Meeting Minutes January 2013

Minutes of the Hanover and Elm Grove LAT meeting of 21st January 2013

Present: Cllr Bill Randall (Chaired the meeting), Simon Bannister, Lizzy Dalby ACT, Hannah Chisnall, ACT, Josh Dalby ACT, Sally Holmes, John Holmes, Stephanie Watson, Gillian Flemming, Mark Woolford Sussex University, Jack Philo Students Union, Angela Sains, R.Englehart, Steve Phipps, Chris Taylor, Hannah Booth, Chloe Firman and Tony Baker

Apologies: Cllr Matt Follett, Anna Hunter, Brian Ravenett, PCSO Dawn Kitson.

  1. Election for Chair and Secretary: Chris Taylor was elected as Chair by overwhelming support and similarly Hannah Booth and Chloe Firman as joint secretaries.
  1. Minutes and matters arising:

Cllr Randall has written to Southern Water about the possible site for a growing project, but not yet received a reply. He says Harvest would very much like to work with us on this. He apologised that one street in Hanover had been included in the communal bins consultation yet had not received voting papers. He said that he would not support the introduction of communal bins himself. He said there would be a public meeting in February to talk about the results of the survey and to discuss how what would happen.

  1. Police report and LAT Priorities:

Graffiti was raised and Cllr Randall agreed to contact Cityclean to ask for it to be removed. Trainers over telephone wires was reported in Hanover Street and a bat on Southover St. There followed a discussion about crime being generally low, though one resident was concerned about the potential for burglary in the area and said that a door had been nearly kicked in, in Hanover Terrace recently.

  1. Human Traffiking

Hannah Chisnall and Lizzy Dalby from ACT, a local charity, talked about human trafficking and how people can report their suspicions. People are forced into, what is in effect slavery in all parts of the world including Sussex and they explained what to look out for. Residents had come across circumstances similar to the ones they described in Brighton. Information about this issue will be placed on the LAT website which you can access via:

  1. Any other business

Bill raised the issue of houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) and the likely large number that are unregistered, which he is determined to tackle. He noted that unregistered HMO’s tend to provide a poor service to their tenants and are more likely to be an annoyance to the local community. Jack Philo, from the students union, said that they are exploring the possibility of setting up a student ambassadors scheme whereby student representatives would make sure they became involved in local community forums as a means of ensuring dialogue between students and local communities. There seemed some support for this idea although generally the discussion was about how to deal with problems from students and other HMO tenants. Mark Woolford said that if people have a problem with students they do not have to find out which University they are from, as they can contact either the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex and they will find out who can help them. He described the great effort which the universities put into explaining to students about living in the community. Contacts are: Mark Woolford (678219) or Christopher Tucker (877250) at Sussex University or Andrew Keeffe (641894) or Kevin Mannall (643102) at University of Brighton.

Gillian Flemming said that there were still problems with the Phoenix Halls on Southover Street. The manager is very helpful but if there is a party in one of the blocks at night, with students from other parts of the City involved, then there is little the guards can do to keep it in-check. And taxi parking is still a problem. Tony Baker agreed to contact the University about these issues.

Simon Bannister noted that the Universities were both hoping to develop large residencies in the city centre which would reduce the number of students living in HMO’s.

Another issue raised was parking: Bill said that there was renewed interest in having a controlled parking zone in Hanover. There followed an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of a CPZ and Bill said keep talking to him about it. Simon said that there was a current consultation about pavement parking in Elm Grove which people could access on the council website, or with a link from the HEGLAT website:

6. Meeting dates for the year

The next meeting will be held on Monday 11th March at the Hanover pub at 7pm.  Provisionally we agreed the following meetings: Monday 20th May, Monday 15th July, Monday 16th September and Monday 18th November, all at 7pm at the Hanover.

To catch up with issues discussed at the HEGLAT please visit the website:


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