Meeting Minutes March 2013

Minutes of the Hanover and Elm Grove LAT meeting of 11th March 2013

Actions are shown in bold.

Present: Chris Taylor (Chaired the meeting), Simon Elliott, Charlie Doidge, Roz Engleheart, Steve Chapman, Neil Hawke, Martin Lee, Sally and John Holmes, Claudia Lester, Angela Sains, PCSO Dawn Kitson, Simon Bannister, Tony Baker and (towards the end of the meeting, Cllr Bill Randall.

Apologies: Anna Hunter, Gillian Fleming, Christopher Tucker, Hannah Booth, Chloe Firman and Richard Roalfe.

  1. Minutes and matters arising:

It was reported that there was still some graffiti in the area, though some had been painted over. Tony Baker agreed to report this to Cityclean. Steve Chapman said that there is a graffiti cleaning kit kept at the Hanover Centre for people to borrow if they have a graffiti problem on their home and another resident noted that the Pepperpot has one as well.

  1. Communal Bins

Chris Taylor reported on the well attended meeting organised by Cityclean. He read out a statement from Cityclean which said that officers would be proposing that communal bins were not introduced in Hanover. There was some disappointment expressed with the consultation process, such as that the pilot had not been reported on, the pilot streets had not been included in the consultation, it is not known if these streets will now lose their communal bins, Cityclean seem to have misrepresented the results of the consultation by saying the result was 2:1 in favour of communal bins and some people did not receive letters about the results of the consultation. There were other issues discussed such as that many residents, not just people from houses in multiple occupation, put their binvelopes out on the wrong days. Another resident said that he was against Friday collections because if it was missed, then it could be days before they were emptied. Chris Taylor said he would follow up theses issues with Cityclean. Charlie Doidge was thanked for organising the petition.

  1. The Phoenix student halls

The manager of the student halls, Richard Roalfe, had contacted Tony Baker to say that he lived in Eastbourne and because the snow was making travel hazardous he would not be able to attend the meeting, so it was decided to postpone this item until he could attend.

  1. Police report

Dawn Kitson started by referring back to her last report which had mentioned a spike in burglaries in Kemptown and noted that these had since reduced and people should not be overly concerned. She promoted “Operation Crackdown”  (see link at the end of these minutes) which allows people to report anti social driving and parking such as driving and using a handheld mobile telephone, obstruction or parking in a disabled parking bay when not disabled. She said that action is taken following such reports from the public. If you do not have the internet then you can call 101 and they will note the complaint. A resident confirmed this and talked about having used the service successfully, for example, for untaxed cars. Dawn asked if there were any priorities and Neil Hawke raised issues about letting agents and poor landlords and how council services are used to clean up after rubbish bags have been left in the street or the Noise Team dealing with noise, when sometimes this is the fault of landlords or lettings agencies and they should be dealing with it or contributing towards these costs. It was agreed to have this as an agenda item at a future meeting.  It might be a good idea to have representatives from both universities present and Jack Philo the student representative who wanted to work with local people on these issues.

  1. Any other business

Simon Bannister asked if anyone wanted to post things on the HEGLAT website (see link below) or take over administering the site. He would be happy to show people how to do this. He said that he had received tweets during the meeting, one from a Beaufort Terrace resident who referred to the minutes and said that residents there were keen on growing food in a communal garden and another from a resident who thanked the good people of Hanover for helping his father when he was stuck on the hill.

6. Date of next meeting

Because the snow had prevented many people from being able to attend this meeting, it was agreed to hold the next meeting relatively soon, on Monday 15th April 7pm at The Hanover.

To report anti social driving go to:

To keep in touch with issues discussed at the HEGLAT please visit the website:


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