Minutes of the Meeting 7th November 2016

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT

7th November 2016 at 7pm

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Chris Taylor (Chair); David Hearn  (Secretary); Cllr Emma Daniels; Cllr Dick Page; Inspector Brian McCarthy; Anthony Price (Chair Queens Park Tenants Association); Anne & John Benefield; Brian Ravenett; Kate Cridland & Andrew Dodds; Leah Brown; Claire Burchell (TDC Worker); Amy Allison (TDC Worker); Anita Anderson; Amanda Orchard; Jane Brown; Naomi Barnard & Clare Peace (UofS); Ian McIntyre; Eileen Leavers; Rob Bishop; John Pomeroy; Brian Jones; Christine Millar; Mrs J A Townsend; Mark Townsend; Adam Lawrance; Leila Francis; Matt Wright; John P Doherty: Pam & Steve Chapman;  Andy Hampson; Wilf Nicholls.

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list are not recorded.

1. Welcome:

The Chair thanked local residents for the offer of holding this HEGLAT meeting at the Edge Community Centre.


Cllr. David Gibson; Nick Adams; Kate Marsa.

2. Minutes and matters arising:

Attendees accepted the minutes of the meeting of 12th September 2016.

Matters Arising:

  • Communal Bins – A meeting has been held between the Council; Councillors, City Clean representatives and residents in Washington Street regarding the operation of the communal bins. A series of measures were agreed to minimise disruption and improve conditions for residents including a twice daily collection service on Friday and Saturdays; improved signage; street sweeping schedules moved to Mondays and messages posted on the Community Facebook page. A follow-up review of the success of the measures is planned to take place in January 2017.
  • BusWatch joint statement the Chairs of HEGLAT and Queens Park Tenants Association to discuss the submission of a joint statement.

3. Report into Anti-Social Behaviour in HEG and the Queens Park Estate

Following the review of Community Policing, the Chair introduced the Central Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Brian McCarthy to the meeting.

Anthony Price, Chair of Queens Park Tenants Association, provided an update to the meeting of a number of recent incidences of anti social behaviour on and around the estate that increased the sense of vulnerability amongst residents living in the area.

Inspector McCarthy noted the concerns being expressed and set out recent changes to how policing was being organised within the city following the plans set out by the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katie Bourne.. His resources would now comprise 15 PCSO’s working across the City. Recruitment was on going and he hoped to have a full establishment in place in January 2017.

The Inspector reminded residents that the catalyst for effective Police responses revolved around residents reporting matters via the 101 service or through email. In this way resources could be matched to priority needs across the City.  At present the priority areas were Norfolk Square; New Road and the Seafront.  Resident reporting of incidences provided the Inspector with a way of re-directing resources and for making new requests for additional resources from his own Chief Inspector. When asked whether the Inspector felt he had sufficient resources to carry out effective Policing Inspector McCarthy replied ‘yes’ but for that to be successful it would require residents and Police working together in a more collaborative way.

The Chair thanked the Inspector for his overview and opened the meeting to questions. Matters that were raised

  • Time taken to report matters. One resident provided their experience of trying to report a street crime and it taking 30-40 minutes on the phone. Could this be improved? The Inspector noted their concerns at present and hoped with a full cohort of staff that this could be improved. Email was an alternative and effective way for residents to report matters.
  • 999 calls going to a queuing system. The Inspector reported that when the volume of calls is high, the procedure is for calls to get diverted to radio controllers to be answered.
  • Tenant Issues and anti social behaviour. One tenant reported some anxiety about reporting matters in case the relationship with their landlady became disaffected. Cllr. Daniel reminded she had been involved in resolving a number of tenant related issues in recent months and reminded residents that in similar cases, residents had the option to call upon their local Councillors to help resolve matters. Residents could contact their Councillors directly via email. daniel@brighton-hove.gov.uk. Members of the Community Association present also reminded residents that they were also available if the need arises. Other options included the housing association sarah.formstal@shgrop.otg.uk and/or the Community support workers claireburchell@trustdevcom.org.uk and amyallison@trustcdevcom.org.uk.
  • Homophobic abuse – the Inspector asked residents to report any incidences so that a record can be taken and where necessary an investigation takes place.
  • Speeding and traffic violations – Cllr Dick Page questioned whether police resources were sufficient commenting that it was rare to see traffic police in the ward. Cllr Daniel reminded residents that the Police had previously advised the Council that where the Council introduce 20mph zones. the Police were unlikely to have the manpower resources available to help with enforcement.
  • Members of the Community Residents Association reported that the resignation of former PCSO’s had been heartfelt with the result being poorer police-community links. Inspector McCarthy responded by stating that it was his intention to ensure that, under the new structure, local Policing remained highly “contactable” for residents and where possible he would ensure that the LAT networks were fully supported with PCSO officers made known to key contacts. As an addition, the Inspector was looking to raise the issue of Anti Social Behaviour with his Chief Inspector as a priority area for his team. Residents can contact Brian directly at mccarthy@sussex.pnn.police.uk.
  • HMO’s monitoring –residents reported how it was increasingly difficult to know at what point HMO disturbances became a Police matter. The Inspector recognised the concerns and offered a simple definition – where disturbances bordered on criminal activity, then such incidences should be reported.
  • Contact Numbers and details – A number of residents wanted to see an easily available update list of contact numbers and email addresses available. The Chair agreed to provide an updated list of contacts on the HEGLAT website.
  • Housing Issues and Persistent Offenders – the TDC worker suggested that the situation may improve if incidences involving persistent offenders could be dealt with more effectively by the Council and other agencies. Cllr Daniel encouraged information to be forwarded so that details could be taken and follow-up actions agreed.
  • Noise Patrol – Cllr Dick Page advised the meeting that the Council’s Noise Patrol service was again operating on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Queen’s Park LAT –Inspector McCarthy reported that he was due to attend a meeting on 30th November to discuss changes to the PCSO service and how it affected the Queen’s Park LAT. At the meeting he would be making his view clear that the LAT offered residents a very useful forum to discuss and share information about the community and that its future should not be reliant on the presence of a PCSO.
  • Mopeds – incidences of ASB with mopeds had escalated in the last few years. The Police have been successful in applying Section 59 orders in number of cases. As in all matters related to mopeds, identifying the offender through name or via moped registration plate was key and he encouraged residents to help the Police resolve these matters by reporting details as and when they occurred.

