Minutes of the Meeting 12th September 2016

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT

12th September 2016 at 7pm

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Chris Taylor (Chair); David Hearn  (Secretary); Leigh Yates (CityClean);  Gill Perkins; Chris & Della Roberts; Anthony Price (Chair Queens Park LAT); Simon Bannister (BHCC); Cllr Dick Page; Cllr Emma Daniel; Andy Hampson; Wilf Nicholls; Jill O’Rourke; Xavier Mirabelli- Montan; Mark Strong; Christine Pepper; Gillian Fleming; John P Doherty; Paul Norman; Ernie Burke; John & Mary Marshall; Liz Thomson; Gabrielle Healy; Brian Weaver; John Pomeroy; Brian Jones; Nick Adams; Rob Bishop; Robert Dawes; Laura Mullin; Peter & Denise Sharp; David Schidow; Joyce Edmond smith; Leon Moore; Lis Marnham; Annette Bell; Brian Ravenett; Rebecca Foran; Lucy Walker;  Kevin Ellis.

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list are not recorded.

1. Welcome:

The Chair invited all attendees to the meeting and for those new to the group to introduce themselves.


Cllr. David Gibson; Andrew Keefe.

2. Minutes and matters arising:

Attendees accepted the minutes of 6th June 2016.

Matters Arising: None

3. Police Report

Flo Woods (PCSO) sent her apologies to the meeting but provided a report to be read by the Chair.

Regarding the incident in Hanover Terrace, at the moment the investigation is in the early stages and is ongoing. We have several potential witnesses and I am unable to pass on more information than this.

Patrols continue in the Hanover area regarding drug related activities. Residents are encouraged to report any incidences they see using the 101 telephone contact number.

On July 4th, the role of the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) changed. This means that there will no longer be a specific PCSO for the Hanover/Elm Grove or Pankhurst area.  Instead there will be a team of PCSO’s that will be deployed as problems arise.

With the introduction of this new role PCSO’s will no longer attend individual residential and Local Action Team meetings.

The Central Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Brian McCarthy will instead be attending the meetings for the chairs of the LAT’s.

Crime figures for individual areas can be found centrally online at https://www.police.uk/ from here if you click the ‘your neighbourhood link’ and type the area postcode, or area name, into the search bar and the crime figures will be shown.

More on the new PCSO role can be found at: http://www.sussex.police.uk/news/new-pcso-role-being-introduced-to-proactively-solve-problems-and-tackle-local-issues/

Janine Redman resigned in June and Flo Woods herself will be leaving at the end of November. In the meantime Flo will be available to help with enquiries.

The Chair also reported on the progress made by the Police teams at the Level with a number of recent arrests made for drug dealing.

One resident reported a favourable response, from the Police, who arrived within 48 hours, when they learned of an issue of fraud.

Cllr. Dick Page reminded the meeting that the Community Safety team hold weekly drop in sessions for residents between 10am and 12 noon every Tuesday at the Jubilee Library. The Police also attend the meetings fortnightly.

 4. City Clean

Leigh Yates (YH) fielded a number of questions from attendees. The matters discussed included:

  • Binvelopes – The Council were keen to replace binvelopes with wheelie bins where possible. Some residents reported a large number of the items still being used in the ward and enquired as to whether the CityClean team may do more to encourage their replacement.

Action: LY to report back concerns of residents and for CityClean to write to those households still using the old style binvelopes and arrange their replacement.

  • Recycling days and lorries– some residents enquired as to what the arrangements were on recycling days as the regular truck had appeared to have been replaced with a smaller vehicle. LY confirmed that the usual truck had been in for servicing and the current arrangements were in place until the usual vehicle was back in operation.
  • Street sweepers – residents were concerned to hear anecdotal evidence that the number of street sweepers was too reduce whilst the size of the area the existing street sweepers covered was to be extended. LY pointed out that there had been changes to the duties of the street sweepers but that no reduction in manpower was planned. Cllr Daniel also confirmed that new mechanical sweepers were being introduced to the area which would speed up the work rate of the teams.

A resident of Pankhurst/Freshfield Road reported that their current street sweeper was struggling with the use of heavyweight manual carts and encouraged CityClean to consider introducing the mechanical sweepers to help speed up operations and improve the current standards.

Action: In order to clarify the position for residents the Chair agreed to write to CityClean with a request to set out the current position with regards street sweepers and the intended use of mechanical sweeping equipment in the HEGLAT area.

  • Communal Bins – Attendees heard details of the concerns expressed by one resident on the location and operation of the communal bins in Washington Street. The matter had been raised on numerous occasions in the LAT meetings and although some measures had been introduced to help alleviate some of the concerns, the on-going use of the bins by non residents of Washington Street together with the proliferation and continued occurrence of fly tipping meant that the issues had still yet to be resolved fully to the resident’s satisfaction.

