

transport and parking on Elm Grove.

Since the last meeting, which was noted to be very informative with interesting

information and POVs having been given from the guest speakers regarding HMOs,

hope remains to strengthen Article 4.

It was asked that contact details be extended (additional details of contacts for anti-
social behaviour provided by Dick Page). See updated list – final page of Minutes.

2. Elections for new HEGLAT Chair and Secretary:

Simon Bannister led proceedings including the HEGLAT voting process. He initially

noted that the new Chair, from the perspective of the council and constitution, should have

no conflict of interest politically, particularly when standing as a candidate in upcoming local

government elections.

It was agreed that for the period of March-April-May an elected Vice-Chair would

stand in and chair HEGLAT meetings during this election period. Simon also

suggested that the constitution for this process and these positions be revised and


Voting for Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary was as follows:

Chris Taylor formally proposed a Vice-Chair be voted in, seconded by Gill, Ivor & Pam

15 votes for, 0 against, 3 abstain

David Gibson proposed that Annie Heath be Chair during the election period

Motion passed for Annie as official Vice-Chair, seconded and successfully voted

in with over 2/3 majority

Ivor Fried nominated Chris Taylor to remain in the position of Chair

Dick Page also nominated David Gibson for Chair; David agreed only if on the basis

of sharing the position equally with Chris, retaining political balance and reinforcing

that the needs of HEGLAT would take precedent over any individual political intent

Some concern raised by the meeting over having joint Chairpersons

Motion passed for Chris Taylor to remain solely as Chair, 15+ votes for and over

2/3 majority

Gill Perkins proposed that David Hearn be voted in as new Secretary

Motion seconded by Annie and passed, 15+ votes for and over 2/3 majority

In summary HEGLAT positions for 2015 are:

o Chair – Chris Taylor

o Vice-Chair – Annie Heath

o Secretary – David Hearn

3. Police Report:

Bill asked the PCSOs if they knew about reports of drug dealers operating near the

Pepperpot with cars pulling up etc. The PCSOs informed the meeting that they had intel

regarding dealing from the Cobden Street benches, as well as near Hanover Street and

Terrace, but not of the Pepperpot area so they will follow this up. Christine also reported

that needles had been noticed by the communal bins on Washington Street (Southover St

end) and Janine reinforced that this kind of intel be reported to City Clean as well as to the


Martina reminded the meeting that even if no apparent immediate action takes place, all

reports are investigated, there are always plain clothes police officers in the area, and the

more info they receive the better – members of the LAT are urged to report anything noticed.

Other matters discussed included complaints about parking. The police have been

dealing with several cars which have been scratched or had tyres let down (vandalism) and

therefore reminded residents not to take matters into their own hands if cars were badly

parked etc. Car damage is quite high on the crime list for Hanover – whether cars belong to

residents or visitors, vandalism is still recorded as crime in the area. Evidence needs to be

collected and procedures are followed (lines of enquiry, door knocks etc.). Twitter feeds also

noted issues with untaxed vehicles and tax disc swapping – people can look up tax details

on the DVLA website, plus report to Operation Crackdown, if there are concerns about


Noise issues were also discussed and the meeting was again reminded to use contact

numbers (e.g. 101) for PCSOs and to contact Environmental Health officers who have longer

hours to deal with reports. Twitter also uses the hashtag #BrightonNPT

4. Brighton HMO Action Group:

Caroline Lynch from the Coombe Road LAT spoke about improving cross-LAT

approaches to priority issues, in particular HMOs. An Action Group has bee set up to

strategically and tactically improve processes and resolutions regarding HMO issues and the

impact of “studentification” and subsequent degradation of the area.

Caroline asked that people of the HEGLAT contact the group and join the conversation:


Key points for discussion and change include:

• Campaigning strategically for Universities to take more responsibility for students

• Refuse collections and litter picking

• Lobby for a Public Register of all landlord details, including private landlords

• Establishing an HMO Fund which landlords may pay into

• Requiring HMO licences to be renewed annually

• Reducing the concentration of HMOs in areas (10% threshold)

• Lobbying for taxation on HMOs, taxing Universities per student etc.

