Minutes of the Meeting (AGM) 4th April 2016

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT

Annual General Meeting

4th April 2016 at 7pm

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Chris Taylor (Chair); David Hearn (Secretary) Gill Perkins; Guy Symons; Brian Jones; PCSO Janine Redman and PCSO Flo Woods; Cllr David Gibson; Susan Kingsley; Ivor Fried; Pam & Steve Chapman; Ian McIntyre; Gaye Hughi; Carol Deards; F. Hemog; Sue Margolis; Christina Pepper; Jon Pomeroy; Rob Lambkin-Williams; Brian Weaver; Brian Ravenett; Darren Taffinder; Paul Norman; Anthony Price; Andrew Carslake; S. Goodard; Andrew Smith; Patricia Smith; David Carter; Clive Margolis.

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list are not recorded.

1. Welcome:

The Chair invited all attendees to the meeting and for those new to the group to introduce themselves.


Cllr. Dick Page and Cllr. Emma Daniel sent their apologies.

2. Minutes and matters arising:

Attendees accepted the minutes of 4th February 2015 without objection.

Matters Arising: Those present at the meeting welcomed the news that the efforts made by local Councillors and residents to campaign to save the bus route 37B had been successful.

3. Annual Elections For Chair and Secretary of HEG LAT

Annual elections to elect the Chair and Secretary for the HEG LAT took place.

The current Chair, Chris Taylor and Secretary David Hearn stood down and both advised the meeting that they were prepared to offer themselves for re-election.

There were no further nominations received for either post.

The proposals:

To elect Chris Taylor as Chair of HEG LAT

Proposed by: Ian Macintyre

Seconded by: Ivor Fried

Those present: No objections

The proposal to elect David Hearn as Secretary for HEG LAT

Proposed by: Pam Chapman

Seconded by: Cllr David Gibson

Those present: No objections.

Chris Taylor was duly elected Chair of HEG LAT until the date of the next AGM

David Hearn was duly elected as Secretary of HEG LAT until the date of the next AGM

4. Update on Parking Consultation

The Chair provided an update of the latest developments on parking and the plans by the Council to carry out an initial public consultation. The Chair referred to the recent Council information that was currently being received by each household. The information outlined the areas to be consulted would include all Hanover, Elm Grove as well as Craven Vale residents who had requested to be included in the first phase of the consultation.

The information outlined that this first phase would provide the Council with an indication of whether there was any particular appetite by residents for a controlled parking scheme or not and if so, what type of scheme might be preferred and when residents might want it to operate.

As well as a NO vote option, details were provided of the three types of schemes being proposed (a) Option 1 All day 9.00am -8.00pm (b) Option 2 two x 1 hour restricted times 10.00-11.00am and 2.00-3.00pm, and (3) Option 3 three x 1 hour restricted times 10.00-11.00am; 2.00 pm- 3.00pm and 7.00pm.-8.00pm. To help households make an informed choice the Council also included details of the pros and cons for each type of scheme.

In response to a number of questions from the floor, the Chair emphasised that the results of this consultation would provide an indication to the Council of whether any further consultation were needed. If the responses came back against further parking controls then that would be that. If the majority of residents indicated a desire for some form of controlled parking then the Council could begin to work up further detailed designs that it would consult on as part of a second phase.

The Chair informed the meeting that a HEG LAT parking sub group had carried out street surveys of 37 streets in the local area over the past two years and their research suggested that residents were increasingly frustrated by a number of concerns with living in the area some, but not all of which related to parking.

The sub group had also been in proactive discussions with the Council in drawing up the Option 3 proposals which reflected the views of some of the residents that they had canvassed. If well received this could provide a unique solution for certain streets within the HEG area.

The Chair also pointed out that the Council remained open to residents choosing a number of options in the area that best suited their needs. Where streets voted against further proposals this could sit alongside those streets who voted in favour of some form of parking control. Moreover the Council would consider operating different options across different streets of the ward if the majority of respondents in certain streets favoured that type of approach.

If residents favoured some form of controlled parking, then the follow on consultation would likely clarify details of the following:

  • The space to be set aside for pay and display spaces
  • Clarification on the design of one way streets; locations of double yellow lines and streets with parking to be on one side only
  • The likely number of permits available and the charge for permits
  • Likely charges for visitor permits
  • Proposals for streets like Baxter, Carlisle, Exeter, where street design/pavement width remains an issue
  • Further proposals for Elm Grove
  • Whether any formal response to the consultation had been made by American Express.

This first phase consultation would provide the Council with a baseline upon which to inform any future work, helping them to fine tune their approach prior to undertaking further consultation with residents in the summer. If any scheme design made it through the consultation phase, then the agreed scheme would likely be ready for introduction no earlier than the spring of 2017.

The Chair encouraged all residents to respond to the survey including both car and non car owners. Those seeking further information could visit the HEGLAT website, https://heglat.wordpress.com/survey/ where further information and background to the work of the parking sub group could be found.