Items raised to further help with solving the problems included

  • use of tailor made local signage to advise users of the bins that they were reserved for residents of Washington street only
  • Coordination of street sweeping services at the time when bins were emptied
  • Emptying of the bins at more socially acceptable times – and over 7 days
  • City wide competition to seek a design for seagull proof bins/bags

Action: As the issue of communal bins continued to be a concern, the Chair invited any affected residents; CityClean representatives and local Councillors to meet to discuss the options and how the current arrangements could be improved.

  • Abandoned bikes/equipment – one resident wanted to know more about the procedure for removing abandoned bikes and equipment left at designated bike racks. Council notices placed on abandoned bikes advised residents that the items would be removed but despite a clear date provided on the notices, many abandoned bicycles remained.

Action; LY confirmed that he was not familiar with the particular timeframes agreed for the removal of the bikes and equipment and agreed to feedback residents concerns to the CityClean team for follow up action.

  • New Blue Top bin scheme on trial – one resident enquired as Cityclean’s intention of extending the existing trial of the Blue Top bins scheme (for shared paper and metal recycling) recently introduced at Mile Oak. LY advised that whilst the trails had proved popular in the Mile Oak area, due to the layout and particular needs for HEG residents to often place their bins on pavements, the Council had no plans to introduce the same type of collection scheme in the HEG area.
  • Photographic Evidence – one resident enquired as to whether the Council could use photographic evidence sent in by residents to help with fly tipping enforcement. LY explained that provided the evidence helped to show the fly-tipping actually taking place, then the Council could use this when following up on reports. LY encouraged residents to help CityClean where they could in this area by sending in relevant photos when reporting matters. Attendees also heard further concerns about HMO’s occupants and their landlords. The resident feared that communities would continue to be decimated by the continued presence of so many HMOS’s in the area.

Cllr. Daniel advised the meeting that the Council were looking to streamline the way residents could report matters and offered the opportunity for residents from HEGLAT to be part of the design process.

Action: Volunteers interested in being involved in the design process for reporting matters could contact Cllr Daniel directly at emma.daniel@brighton-hove.gov.uk or email the Chair Chris Taylor at greysland@sky.com

5. Parking Consultation Update

The Chair provided an update on the progress with the Council’s parking consultation for the area. They reported that the initial designs were still being worked up. A recent meeting held with Charles Field and David Parker at the Council, where members of the Parking sub group had provided further feedback of residents concerns, had been well received with the Officers acknowledging the concerns. It was confirmed that the information would be feed into the design process and tracked as part of the overall consultation. The Chair reiterated that the Council consultation would be designed to ensure that:

  • The views of all residents, car owners and non car owners, would be encouraged and as well as details of parking spaces, the designs would likely include general street improvements like dropped kerbs for pedestrians, bike storage, planters and new street layouts where possible
  • Specific areas like the Top Triangle, (Baxter Street, Lynton Street etc) with particular concerns would be canvassed directly
  • a series of road shows and public meetings ( at venues like The Edge; Elm Grove school, Hanover Community Centre) would be held to outline the scheme design so as the Council could receive as much feedback as possible on the proposals.
  • necessary improvements would be outlined to improve the current parking arrangements on Elm Grove

The Chair outlined the proposed timetable:

September – Dec 2016 Work up designs and gather evidence through workshops and meetings
Dec 2016 – mid January (6 weeks) Public Consultation takes place on initial designs
17th March 2017 Report to Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee
For period of 21 days from 17th March 2017 Application for Traffic Orders (final scheme designs and legal consents)
April-May 2017 Implementation of Proposals

The Chair confirmed that the feedback from the initial Council survey showed that the area was divided on whether to introduce some form of controlled car parking. It was clear that where residents had voted in favour on a CPZ in other wards within the City, that displacement was a likely consequence to those areas not voting in favour. Residents would need to be aware that this is a likely consequence and there is already evidence that the area is being used for long stay parking by non residents and visitors to the city.

Available spaces – As the final designs were still being drawn up, the Chair was unable to provide residents, at this time, with an indication of the number of spaces being made available or the design of streets. Residents would however have the chance to see the design of the full scheme prior to voting on the proposals.  It was clear from HEGLAT’s own survey that there were a high number of households without cars which would help ease the overall demand for spaces if a scheme were to be introduced.

Permits – On the matter of permits, the Chair reiterated that the Council intend to release one permit per household, for a car registered at the address, in the first round. A second permit may be available depending on the rate of take up of the first round and any available spaces. Businesses would need to apply for their own business permits.

