Meeting Minutes June 2017

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT

Annual General Meeting

5th June 2017 at 7pm

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Simon Bannister (Interim Chair); David Hearn (Secretary); Brian Ravenett; Della Roberts; Brian Weaver; Annette Bell; Cllr. David Gibson; Cllr. Dick Page; Christina Pepper; Jill O’Rourke; Jan Wragg; Ian Berry; Emma Smeed (UoS); Oscar Baker Phelps (UoS); Sam Lelliott (UoS); Peter Fitzgerald; James Hewland; Jill Peters; John Pomeroy; Cllr. Emma Daniel.

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list are not recorded.

1. Welcome:

The Chair invited all attendees to the meeting and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Apologies: Ian Macintyre sent his apologies.

2. Minutes and matters arising:

Attendees accepted the minutes of the meeting of 3rd April 2016 without objection.

Matters Arising:

Graffiti – The Chair provided an update on the Council’s current approach to managing graffiti. This includes:

  • Adopt a Junction Box-scheme
  • Friends of the Pepper pot
  • Community Clean up schemes
  • University of Sussex – Streetwise Campaign

In addition, residents facing particular issues can contact the Council; City Clean team directly to discuss their concerns via the following methods: Telephone (01273) 292929 Email:; Web:;

Twitter: @RecyclingRefuse

Whilst the Council used to dispense graffiti clean-up kits, over time requests for the kits had declined and the Council have subsequently withdrawn as their use was considered less effective.

Emma Smeed (University of Sussex) informed the meeting that the University’s organised Streetwise campaign had meant that participating students had recently been successful in deterring graffiti activity in a number of streets.

Buses – Cllr Page informed the meeting that the Summer Timetable of buses routes from B& H Bus Company was now in operation. The revised timetable has been designed to accommodate the needs of the majority of bus users wishing to travel at designated peak and off-peak times throughout the day. Whilst this has meant that some services have had routes change and frequencies altered, the changes have ensured that there continues to be regular service on routes 21 and 18 serving the majority of residents.

The forthcoming meeting of Brighton Area bus watch is scheduled for 12th July at Brighton Town Hall.

Those interested in getting involved with and finding out more about how the bus services operate can join Brighton Area BusWatch by contacting the following;


Chair: Andrew Boag Brighton (01273) 620215  Email:

Secretary: Peter Elvidge Hove (01273 778645) Email:

Residents can also follow discussions at

3. Update on Parking

The Chair provided an update on the parking consultation stating that Charles Field and his team had received a large quantity of correspondence from the recently published traffic Regulation Orders and were currently analysing the information. At this stage, no further information could be gleaned from the feedback and it was his intention to meet firstly with the Lead Councillor and ward Councillors to discuss the findings. A report is to be prepared for the next Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee scheduled for 27th June 2017 at 4pm (Hove Town Hall) where councillors will consider the information.

Residents can attend the meeting. Those residents wishing to submit further information can do so 7 days in advance of the meeting via either a petition, deputation or Question. The Committee will consider the submissions as part of its discussions.

One resident of the Top Triangle informed the meeting that he had collected a large number of local residents views requesting the Committee to consider changing the intended light touch scheme destined for the streets of the Top Triangle to a heavy touch scheme. Cllr Daniel advised that this information if submitted would be considered by the Committee. She offered to make the Lead Councillor (Gill Mitchell) aware that the information may be presented.

One resident queried whether the Council could consider supporting car ownership across different controlled parking zones particularly where family members may share a vehicle. Cllr Daniel responded by informing residents that this to be considered as part of the wider review of the current permit system.

Attendees were encouraged to check the Council’s web site for the publication of the meeting Agenda and Information pack around the 20th June and to plan their responses accordingly.

4. Information Items

City Clean – Roll out – Recycling – deferred item

The Chair advised that the initial proposals for the roll out of the scheme to the HEG area was being re-considered and therefore the item had been deferred at this time.

Cllr Page advised that he understood that residents could decline the issue of any new wheelie bins where they thought these would be inconvenient for them.

Residents wishing to have excess recycling boxes collected can contact City Clean on Phone : (01273) 292929 Email: or via

Web:  Twitter: @RecyclingRefuse

Community Composting

Cllr. Page provided an update on the current schemes advising attendees that new initiatives were being considered following the cancellation of the previous scheme based at the Hanover Community Centre.  The Council works with the Food Partnership to oversee the operation of the Community Composing Schemes including guidance on what and what cannot be composted and actions necessary to mitigate the risk of pests. Local sites under current consideration include:

  • Corner of Albion Hill/Belgrave Street – being championed by local resident Ian Macintyre
  • Cobden Road (by reservoir) which is dependent on Southern Water (the land owners) being granted a Certificate of Lawfulness to permit the scheme (£135 one off fee) and identifying a number of local persons to champion the scheme.

The Chair advised that these two pre-conditions currently impacted the progress of the scheme at this time.