The consultation was open from 4th April with surveys to be returned by 6th May. There was also an option for those wishing to complete the survey to do so online. To avoid bias creeping into the survey the Council had indicated that it would vet all replies to ensure multiple responses were not being submitted from the same household.

  1. Police Report

PCSOs Flo Woods and Janine Redman (JR) presented the police report. The latest EReport was circulated and the Secretary agreed to post details on the HEGLAT website.

Key activity at present was a rise of street dealing of drugs in the area. The team were aware of the twitten between Hanover St and Hanover Terrace as a meeting place for drug dealing and encouraged residents to report activity, using the 101 number, if they observed any suspicious activity.

JR outlined the key maters of interest:

  • Description of those involved
  • Frequencies and times of activity
  • Direction of travel of any vehicles involved

JR was keen to point out that if residents could report matters as they were occurring that would be a great help as they might be able to catch dealers in the process.

With the financial support for drug rehabilitation services decreasing, Police continued to rely on information from residents to help it combat levels of crime. Information had been invaluable in the summer months and the team could report that a number of successful arrests and convictions had taken place reducing the number of reported incidents over at the level playground.

In response to a question from the floor regarding the rise of party houses, JR replied that no significant reports had been received from those living close by to party houses. Cllr. David Gibson confirmed that the Council were currently re-classifying Party House and a report had recently presented a number of recommendations to improve the controls for these types of premises. The Council had approved the report and the recommendations were currently being implemented.

6. Update on HMO actions

The Chair reminded the meeting that Cllr. Tracey Hill had set up a HMO Community Working Group to provide a forum to discuss HMO issues. Chris and Della Roberts from Bernard Road had attended the initial meeting on 3rd February as representatives of HEG LAT. Key matters arising from the work of the Working Group would be reported to HEG LAT in due course.

The Chair reported that the issue of unlicensed HMO’s particular in Article 4 wards like Hanover and Elm Grove was gaining momentum and the Council had achieved some recent successes in winning appeals against a number of landlords. Cllr. Dave Gibson reported that whilst progress is slow the key message now going out to landlords is that if you are considering applying for a HMO licence, think again if it is in an Article 4 ward.

The Chair informed the meeting that he was due to meet with Charles Dudley from University of Sussex (UoS), to discuss the University’s plans to build 2100 bed accommodation as part of its approved expansion plans. Discussions with the Chancellor also revealed that the UoS would, if possible, like to build more accommodation on its own campus which he hoped would help ease the local demand for rental properties. Future plans would however be subject to gaining local planning approval.

The Chair advised the meeting that if residents were concerned about the unlawful use of a property as a HMO in their area, then they were encouraged to report the details to the Council for investigation.

One resident reported she was aware of a parked caravan in the area being rented out as accommodation at present. The Chair offered to follow up on the details.

7. AOB

  • Recycling boxes – one resident reported on a recent trip around Southampton Street he counted a total of 82 separate bins on the street. He encouraged residents to take some responsibility for the look and feel of their streets.
  • Garden/Food Refuse– one resident reminded the meeting that as part of the Council’s normal collection service, all residents were permitted to include one bag of garden refuse in for collection. Paul Norman at HASL (Hanover Action for Sustainable Living) wanted to point out that if placed in the standard bins then the garden waste actually goes to landfill and is not recycled. It would be better for the environment if garden waste could be recycled and any ideas from residents of where a community composting facility could be located would be welcomed.
  • City Clean – staff conduct – one resident wanted to report an incidence of foul language being overheard from City Clean workers during a recent collection service. If feedback could go back to City Clean that would be appreciated.
  • Dog Mess – Cllr David Gibson advised the meeting that the Council had entered into a pilot contract with a third party provider to help manage and control incidents of dog mess on the streets. The company would be self financing through the fines it collects from dog owners.
  • Communal bins – one resident, who had recently returned to the area, complained about the noise and nuisance caused by communal bins being sited outside his property. He reported that the bins were used constantly throughout the day and night and that he considered it was impacting on his civil rights to quiet enjoyment. It was agreed that Cllr David Gibson and he would meet to discuss.
  • Cllr David Gibson proposed a future date be agreed for members of the Parking Sub group to meet to discuss the initial results of the parking survey, the details of which could be brought back to a future meeting of HEG LAT. The Chair agreed to arrange.
  • ELM Grove – two residents enquired as to whether the Chair would look into the matter of the pruning of the trees along Elm Grove and Beaufort Terrace.
  • HEG LAT priorities for the new ahead. The Chair remarked that whilst the work of the HEG LAT appeared to cover the main issues affecting residents of the area, if any resident felt that the HEG LAT should perhaps consider some other matters, if they could let the Chair know in due course.
  • One resident informed the meeting that a Street Party was being planned by Montreal Street residents in July. Keep an eye out for details.
  • he Council’s Neighbourhood and Equalities Committee had been created as a forum to listen to and work on local issues. The Chair to invite members of the Committee to a future HEG LAT to outlines its area of work and in what ways the HEG LAT might contribute to it achieving its community aims.

Meeting ended at 8:52pm


Date of next meeting: Monday 6th June 2016.