• Addressing wider issues of HMOs, not just the student population

• Addressing living conditions and properties which are in an appalling state

• Regulating Lettings Agencies properly

• Finding better ways of intercepting HMO development and making appeals

• Ensuring improvements to Article 4 and how it is used (NOT retrospectively)

• Lobby national laws for change, with landlords being considered as businesses

Discussion was held between attendees of various experiences, facts and figures (e.g.

about the failures of Article 4, campus issues for both Universities, people remaining in

Brighton after University, the extra 5000 students starting Sussex Uni. in 2015). Bill Randall

offered to put lists of HMO applications and associated info. on the HEGLAT website.

The current Housing Strategy consultation is also available on the Council website.

David Gibson again promoted the Living Rent campaign, and Caroline has requested the

FOI Act for data on all HMOs and is establishing an auto-send feature for complaints (so that

complaints are automatically sent to several contacts at once).

5. Winter Resilience and Care Scheme:

Simon Bannister spoke about previous years’ community events and strategies to help

local residents in times of need, particularly events of heavy snow, ice and flooding, as well

as helping more vulnerable individuals in the area (elderly, disabled etc.) Friends of the

Pepperpot and LATs have put strategies in place in the past (snow shovels stored in the

Pepperpot and a ‘Snow Plan’ guide circulated to attendees of a Winter Resilience event.

We want these strategies to work again in the future; Simon asked for more locations

for storing equipment. He is also working on a ‘Care Scheme for Neighbours’ strategy to

better assist local residents if required; this has only just begun and any involvement or

suggestions are welcomed.

Simon will add all information for both of these strategies to the HEGLAT website,

and is working with all LATs in order to maximise the positive effects of such provision.

6. Parking Survey Update:

A working party meeting was scheduled for December 4th

Survey meeting, held at the Hanover pub) to analyse current data and look at ways of

getting more accurate figures as to whether a CPZ is wanted in the Hanover area or not.

David Gibson encouraged people to get involved and to consider all options/solutions

(e.g. bicycle racks, alternative parking solutions for specific streets). Dick Page also

mentioned that a new CPZ has been introduced to the Lewes Road Triangle area and

Hanover/Elm Grove may see even further vehicle displacement due to this.

Small successes were noted in the form of bike storage shed Islingword Road/Cobden

Road and double yellow lines now on Montreal Road.

7. Buses Update:

Dick Page updated the meeting on the changes and on-going problems (driver breaks,

running delays, roadworks etc.) to routes #81, 18 and 21. On a positive note, Mike Best

(Operations Director) does respond when contacted and this is a good, established link.

8. AOB:

• It was proposed – and agreed – that the room be arranged differently for the

HEGLAT (in the Hanover pub) so that attendees could see the Chair better, and

vice versa.
• Annie requested a summary of points from each meeting (mini-minutes) and
an Agenda for the next meetings be sent out more quickly, in order to be put

out on social media etc. – agreed by David Hearn (new Secretary as of 2015).

• David Gibson asked that City Clean be a major agenda point at the next meeting.

9. Date of next meeting:

It was agreed to hold the meeting on Monday 2nd February 2015 at 7.00pm, at the

Hanover on Queens Park Rd.

Contact details:

PCSO contact details:

Tel. 101

Mark Woolford:

Sussex University Accommodation

Richard Roalfe:

Brighton University – Phoenix Halls – 01273 230949

Christopher Tucker

Sussex University Accommodation

Owen McElroy

Council Transport Planning

Austen Hunter

Council Parking Enforcement & Transport

Brighton University Accommodation: Tel. 01273 644100

Sussex University Accommodation: Tel. 01273 678220

Environmental Health (anti-social behaviour/noise): Tel. 01273 294266 / 293541

HMO concerns – Private Sector Housing: Tel. 01273 293156

To report anti social driving go to:

To keep in touch with issues discussed at the HEGLAT please visit the website:


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