Neighbourhood Action Plan

The Plan…

Last autumn, the Local Action Team was invited by the council to help put together a Neighbourhood Action Plan for the area. The point of this is to involve residents more closely in neighbourhood issues, and to improve collaboration between the community and local services to bring about improvements.

Having a Neighbourhood Action Plan which has been designed by residents will help us to make sure that the council and others understand our area and our priorities, and that our community is best placed to take part in work to bring about positive changes.

Since that time an informal working group has met regularly, which has included individual residents as well as representatives from community groups, tenants and residents associations, universities, council and community development staff and others. Using public questionnaires and surveys, the group has come up with some ideas and themes for the plan.

The Themes

The six themes for the NAP outlined below have emerged through local consultation and discussion at the Community Coalition working party meetings. They are not anywhere near the finished article and need people to comments, amend, make additions and subtractions to whatever degree seems appropriate.

The themes at this point are:

Theme one: Refuse, recycling & street cleansing

Theme Two: Crime and Community Safety.

Theme Three: The Environment: Green space, biodiversity & sustainability

Theme Four: Neighbourliness & Community Facilities

Theme Five: Health  

Theme Six: Digital Resilience

Get involved

The Community Coalition is an informal network of residents and representatives from community groups in the ward. Groups so far involved include; HEGLAT, Hanover Action, Queens Park Community Association, Friends of the William Clark Park (The Patch), Brighton Bikehub, The Level Communities Forum, The Hanover Community Association, The Phoenix Community Association & Phoenix Gallery. A working party meets regularly to plan activities and any resident or community organisation in the ward wanting to play an active part in shaping the plan is welcome to attend

The Action Plan is the Peoples Plan!!!!

For each of the theme areas or significant ideas, we are looking to develop a network of smaller groups to take them forward, and things will only be made real if there are people to suggest them, build them and take them forward, so if there is any area you are would like to see developed – either from the existing themes or something not yet mentioned – then get it touch, join in and make it happen.

To find out about meetings, working groups, activities or events email us at

Edits and updates

Each time the Action Plan gets discussed, it changes a bit as people add comments and perspectives. Follow the links above for the most up-to date version. The latest versions (V7) are updates following from the Hanover Centre consultation event on March 4th.

The idea is for the plan to be as collaborative as possible, and any priority, theme idea or suggestion can be incorporated for discussion, and any bit that you don’t agree with you can ask to be removed. We hope that with enough open discussion involving as many of our neighbours as we can, a consensus will emerge on what is important to us, as well as an understanding of what the areas of tension and controversy might be.

To see how the plan has developed and changed, follow the links below. If something has been changed in the plan which you don’t agree with, let us know either privately  by emailing your thoughts to or being part of a public discussion by filing in the comments box at the foot of each page and theme area.

Themes Draft V7 (04/03/18)

Themes Draft V6 (19/02/18)

Themes Draft V5 (8/02/18)

Themes Draft V4(23/01/18)

Themes Draft V3

Themes Draft V2

Themes Draft V1



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