Residents wishing to get involved in supporting either project can contact the chair

Neighbourhood Community Hubs – Sam Warren

The Chair introduced Sam Warren – Neighbourhood Community Hubs Co-ordinator to outline the initiative. Sam explained that in December 2016, the Council’s Neighbourhood, Communities and Equalities Committee identified four areas Moulsecoomb, Whitehawk, Hangleton & Knoll and Hanover and Elm Grove as potential wards for a pilot project to consider how the Council and local communities could work better together.

Attendees heard how preliminary work has been undertaken at three locations and the Council is interested in hearing the views of the HEG now on how this might work in the local area. The pilot work to date has led to the identification of local groups and the development of collective neighbourhood action plans drawn up by local residents to prioritise local needs. The Council is now working with these communities and its partner agencies to address these.

The Chair advised that the HEG had a strong record of community participation and had a wealth of information collected from local groups including Hanover Action and from its own Transport Survey that could be initially feed into any new process.

Initial feedback from the meeting included the following:

  • A need for effective voice on health and well-being including patient feedback.
  • A need for increased representation in future from communities living around Elm Grove and from the Pankhurst Estate.
  • Improved communications with all HEG residents including the wider distribution of things like the Hanover Directory to residents living in other parts of Elm Grove.
  • The importance for the Council to provide leadership, co-ordination and direction.
  • Understanding of the available budget and resources available to develop and implement initiatives and for any work plans to be time limited.
  • Getting local partners to sign up to those community priorities that are identified.
  • The option to consider new local models of delivery such as the Urban Community Parish model similar to that in use at Rottingdean.

Sam advised that the Council is proactively looking for ways to work differently and understand how it can remove obstacles that prevent local communities for responding effectively to local concerns and would be happy to help instigate early discussions.

5. HEG LAT Future Arrangements

Following on from the previous item, the Chair reminded the meeting that the HEG LAT was still seeking a new Chair to represent the interests of the Group following the resignation of Chris Taylor at the recent AGM. He asked again for nominations and none were forthcoming.

In response to earlier calls made by the previous Chair to consider how the HEG LAT might work more effectively in future and the subsequent information presented by Sam Warren, the new Chair invited those present to consider setting up a new collective group of residents that would be prepared to initially meet to discuss the ideas presented by Sam around the Neighbourhood Community Hub and how it might work in the HEG. The following attendees offered their support:

Tony Price – Chair Pankhurst Estate and HEG LAT Rep for HMO’s
Emma Smeed – University of Sussex – Community Liaison
Ian Berry – Resident Top Triangle (Arnold Street) – parking interest
Joyce Edmond Smith – ex Councillor and HEG LAT resident
Alexia Lazou – Trustee HCA
Jill Peters – Trustee HCA
David Gibson – Ward Councillor
Emma Daniel – Ward Councillor
David Hearn – HEG LAT Secretary

The Chair agreed to set up a meeting and to continue to canvass with other known residents and groups (e.g. local businesses, Friends of William Clarke Park, residents of the Elm Grove ward) who may be interested in taking part in the initial meeting. It was agreed that the outcomes of the discussions would be circulated to attendees via the website and at the next LAT Meeting in the autumn (date to be confirmed)

6. AOB

  1. Reminder Jo Cox Picnic – advance notice of nationwide weekend event celebrating the life and work of Jo Cox in preventing loneliness. Cllr Daniel thanked the Hanover Community Centre for hosting the event which is to take place on Saturday 17th June from 11am -2pm. Activities to include crafts/ Charity and Volunteering opportunities including representatives of the Be-friending Service and Casserole Club on hand for information. Further details from Cllr. Emma Daniel.
  1. The Level –toilets and drug activity. Cllr Daniel advised that a new contractor was to take over the cleaning and monitoring of the toilets at the level to help with managing and reporting of dangerous occurrences like drug use and discarded needles. Whilst the local police had been successful in disrupting drug activity there were still reported problems and concerns from users of the play area and park. The PCSO team advised that they were planning a series of drop in coffee morning sessions on the Level for members of the public to report matters. The first is scheduled for 12th June and the date and times of the sessions would be reported on the Hanover Facebook page.

Cllr Daniel also reported that the Council were due to install CCTV cameras in the area and were considering closing the toilets at certain times to discourage drug use. She also requested that further PCSO patrols be made, where possible, particularly in the early evening to discourage anti-social behaviour and to remind park users of a continuing police presence.

One resident requested if the Council could also consider similar measures at Queen’s Park which currently also appeared to be facing similar problems.

  1. Washington/Belgrave Street Party – 18th June – 12 noon – 4pm – small local street event to encourage neighbourliness to include plant swap, kid’s events like the Great-Tug-of War and street games. Church of the Annunciation to offer cream teas and space for quiet contemplation. All welcome.
  1. Cutting back overgrowth in the area of Percy Wagner House. Cllr Gibson reported that he had made a request to the Council’s parks team to cut back excessive growth of bushes in the area. Previously the area had been attracted a tent dweller and drug users had been known to frequent the area. He looked forward to reporting progress in due course.

Meeting ended at 8.52 pm

 Date of next meeting:  TBC