Meeting Minutes September 2017

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT


27th September 2017 at 7pm

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Simon Bannister (Interim Chair); David Hearn (Secretary); Jan Wragg; Richard Walker; Amy Allison; Booby Lambkin-Williams; Gilliam Fleming; Cllr. David Gibson; Cllr. Dick Page; Cllr. Emma Daniel; Tracy Phipps (City Clean).

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list are not recorded.

1. Welcome:

The Chair invited all attendees to the meeting and asked attendees to introduce themselves.


Apologies were received from Ian McIntyre

2 Minutes and matters arising:

Attendees accepted the minutes of the meeting of 5th June 2017 without objection.

Matters Arising:

Community Compost

The Chair informed the meeting of the successful implementation of the compost scheme on the corner of Albion Hill/Belgrave Street. The compost champion for the scheme Ian MacIntyre reports that the scheme is being used by 10 families. Progress is such that the scheme is currently oversubscribed with waiting lists of 10 more households plus a further 15 individuals expressing interest.

Community composting is where a central composting point is made available for local residents to use and compost their fruit and vegetable peelings.

The schemes are community led by local residents with support from the Council and Brighton and Hove Food Partnership. The Council and Brighton and Hove Food Partnership will be on hand for advice and support. Turning and removing the compost will be carried out by members of the composting group. Training is available on how to look after your bin.

As well as the Albion Hill scheme, Cllr Page reported about the potential for a new scheme at Cobden Road (by reservoir) which continues to be dependent on Southern Water (the land owners) being granted a Certificate of Lawfulness to permit the scheme (£135 one off fee) and identifying a number of local persons to champion the scheme.

Details of the Community Composting initiative and how to get involved can be found on the Council’s website

Residents wishing to get involved in supporting either project can contact the chair

Recycling wheelie bins

Tracy Phipps (City Clean) provided an update on the roll out programme of the new recycling wheelie bins across the city.  The meeting heard how the Council’s plans for Hanover and Elm Grove would recognise the peculiarities of the area and layout and design of the streets so that only those streets that could potentially accommodate the new sized wheelie bins would be canvassed. Residents not wanting to exchange their current recycling boxes for the new bins could retain the existing equipment.

City Clean were mindful that some residents had expressed interest in the new scheme although a more formal audit and consultation with ward councillors would be necessary before the scheme was officially launched. Given the delay of the roll out in other parts of the city, Tracy indicated that residents in HEG would not likely see the scheme introduced, if at all, until Spring 2018.

During the discussion TP also informed the meeting that following increased revenues attributable from enforcement fines from fly tipping, the Council’s enforcement team had been increased from 3 to 5 full time officers and a small budget was available to help with refuse and recycling initiatives. Those present at the meeting offered a number of suggestions on how this money might be used including better communication and awareness of recycling days; initiatives related to student accommodation and collaborative work with the University outreach officers.

The Chair thanked TP for her input and relayed the hope that with additional resources the long held concerns of HEG residents could at last begin to be addressed more satisfactorily in the future.

Residents wishing to have excess recycling boxes collected can contact City Clean on Phone : (01273) 292929 Email: or via

Web:  Twitter: @RecyclingRefuse

3. Neighbourhood Plan for Hanover & Elm Grove

The Chair provided the meeting with the background to the Council’s thinking around developing Neighbourhood Plans. Since the last HEG meeting in June, a small working group had meet on two occasions to consider how best to take the initiative forward, how the community might be best engaged and how developing the pln in practice might actually work.

A verbal report of that work was presented by members of the working group including Cllr David Gibson and the current Secretary David Hearn. The meeting was asked to note that the preliminary work attempted to ensure that the process captured as wide a range of individual, stakeholder and interest groups as possible at the early stages. It was hoped that these collective views would help inform a series of common themes emerging from the Neighbourhood which could begin to form a list of priorities from which to develop specific actions. The working group had felt that a wide ranging consultation process including one to one, focus group and community gatherings (virtual and or events based) may provide a useful media in which to solicit opinion and gather relevant information. The working group wanted to report their initial views of how a plan might be developed to the LAT for sense checking and approval.

A general discussion then took place. Cllr Page commented on the proposals suggesting priorities may differ from one small neighbourhood within the ward to others and that currently for those living north of Bentham Road, a key issue was the anticipated additional pressures caused by the transportation of pupils during term time to Longhill.

Other matters raised included living alongside those within HMO accommodation including students and how these might be better resolved.

The Chair thanked residents for their contribution. No objections were raised to the approach being taken by the working group.

At the meeting two residents expressed an interest in supporting the work of the group and were invited to attend the next working group meeting.

The Chair confirmed that the date of the next Working Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday November 2nd at 7pm at the Hanover Community Centre

4. Parking Update

The Chair provided a brief update on the implementation of the new CPZ scheme which was scheduled to commence on Monday 2nd October.  Council officers had carried out the majority of road markings with minor snagging issues to be completed. Signage was due to be installed over the coming days.

In terms of permit allocation, the scheme was currently undersubscribed and the feedback from the Parking Team was that they would expect every individual who applied for permits in the first or second round, to be accommodated.

Where the Parking Team had set out to maximise the number of car parking spaces, changes had been noticed to traffic flow in some streets, including the lower end of Southover Street.  It was likely that the Council team would review these changes as the scheme is embedded.

Residents with particular concerns can forward details to Charles Field or Chris Langan at the Council at  or

As for permits themselves, it was understood that these were currently being posted to residents. In order to ensure that residents were not unduly affected by the delays in distributing the permits, parking enforcement officers would be placing warning signs on vehicles during the first week of operation rather than issuing fines.

5. AOB