Minutes of Meeting 1st February 2016

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT meeting

1st February 2016

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Chris Taylor (Chair); Gill Perkins (Temp Secretary); Anthony Price (AP); Andy Carslake (AC); Oscar Baker-Phelps (Sussex Uni); Della Roberts (DR); Dean Spears (DS) (Sx Uni); Robert Dawes (RD); Kristoffer Hewitt (KH); Ian MacIntyre (IM); Louis Wilson; Leonie Pett; Jon Simmonds (JS); David Gibson (Cllr); Julie Darnborough; Phil Darnborough (PD); Andy and Mandy Ceevrie.

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list are not recorded.

1. Welcome:

The Chair invited all attendees to the meeting.


Dave Hearn (Sec)

2. Minutes and matters arising:

Attendees accepted the minutes of 7th December 2015 without objection.

Matters Arising; None

3. Police Report

PCSOs Flo Woods and Janine Redman presented the police report. Flo mentioned the EReport that she issues. Chair said that he would post these on the HEGLAT website and put a link on the Hanover Community Notice Board Facebook page leading to the HEGLAT page. Flo said we could feed back to the PCSOs what we’d like to see in the newsletter. A resident suggested that PCSOs could keep an eye on the Facebook page to see what was happening in the area. Crimes reported were lower in Pankhurst but this may be due to simply it moving elsewhere. Elm Grove was ok except for usual student noise and parties etc. Drug problems in Wellington Rd which resulted in an eviction and so things had improved.

The police need more people to ring in and report problems/crimes accurately so they can log them and notice any patterns. You can keep these calls anonymous. The police do letter drops asking for information.

Cuts were mentioned to PCSO numbers so in the future there will be a duty officer who will check the list of jobs every day. It may be that you don’t get your own PCSO attending but one from another team.

4. Parking Survey and Consultation

The Chair explained the full process and timelines. Full details can be found on the HEGLAT website at https://heglat.wordpress.com/survey/ and the Frequently Asked Questions page.

It was pointed out that any CPZ would bring with it a whole new infrastructure of signage and machines so design would be very important. IM mentioned that many people do not have cars so it was not all about cars and parking but street safety etc. Chair confirmed that to qualify for a permit a car has to be registed to the person applying and at the address in HEG. Only one permit per household on the first round. There are 17 CPZs in the city and only 4 do not have spare permits. Peter Turner from the council confirmed that they would only issue one permit per space available. DP said some streets would only have parking on one side of the road. Wilf Nicholls said if we go for a scheme that is too heavy the council will not roll it back to something lighter so best to start light and get heavier if need be. People might be more likely to go for it if they can see there are options to do more later.

Attendees to the meeting seemed keen on an option to “trial and review” a scheme.

JS suggested that a letter be drafted from the working group to the residents explaining everything.

PD asked if any scheme would be done on a street by street basis and it was explained that it would only happen like that if a large section of streets wanted something in particular.

KH suggested more Car Club spaces and promotion of other forms of transport.

5.  University of Sussex Lewes Road Shopfront

DS said it was open 10-4pm and there are two housing officers on site. Community groups can book the front space for meetings etc. DS said they will help with Lewes Rd planters. They are working with Cllr Tracey Hill on waste reduction and that the Citizens Advice Bureau would have a presence in the shop also. Working through tenancy agreements with students and this service would also be open to non-students. They would like to extend their “Rate Your Landlord” survey to the rest of the city. They want to increase the number of Head Lease properties that the uni has so they can run them themselves – more control over them. Guidance is being given to students on living in the community. JS said it should be compulsory and not voluntary for them to attend the advice sessions. Dick Page said people should report unauthorised HMOs to the council.

Della and Chris Roberts are representing HEGLAT at an HMO meeting on Wed 3rd Feb. Cllr David Gibson will be there also.

6. AOB

37b bus update – Dick Page said it was hopeful that they wouldn’t be scrapping all subsidised routes. The 37b is not commercially viable but they expect an announcement before the end of February before budget is set. He also mentioned that the council might be reducing the hours for bus pass use. Presently it is 9am to 4am but might change to 9.30 to midnight.

JS mentioned that Elm Grove seems to be very dirty these days and David Gibson said he would take it up with City Clean.

David Gibson said that 114 Islingword Rd was going to be converted to a one bed flat and a three bed flat.

Date of next meeting. Monday 4th April 2016 – The AGM.