Minutes of AGM 3rd April 2017

MINUTES of the Hanover & Elm Grove LAT

Annual General Meeting

3rd April 2017 at 7pm

[All Actions to be taken from the meeting are shown throughout in bold]

Present (as recorded on attendance list):

Chris Taylor (Chair); David Hearn (Secretary) Gill Perkins; Brian Ravenett; Andrew Carslake; Gill Doherty; Cllr. David Gibson; Brian Weaver; Chris & Della Roberts; Patrick Goudy; John P Doherty; |Joyce Edmund Smith; Leon Moore; Pam & Steve Chapman; Andrew Smith; Patricia Smith; Cllr. Emma Daniel.

N.B. attendees who do not ‘sign’ the attendance list are not recorded.

1. Welcome:

The Chair invited all attendees to the meeting and for those new to the group to introduce themselves.


Cllr. Dick Page and Lucy Walkers (University of Sussex) sent their apologies.

  1. Minutes and matters arising:

Attendees accepted the minutes of 6th February 2017 without objection.

Attendees accepted the minutes of the AGM of 4th April 2016 without objection.

Matters Arising: NONE.

  1. Discussion

Should we have more representatives to deal with specific aspects of HEGLAT activities? 

In order to consider how the work of the HEG could be better managed, the Chair opened discussions on whether there was any merit in dividing up the roles and work load of the LAT between more individuals. The Chair outlined the current areas of work:

  • Communications and website
  • Monthly piece for the Hanover Directory
  • Contact with Sales and Letting Agents and Council Planning Team re HMO Applications
  • Police Liaison
  • Liaison with Universities
  • Co-ordination between the work of the Parking sub group and Council officers.

It was noted by attendees that HEG LAT had tackled a wide range of  issues under  the current Chair and this was to be applauded. It was appropriate now that the LAT consider developing a positive agenda for the future and for the priorities to be formally agreed under the auspices of a new organising Committee of interested residents.

Potential themes discussed at the meeting included;

  • Widening the scope of the current work plan to include initiatives that address loneliness; streets cleans and community projects and improving neighbourliness.
  • Whether there was scope to work more collaboratively with other Community Groups including Hanover Community Association (HCA); Hanover Action (HA); Friends of William Clarke Park and whether rejuvenating the Street Contact process could be considered.

The following actions were agreed:

  • Those present would continue to make contact with neighbours and other individuals whom they understood had expressed an interest in being more actively involved in the running of HEG LAT.
  • A further request be made on the Hanover Facebook Page to raise the profile of the LAT and to encourage others to get involved.
  • That the forthcoming date of the next LAT be confirmed as Monday 5th June and for the Secretary to prepare an email to raise awareness that the LAT was preparing a new programme of work; to agree what that work should include and how it was to be managed and to identify interested residents to form a new Committee so as to deliver the agreed objectives.
  • Details of the next HEG LAT Meeting of 5th June be included in the May edition of the Hanover Directory, setting out the position, seeking interest and inviting comment.
  1. Annual Elections for Chair and Secretary of HEG LAT 

Annual elections to elect the Chair and Secretary for the HEG LAT took place.

The current Chair, Chris Taylor confirmed that he would be standing down from his role at this AGM invited applications to elect a new Chair. The out-going Chair confirmed that he would continue to support the work of the Parking Sub Group in its discussions with the Council until such times as the work of that sub group came to a natural conclusion.

There were NO further nominations received for the post.

The following proposal was tabled:

That Simon Bannister (the Council’s Project Officer in the Communities, Equalities and Third Sector Team) be appointed as interim Chair at the next meeting to provide a facilitation role until such time as the future arrangements for the HEG LAT are agreed.’

Proposed by:  Pam Chapman

Seconded by: Cllr. David Gibson

Those present: No objections

Simon Bannister was duly appointed as Interim Chair.

The current Secretary, David Hearn, confirmed that he would continue to provide support as Secretary to the HEG LAT in an interim capacity, until such times as the future arrangements for the LAT are agreed.

As there were no other nominations for the post of HEGLAT Secretary,

David Hearn was duly elected as Interim Secretary of HEG LAT.

Cllr Emma Daniel and Cllr David Gibson joined attendees in thanking the out-going Chair for his hard work and dedication to residents over the past four years. 

  1. Update on Parking Consultation  

In his capacity as coordinator of the work of the Parking Sub group, Chris Taylor provided an update of the latest discussions with the Council now that the Council had approved plans for a CPZ for the area.

The Council had approved two schemes for the area;

  • A full scheme (7 days a week from 9am-8pm for those streets south of Elm Grove and including a small number of streets adjacent to St Joseph’s Church and the Lewes Road.
  • A light touch scheme operating Monday – Friday, 10-11am and 6-7pm in all other areas.

Chris reported that a number of meetings were continuing to take place between Council Officers and residents of the Top Triangle and those living on the Pankhurst Estate to refine the plans in light of local concerns.

In response to a point of clarification from the floor, Chris confirmed that the full scheme applied to Bentham Road.

Chris highlighted that he was due to meet with representatives from the Fire Service in the coming days to discuss changes to the scheme design to improve road safety. The results of the discussions if approved would be included in the details of the forthcoming Traffic Regulation Orders.

In response to a question from a resident of Whippingham Road, regarding the five-day operation of the light touch scheme, Chris confirmed that the Council had based its decision on the majority view as provided by residents in the consultation who had shown a preference for a five-day operation. The Council would continue to monitor the suitability of the five-day option and if sufficient residents expressed a desire to extend this then this would be considered.

One resident questioned why it was not possible to obtain accurate data on the number of car owners in the area. Cllr Daniel replied that as the DVLA would not provide the Council’s with specific data on car ownership, this made it frustratingly difficult for the Council to accurately predict patterns of demand when designing controlled parking schemes.

Chris Taylor confirmed that the specific Traffic Regulation Orders would be published at the end of April providing residents with another opportunity to comment about the final design of the scheme in their areas.

He confirmed that despite providing the Council with a good deal of local data and insight from residents about the problems associated with parking and transportation in the area, other than parking related proposals, few other improvements had materialised in the final design of the scheme presented to residents. Whilst Council Officers had not set out to mislead, the scheme overall was a parking related scheme and the disappointing thing was that the opportunities presented to resolve the wider problems had been somewhat lost in between the priorities and budgets held between different departments and teams working within the Council. He hoped that in time the matters raised by residents would eventually be addressed.

  • Dropped kerbs – Cllr. Daniel commented that recent work to resolve the issue of dropped kerbs had begun which showed that the Council was aware of the issues and attempting to address them, despite difficult financial circumstances.
  • Planters – Cllr. Gibson reported that it was encouraging to see progress being made in developing community ownership schemes to adopt a planter
  • Bike spaces – Cllr. Gibson was also hopeful that some of the needs identified for covered bike spaces would also be addressed as part of the Traffic Order process.

One resident commented that he was looking forward to significant improvement in his quality of life once the CPZ was introduced and the approval represented a significant change for the area.

Action: Update to be provided in due course. 

  1. AOB

1. Cox Picnic – advance notice of nationwide weekend event celebrating the life and work of Jo Cox in preventing loneliness. Saturday 17th June at the Hanover Community Centre. Details Cllr. Emma Daniel.

2.Increase of Graffiti – one resident noted the increase in incidences of graffiti in the area. Action: To be raised at next meeting.

3. Buses – observations made on the different capacity issues being faced by passengers on the Number 21 which is always overfull and the No. 18 which often runs empty. Action: Cllr Gibson to refer details to Cllr Page for follow up.

Meeting ended at 8:36pm

Date of next meeting:  Monday 5th June 2017