Meeting Minutes December 2017

Hanover & Elm Grove Local Action Team

Meeting minutes – December 2017

Present: Paul Tilley (Phoenix Estate), Christine Pepper (Washington Street), Simon Bannister (BHCC), Brian Ravanett, Joyce Edmond Smith, Brian Weaver, Cllr Dick Page, Leon Moore

Apologies: Cllr David Gibson, David Hearn, Sarah Macarthy

1. Updates from last meeting:

Community composting: Interest has been shown in a scheme from Hanover Mews residents. A new composting scheme located on the Level has been proposed

Recycling and refuse: Problems on Phoenix Estate where council has taken away the black boxes but not replaced them with any other provision. (Cllr Page will check with Tracy Phipps at CityClean)

2. Neighbourhood Action Plan & pilot survey

The neighborhood Action Plan process is gong well and the council has pledges up to £2k to help with the next stage – consultation and event to develop the plan.

To help get an idea of the key themes, the steering group  are circulating three questions at community events between now and Christmas:

  • What do you like about living here
  • What don’t you like so much
  • What would you like to see changed?

As this process develops, information will be placed on the website and wil be picked up again next meeting. Anyone wishing to attend the steering group meetings would be very welcome. contact Simon for info.

3. Ward member budgets:

Councillors have been given up to £1k each to spend in their wards on items of their choice. Cllr Page as the only councilor present reported that  his share would be spent on protection for local street trees, Elm grove School and a contribution to Brighton Bike Hub.

4. Police update:

Police no longer attend LAT meetings, however the following items were noted by residents.

  • Ewart Street – arson and break-in
  • May Road ‘cuckooing’
  • Drug dealing on the Level

Residents were concerned that it was harder to get information on local crime and that police surgeries had been a helpful thing in the past.

It was noted that one of the outcomes of the neighbourhood action plan could be to strengthen links between the community and police.

Graffiti was seen as big local issue, and Paul Tilley undertook to work with Cllr Gibson to see if Sussex Probation might be involved in addressing this.

5. Other business

Residents remain keen on more secure cycle storage, and there may be space on elm grove for a ‘bike hangar’. Residents are willing to pay for secure storage, however the council has no policy on delivering them at present.

Brighton general Hospital site – NHS is running a consultation on the future of the site which will go live in January.

Buses: Numbers 18, 21 and 23 all terminate outside St Lukes Church which can be a problem. That the route 23 has been split was questioned.

Next meeting – early February