Cllr. Dick Page thanked HEGLAT and members of the sub group for their hard work to date. He was encouraged to hear that the Council appeared to be listening more to residents’ views, and needed to find workable solutions to unique issues like Elm Grove.

Other matters included:

  • Southover Place (unadopted road) – the Chair to ensure as to the Council’s view of parking in this area
  • The Council’s Access Funding bid 2018-19 – if successful, indicated specific resources were being identified to continue the work in this area

Charles Field had indicated that where a series of improvements had been identified, if not included in the final designs, it may be feasible to carry these forward as projects for consideration as part of the Council’s future budget plans.

6, AOB

  • Playground Equipment – Residents were reminded of the Council’s City Parks Consultation which had intimated on the reduction of budgets available to upgrade and maintain the quantity of children’s play equipment in the city parks.

Paper copies of the consultation are also available and the deadline is October 28.

Residents’ interested in taking part in the consultation can do so by following this link: take part in the consultation visit the council’s website,

  • Rubbish Friends Group – Brian Jones (Washington Street) raised the prospect of starting a Friends Group to help improve the current cleanliness for the area. Those interested should contact Brian through the HEGLAT chair.
  • Buswatch – the meeting heard further details of the proposed changes to the number and frequency of bus services (No.21 and No.23) serving the area. A number of attendees reported ongoing concerns with the current arrangements, on overcrowding on early morning services and on poor standard of bus information. In addition the City Plan Phase Two consultation also indicated the need for a more strategic review of the wider bus network to encourage a fairer distribution of student accommodation throughout the city.

The Chair encouraged interested residents to make their comments clear on the proposals. Anthony Price (Chair of LAT for Queens Park) suggested a joint LAT response might be made outlining the concerns of residents served by the affected routes. Details of Buswatch can be found here http://www.brightonbuswatch.org/ and via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BrightonAreaBuswatch/

Action: The Chair to discuss a joint statement with the Chair of the Queens Park LAT, Anthony Price.

  • HMO’s – Chris & Della Roberts (HMO representatives for HEGLAT) reported Phase 1 implementation had been completed and plans for a further meeting to discuss Phase 2 was scheduled to take place on 20th
  • Students/HMO’s – The meeting heard back from one resident of Montreal Road on the use of Welcome letter to new students. The feedback had been encouraging with students reporting feeling welcomed to the area. The Chair reminded the meeting that a template was available for download and adaptation from the HEGLAT website for any resident to use in their street. Lucy Walker and Rebecca Foran from University of Sussex (UoS) confirmed that they were continuing to encourage their students to find ways to better engage with the local community. The Chair welcomed the feedback from the UofS team and looked forward to the same positive response from University of Brighton which to date had been woefully lacking.

Cllr. Daniel reported that the Council were slowly getting the message out to prospective developers. A number of applications had been refused and it was becoming more difficult for new HMO’s to be licensed in areas of high saturation. Residents are being encouraged to add their comments on HMO’s as part of the current City Plan Part Two Consultation which is available from the link below:


The consultation period runs until to 22 September 2016.

In terms of new HMOS’ Cllr. Page advised that good local intelligence was an effective way of heading off potential future HMO applications. Residents concerned with prospective developments in the area or where they see properties of rent for 3 or more tenants can either use the templates available from the HEGLAT website developed by the HMO sub group or email Cllr. Page directly with details (dick.page@brighton-hove.gov.uk). Lucy and Rebecca from UoS also confirmed that where possible, they would like to be kept informed of any unlicensed HMO’s so that they can protect their own students from potential problems.

The current register of licensed HMO’s can be found using the following link: http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/housing/general-housing/licensing-houses-multiple-occupation-hmos

  • Petition from Road Improvements junction Elm Grove/Lewes Road – the meeting heard about the current petition seeking support for road improvements following a collision between a cyclist and tipper truck. The petition would be presented to the Council’s ETS Committee in October. Following the recent meeting with Charles Field and David Parker, the Chair was able to confirm the Council was aware of the petition and had already identified funds for a scheme to re-design the road layout.
  • (Post script) BHCC Speakers Corner – Paul Norman of Hanover Action (hasl.org.uk/) provided details of a new initiative CreateLearnConnect Creative Training promoted through Brighton & Hove Speakers’ Corner Trust. The Trust is a non-for profit organisation, run by volunteers to promote free expression, public debate and active citizenship. B&HSCT are always looking for ways to develop our work and provide a forum for free speech. If you would like to get involved with Brighton & Hove Speakers’ Corner, or have an idea for an activity, please contact speakerscorner@gmail.com or via Facebook/Brighton & Hove Speakers Corner.

Meeting ended: 9.10pm

Date of Next meeting: Monday 7th November

Special Meeting Wednesday 7th December 2016