The Chair thanked residents for sharing their experiences with the Inspector.

4. Parking Consultation Update

The Chair reported that details of the Council’s consultation on parking would be arriving through letter boxes from 1st December 2016. Residents had until 14th January to return their papers and during that time a series of meetings had been organised to help residents get an informed view. The meetings had been arranged by area so that residents living in those areas would have the opportunity to learn more about the proposals before completing the consultation. The Council also planned to hold an open exhibition for residents on Tuesday 13th December at the Milton Hall, Milton Road. The Chair encouraged residents to gather as much information as possible before they replied to the consultation.

Details of the meetings date were available to take away by leaflet at the meeting and would be posted to the Community Facebook page and on the HEGLAT website. These are:

Date Resident Audience Venue
Monday 5th December Elm Grove North Elm Grove School – 7pm
Tuesday 6th December Pankhurst The Edge Pankhurst Avenue – 7pm
Wednesday 7th December HEGLAT – General The Hanover Pub – 7pm
Thursday 8th Hanover Central (Albion Hill to Elm Grove) The Hanover Community Centre– 7pm
Tuesday 13th December Council Parking Exhibition – All Residents Milton Road Hall 10am-8pm
Wednesday 14th December (Top Triangle – Carlyle, Arnold, Lynton, Baxter & Cromwell Streets The Hanover Pub – 7pm

5. AOB

  • Telephone Box move

Cllr Dick Page has reported that that BT were planning the removal of the Grove Street phone box. They stated that it is “less than 400 metres” from the next one (by the tram shelter on Queens Park Road) and Cllr Page successfully challenged the decision.

Residents present requested perhaps the Cllr Page look into whether the phone box located at the top of Queensway could be removed as it appeared to have outlasted its useful

  •  Recycling Wheelie Bins

Cllr Dick Page had advised that following an ETS committee decision to roll out big recycling wheelie bins citywide in place of black boxes “where residents are able to store them off-street”, I have had a welcome assurance from Gill Mitchell that this will be assessed on a street-by-street basis – so typical Hanover streets with houses right on the pavement should not be threatened with such extra clutter.

  • Racecourse events – Cllr Page informed the meeting that a number of complaints had been made following the unacceptable level of noise emitted and problems with crowd dispersal following a recent music event at the racecourse. His enquiry related to whether the terms of the agreement with the lease holder had been breached or were being monitored. The matter was currently in the hands of officers for a reply.
  •  HMO Forum – Residents were advised that next meeting of the HMO Forum chaired by Cllr. Tracey Hill was set for Tuesday 15 November. Chris & Della Roberts (HMO representatives for HEGLAT) advised that they would be stepping down from the forum and that replacement representatives were being sort. The Chair sought nominations from the floor for anyone interested in working with the lead Councillor on finding a sustainable solution to the problems with HMO’s. Anthony Price offered his involvement at the meeting and his nomination was duly accepted.

The current register of licensed HMO’s can be found using the following link: http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/housing/general-housing/licensing-houses-multiple-occupation-hmos

  • Alternative Venues: Residents welcomed the change of venue and offered a number of other options for future consideration. These included: St Martin’s Hall and the Trades Club (Lewes Road) for consideration. The Chair agreed to make follow-up enquiries.

Meeting ended: 8.25pm

Date of Next HEGLAT meeting: Wednesday 7th December 2016 and

Monday 9th January 2017